MRI shows no structural damage in Da’Rel Scott’s knee

Getty Images

The Giants are already without Andre Brown and David Wilson’s fumbles have been a frequent enough topic of conversation that coach Tom Coughlin lashed out at questions about them on Wednesday, so the loss of another back from the depth chart wouldn’t be particularly well timed.

It looked like that was a possibility on Wednesday when Da’Rel Scott was forced out of Giants practice by a knee injury. Per multiple reports, however, an MRI done on Scott’s knee turned up no structural damage. The team will monitor the knee for the next few days to watch for swelling and see where they are heading into this weekend’s matchup with the Broncos.

There’s no word on Scott’s chances of playing in the game, but the lack of structural damage is a good sign about Scott’s future availability.

That said, even a brief absence would open the door for the newly returned Brandon Jacobs to secure more playing time behind Wilson and the staff’s familiarity with Jacobs’ game could keep him in that role even after Scott returns to work. Whether or not that happens, the long-term health of the Giants running game is going to mainly fall on Wilson’s shoulders and ability to hold onto the ball.