Haley says “Chiefs suck” was written in jest


Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley admits that he wrote “Chiefs suck!” on a napkin at a hotel bar in Pittsburgh the night before a season-opening loss to the Titans.  But he told reporters on Thursday that it was done in jest.

It was no disrespect to the Chiefs,” Haley said, via Scott Brown of ESPN.com.  “I wrote what I did in jest.  I’ve never at any time said anything negative about the team that gave me a chance to be a head coach.  It was between myself and the [fan], and we laughed. That was it. There was no other incident.”

Haley confirmed what we reported earlier in the day.  He and his family are staying at the hotel while their house is being refurbished, and Haley and his wife went to the bar after their five kids were asleep.  Haley said he added “Chiefs suck!” on the autograph after the fan who asked for the signature said he’s a fan of the team Haley once coached.  But Haley insisted there was no argument or controversy, contrary to the account posted Wednesday by Deadspin.

“I wrote something about my former team that I probably shouldn’t, so there was no incident,” Haley said. “I was very surprised when I came to work this morning that it was an issue.”

There may have been no incident per se, but scrawling “Chiefs suck!” on a napkin is sure to get attention in this age of smartphones and Twitter, and guys like Haley need to be wise enough to avoid giving anyone ammunition to make him look bad.

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  1. Haley has been a drama person (because apparently saying queen is gender degrading and inappropriate on PFT) every where he’s gone – Dallas, Arizona, KC and now Pittsburgh.

    He’s sort of like Eric Mangini and Charlie Weis. How is this guy still employed?

  2. Next time use a smiley face when attempting a joke just so there can be no confusion later. Otherwise expect some people who don’t get the joke to get offended.

    I guess Goodell has more letters of concern to listen to since that’s apparently the prime directive of the NFL. Well that and confusing people with convoluted sets of rules.

  3. Haley destroyed the Chiefs and now he has destroyed the Pitt offense.

    The Steelers and Ben were way more dangerous before this guy showed up. He doesn’t protect the QB which is why Ben gets killed every week.

    Follow the Chiefs lead and fire this guy.

  4. It was obviously just a joke but in this day and age where one of Michael Phelps “friends” tries to ruin his life by posting a picture of him smoking weed when you are out in public you have to act as conservative as a Menonite elder or something.

  5. This is a non issue in my opinion. If I was in the fans shoes I woulda laughed about it and maybe bought him another beer. Woulda made for a cool story to tell people.

  6. This is an “issue” because Haley is the scapegoat for an offense that hasn’t performed well going on six seasons. Haley, admittedly, hasn’t made it better, but this sad state of affairs started long before Haley’s arrival last season.
    The fact that this so-called “fan” couldn’t wait to expose what was an “inside joke,” speaks volumes about the damage Roethlisberger has done to Haley and Haley’s career.
    I hope Roethlisberger eventually gets his wish: To be reunited with his buddy Bruce … in Arizona.

  7. rickyspanish:

    No he was lambusted for having a poor sense of humor amongst other concerns, but if that’s not enough then let’s bust his chops for even now after the fact only realizing he “probably” made a mistake. This guy still doesn’t get it even at this point. The guy is a loser for how he has acted and he has embarrassed his team and acted unprofessionally and we don’t even know the full details of that as we only heard a few tiny tidbits about a lousy one minute of his off-the-field life so far and it’s not a flattering picture so far. He failed as a Head Coach and he’s not off to a good start and I don’t believe in the guy or have confidence in him.

    This league should be full of professional winners and anybody that can’t hack it should get tossed to the curb. Haley hasn’t shown that he’s deserving of his job and I’m betting against him. Hire somebody that gets it and can represent the team in a more positive light, namely in creating success and not embarrassing bar stories.

  8. Whats the big deal? The Chiefs do suck. Mile High East, I mean Arrowhead, is the most over rated stadium in the league.

  9. Hindsight is 20/20. It’s easy to make an excuse after the fact, but his explanation is simple enough. I don’t think Haley is a bad OC, maybe its the scheme that’s not working; and maybe just maybe Ben doesn’t want to work it out with him. One thing is for sure, if the common goal is to win, then they need to find a way to make it work.

    Yes, Week 1 was a disaster, but Tomlin knows how to get a team ready to play and he wont let last week define this team. However the players on the field will need to define themselves and make best of what may seem like a mediocre situation, for now. Monday Night is going to say a lot about this team.

  10. Chiefs fans this week on message boards saying Fasano is better than Witten. Poor fans win one game against a pitiful jags (sorry jags fans) team and they’re delusional. Oh and Chiefs suck!!!!!!!!!

  11. Now I’ve heard it all! Ben is blamed for what Haley writes on a napkin at a bar, and apparently for what Haley did or didn’t do in his career EVEN BEFORE he came to the Steelers. SMH…

  12. jrebar88:

    The problem is it’s ok for you or I to say something like that because we aren’t lavishly compensated as top personnel of a professional sports team. If Haley can’t figure out how to conduct himself properly in social situations, then why should we think he’s smart enough to do a perfect job as an NFL head coach? I am absolutely convinced that there are better football men and better professionals out there that can do a much better job than he can.

    On that note, the Steelers suck! And I’m not convinced that the Chiefs do. Haley’s actions and the team’s Week 1 performance are doing a better job to convince me.

