Menelik Watson to miss a month after knee scope


The Raiders are going to have to make do at left tackle for a little while longer.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Raiders rookie Menelik Watson had surgery last week to repair a torn lateral meniscus, and could miss a month.

That means for the time being, they’re going to enjoy the work of former right tackle Khalif Barnes on the left.

Watson was actually the third man through the door at that spot this year, after starter Jared Veldheer tore his triceps and Alex Barron was overwhelmed and released. Watson didn’t have much (translated: any) experience on the left, but showed enough to think there was a chance at stability.

That was probably more than the Raiders could have fairly expected.

11 responses to “Menelik Watson to miss a month after knee scope

  1. The Raiders are going to hurt some feelings this year.

    Barring a rash of devastating injuries, the Raiders should be much improved by the end of the season.

    The ship is headed in the right direction.

  2. ouch….thin on lie already, but like the kid we signed yesterday who the ravens cut from their practice squad….gym rat – he benched 225 33 times at combine lat year, and has a nastiness to him. (right guard is open for competition)

  3. Alex Barron may be the very worst player to ever start for a professional football team. He’ll always be remembered for single-handedly losing the Cowboys their season opener against the Redskins in 2010; when he decided to tackle Brian Orakpo around the neck, just as Romo threw a perfect 30 yard touchdown to take the lead with nine seconds left in the game. Penalty; ten second runoff; Cowboys lose. And he got injured on the play.

  4. honkeyt says: Sep 12, 2013 11:08 AM

    Pryor may lead the league in rushing this year.
    His receivers are busy working on down field blocking. It will give them something to do during games.

  5. So the raiders were going to play a raw rookie with one half of one preseason game worth of left tackle experience at left tackle, but now that he’s hurt they are going to have to “make do without him until he returns”? Lol. Omg, watching the raiders put this team together is like watching a park & rec team get formed. It’s just flabbergasting how completely uncompetitve this organization is, and how low the expectations have fallen.

  6. Jeppie12- not sure why that is so unheard of or why you are so critical of the new regime?

    They lost their starting left tackle to injury and then make a decision to go with their young and talented 2nd round pick before losing him to injury as well. Not sure how many legitimate starting left tackles your team has on their roster? In this same situation, I bet your team would also have to make some decisions and possibly reach for a young unproven draft pick…

    Either way, it sounds like you don’t have a firm grasp of the situation or enough information to make a judgement call at this point..

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