Haley will confirm but downplay hotel bar incident later today

Yes, Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley was in a hotel bar the night before the Steelers coordinated very little offense against the Titans.  Yes, the former Chiefs head coach signed a note that said, “Go STEELERS!  CHIEFS SUCK!!”

Per a league source, Haley will acknowledge those basic facts, which appeared Wednesday afternoon on Deadspin, during his weekly press conference with reporters.  Haley will meet with the media after Thursday’s practice.

The source says that Haley will explain that he and his family have been staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania while their house is being refurbished.  Haley will also explain that he and his wife went down to the bar after their five kids were asleep.

He’ll say that there were no incidents or problems, contrary to the information provided to Deadspin by a reader.  Per the source, Haley’s recollection of the exchange is that it was lighthearted, with no confrontation or arguments or improper comments.

It’s good that the Steelers aren’t hiding Haley from the media on this one, and we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt regarding his version of the events — even though it’s basically a he-said/she-said contradiction on the question of whether things got heated.

But heated exchanges could be coming if the Steelers continue to generate only garbage-time touchdowns.  And heated exchanges definitely will be coming the next time Haley sets foot in Arrowhead Stadium, either with the Steelers (who don’t play the Chiefs this year) or some other NFL team.

[Photo credit:  Deadspin.com]

37 responses to “Haley will confirm but downplay hotel bar incident later today

  1. Hahahahaha! Caught redhanded talking smack about a much better team. He really is a Steeler through and through.

  2. While Mr. Haley is in Upper St. Clair, he should sit down with their high school football team’s coaching staff. Perhaps he could learn from them how to run an offense.

  3. What coach or player doesn’t say “insert team name here” sucks?

    That the media s trying to make something of this is beyond ridiculous.

  4. Haley is only a coach in the league because of his father. This guy has the maturity level of an 8 year old. Believe me when I say that Kansas City Chiefs fans, team personnel, and employees think that Haley sucks.

    That being said, Haley’s issue shouldnt be directed with the organization, he should direct it at Scot Pioli.

    And yes, Chiefs fans, team personnel and employees think Pioli sucks also and are soooooo glad both are gone.

    Pikli and Haley. Perfect examples of how to work for the league through nepotism and the good ol boy network, certainly not by talent.

    Chiefs and Andy Reid are above people like Haley. Stay classy

  5. ***October 13th vs Raiders. Guinness book of world records will be at Arrowhead as the Chiefs attempt to maintain their status as the LOUDEST STADIUM IN THE NFL!!!! Spread the word and fill the stadium!!!! Time to bring back the sea of red!

  6. is it so wrong to dislike your former bosses? I had a department head who tried to take my job away putting me in a lesser position when I came back from deployment. Do you think he gets any love from me at all after I was promoted to a different department? Not likely.

  7. Haley having problems with his alcohol would be a perfect excuse for the poor play calling or for getting rid of him. The Steelers can send him off to rehab for the season without having to admit they made a poor hiring decision.

  8. I am a huge Ravens fan. That being said, I have to say that if I was a Pittsburgh fan, I would have to be calling for Haley to be gone. It’s been a mess ever since he arrived there…
    Ravens did it last year with Cam, and it worked out. Bruce Arians leaving Pittsburgh was a mistake…. They need to cut ties with Haley.

  9. He could drink a 12-pack before this week’s game, and we’ll still push around that sieve Cin calls a D-line.

    And he could add a bottle of wine on Thanksgiving and still call circles around that laughable secondary we’ll be playing.

  10. Haley may have gotten a bum deal from Pioli, but there was ample evidence that he was a poor head coach before he was fired.

  11. Haley and his dad always used Cassel as his reason for his non-success in KC.
    What is going to be his excuse now?

  12. I read the article three times trying to figure out what the point was. At first I though he had been drunk late before a game, then I thought he got in a fight with a KC fan, and finally I realized it was because he said a team sucked? It is week 2 of the season, there are better things to talk about on this web site, like his offensive offense.

  13. Whats the Big Deal, so what. Go Steelers, Chiefs suck. He was having a good time……He should have just taking out the chiefs part and added overrated ravens suck.

  14. The real question is, can Haley improve and make the necessary adjustments after week? It’s a long season and the whole team can learn from a poor first week performance. The Steelers usually bounce back from a devastating loss, so Monday will test the true nature of this team.

  15. this is one of the rare articles where you will get Steeler Haters, and Steeler fans BOTH bashing a Steeler (Haley). I can only judge Haley on what hes done with Steelers and thats only a 17 game sample. Last year prior to Bens injury, he had Ben playing at his highest level since he came into the league. The Steelers lost 5 games by less than 3 points each. Its well known the O line for Pgh hasnt been good for years and years. Losing Pouncey certainly isnt going to help Haley. Expecting Haley to make the O line suddenly play like all pros isnt going to happen, and isnt his fault. Steeler fans are just using Haley as their whipping boy. They want someone to blame, and trust me if Ariens was still here, the steeler fans would be bashing him. Haley took Arizona to a SB. Haley took the Chiefs to division winners. And on the part of him having fun with fans and saying Chiefs Suck, go Steelrs, REALLY? Thats a big deal? If i was fired by my previous employer, i doubt i would have a lot of love for them, especially the way it was handled by Piolo. All accounts point to this being light hearted fun between Haley and a fan. Nothing to see, move along.

  16. jtbsteeler says:
    Sep 12, 2013 11:30 AM
    It took JMF 5 days to recover from the beatdown in Denver.

    YOu were hiding in a hole.

    7 4 Jtb people who can’t face the truth hide from it especially gutless little boys like JFM …..quick with the lip when he is a head hides when he loses…….he even changed his name rather face the music over the ravens getting PEYTONED on tv…..an elitetist with a bigmouth and weak backbone …very ravenish.

  17. twpguy1964 says:

    AFTER yous kids were asleep? Who’s watching them ?
    Really?! Let’s see, he has 4 kids and is in his mid-to-late 40’s. Hmmm, that’s a tough one. Do you think, I don’t know, that maybe one or more of his kids are babysitting age? Wow.

  18. crownofthehelmet says: Sep 12, 2013 9:29 AM

    He could drink a 12-pack before this week’s game, and we’ll still push around that sieve Cin calls a D-line.

    And he could add a bottle of wine on Thanksgiving and still call circles around that laughable secondary we’ll be playing.

    A lot of talk from a fan of the team that just lost to the Titans.

  19. “A lot of talk from a fan of the team that just lost to the Titans”

    nice logic ydou. After wk 1, how do you really know the Titans are any worse than Denver, or Bears, or Miama, etc. I know, I know, cause you read it on the internet machine.

  20. Any

    Anyone having kids relishes putting them to bed and then have some time as a couple. I think people are making way too much of Haley interacting with a fan. Give the guy a break already he has a life and would probably have enjoy being left alone, but rather than being standoffish he had some fun…..by the quality of the posts more people need to relax and get real…he is a football coach and a person….let him be a person with his wife people.

  21. Seems like Steelers are always getting into trouble at bars. Time to sober up, men, and gather the courage to change.

  22. Good thing he didn’t say anything about the “SheHawks”.

    I’m not a big fan of Todd Haley, but c’mon. This is all about someone getting their 1/2 minutes of fame on Deadspin.

    10-1 their comments afterwards were deleted/edited due to being boring…

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