  13. thestrategyexpert

    Get off your soap box. People like you are the reason why there’s no personality in sports. It’s entertainment. Bill Bellichek is apparently a real funny guy, but all these suits quell his personality in the name of professionalism. We’re watching dudes run full speed into each other and then dance afterwards, it’s not golf.

    With time, there will be owners like Mark Cuban who get it. I just wish it would happen sooner than later.

  14. as a KC fan the only thing that bothers me about this is that KC did suck under Haley. Its kinda funny and I think it shows he can admit he sucked as head coach. Plus with all the rumors about Pioli bugging his stuff and controlling things, maybe we would feel the same way as Haley. I like that the Chiefs fan thought it was ok….but if the Chiefs suck, then so does Haley as a HC. Who cares….we got Andy.

  15. Let’s Hailey is in a hotel bar obviously thinking about the Chiefs the night before a home game against th “Titans”. You think that could be part of problems with the Steelers offense. Sure looks like to me that the offense’s issues all began when Art Rooney II decided he could make better couching decisions than his GM and head couch. I am willing to bet II pushed Arians out and Hailey in.

  16. Seriously?! More power to him for writing it and to shame with the guy he gave an autograph to for betraying such a moment. In this day and age when coaches whine like babies over rules everyone understand, or drink and drive, or drive through a fast food joint without clothes…

    And we’re worried about a guy who was fired from a no-win situation drinking at a hotel bar where he was staying the night before a game writing something silly about his former team on a napkin at the request of a fan?! Let’s get some perspective. If I’d just lost my job and had to take a demotion somewhere else, I would have some pretty nasty things to say about my former employer. This doesn’t even rise to the level of offensive. It’s just dumb.

    Any Chiefs fan offended needs to grow up. Anyone who isn’t a Chiefs fan needs to focus on more important things.

  17. Todd Haley, Let me speak for Every Chiefs Fan and say You Suck. You ran our team into the ground for 3 years, and only got another job cause Daddy called the Steelers. We are Happy because You are Gone, RUnning the Steelers offense into the ground. You Suck Todd.


    Chiefs Nation

  18. Not really fair because if anyone bothered to turn the napkin over it says “at hiring competent coaches….or at least they did until they recently signed Andy Reid. But before that it was a string of turdballs since Schot. Amirite?”

  19. Todd Hailey would be better served by keeping his mouth shut after the performance of the Steeler offense in week 1. He is the common denominator in the poor performance of the Steelers the past 2 years. He is just too much of a control freak and I am at a loss as to why is was selected of the OC job. I suspect cronyism was a factor and the Steelers are paying the price for that decision.

    If TH stays in Pittsburgh, I would love to see Big Ben go to another team which would allow him to play to his strengths instead of spending so much time trying to correct his “weaknesses”.

  20. Last I heard it was Crennel who led the team with 6 pro bowl players to 2 wins. So obviously it wasn’t just Haley. Probably started with Pioli. I personally don’t like Haley’s style, but this whole napkin situation is just funny. Wish it would be seen in that light.

  21. For those mad at Haley, have you ever been fired from a job? How did you feel about your previous employer that let you go?
    Yeah, that’s what I thought…..

  22. I find myself more disturbed that he and his wife left their children sleeping in the hotel room while they went to the bar.

  23. mrplow3 says: Sep 12, 2013 6:18 PM

    Haley destroyed the Chiefs and now he has destroyed the Pitt offense.

    The Steelers and Ben were way more dangerous before this guy showed up. He doesn’t protect the QB which is why Ben gets killed every week.
    “The Steelers and Ben were way more dangerous” because they had a solid O-line still largely in its prime. Todd Haley isn’t destroying the Pittsburgh offense, Mike Adams is. Pittsburgh’s line is simply young, inexperienced, and underachieving all at the same time. Pouncey is obviously a stud, but nobody else on that line truly deserves a starting job in the NFL. Todd Haley should probably change his scheme up a little bit to account for the god awful line, but it isn’t so much his fault as his personnel’s fault.

  24. Todd Haley was just joking when he said “Chiefs suck” but he was right. The KC Chiefs haven’t been to a Super Bowl in 40+ years! Haven’t won a playoff game in 20 years! That is the definition of “suck” draft and develop a QB you morons instead of signing everybody else’s backups!…

  25. Social media is just killing improve humor unless you are a professional comedian. A lot of great humor is situational at the moment – quick wit – that gets lost when it is ‘retold’ out of context. It seems Haley was busting the chops of a Chiefs fan seeking his autograph…which makes the comment hilarious.

  26. “It was no disrespect to the Chiefs,” Haley said

    LOL! At least he told the truth, they really do suck.

  27. meldrel says:

    I find myself more disturbed that he and his wife left their children sleeping in the hotel room while they went to the bar.
    Give me a break. One of his kids is at least 16, and he was in the same building, within minutes of them. Talking about his bad O scheme is justified, but to comment that he’s a suspect father in any way is ridiculous.

  28. I don’t get why everyone thinks Haley sucks so bad? Before becoming a head coach, he was the OC for the Cards during their impressive SB run. He inherited a 2-win crap KC team (from Herm Edwards, I think) and lead them to an AFC title within 2 years.

  29. rickyspanish:

    I agree with you that the NFL needs better owners than the lousy group we have, but you lost me on the whole soapbox comment and what do I have to do with their being a lack of personality in sports? Completely lost on that one and have no idea what you meant there.

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