Norv Turner wants to keep Trent Richardson busier

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The Browns’ 23-10 loss to the Dolphins was a field goal game at the end of three quarters and quarterback Brandon Weeden was intercepted three times in the first half, which seems like just the formula for running back Trent Richardson to play a major role.

It was just the opposite, however. The Browns called 59 passing plays against Miami while giving Richardson 13 carries, far fewer than you’d imagine for a player that offensive coordinator Norv Turner has talked about carrying the ball 300 times this season. Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal reports that Richardson said Thursday that he was expecting to see the ball more against the Dolphins and that he spoke to Turner and head coach Rob Chudzinski about being eager for a bigger workload.

Turner said he’s going to give Richardson what he wants. Turner said that he wants Richardson to get more than 20 carries against the Ravens in Week Two.

Signaling one’s intentions isn’t always the smartest strategy, but we’re not talking about the secret formula for Coke being given away here. The run-pass ratio was wildly out of whack last weekend and it would be strange if they weren’t hoping to recalibrate things against Baltimore. Seeing it through will take more than simply handing the ball to Richardson over and over, though. The Ravens are likely going to focus on making Weeden beat them and the quarterback has to respond with a better performance than he had the last time out.

22 responses to “Norv Turner wants to keep Trent Richardson busier

  1. I almost thought Norv Turner was the head coach last week considering his horrible misusage of Trent Richardson. Maybe now he realizes that he’s the offensive coordinator, so he’ll go back to be amazing.

  2. Shouldn’t he actually have to prove that he is even a mildly capable running back before he gets significant touches? That 3.6 YPC is worse than Michael Turner, Jonathan Dwyer and Willis McGahee-all of whom found themselves unemployed during week 1.

    He is a typical running back from Alabama-Ingram, Richardson, Lacy-all translated an advantageous situation into a high draft pick. All are simply not good enough to play at the NFL level.

  3. It wouldn’t have mattered how many times he got the ball, the Dolphins D would have taken care of him as they did Weedon.

  4. Can Richardson catch passes out of the backfield too?


    Yes. So far getting him in space is the only way he’s been productive. Otherwise he dances too much & doesn’t just hit the hole.

    Still trying to figure out if said holes have been there or not.

  5. Weeden start the fire! It was always burnin, get T-Rich churnin! Browns fans are too loyal to be be force fed garbage year after year.

  6. Sad you people were blind to Haslam, then Banner, then Lombardi, then Chud, and your still blind, 0-9 to start season, but better days ahead after that, They might just find a way to beat Pitts, Ah but that will back fire to since they no longer have a great kicker, oh well Browns fans, sit back and enjoy the battle for the number one pick, So banner and Lombardi can screw this Team if you want to call it that, and get another top pick as the flop for a doomed Team with this ownership and front office, When will Clevelands LOVE Fantasy come to an end and they stop kissing the ass of a Criminal!!

  7. Please Norv, run Richardson into our new improved run defense! Not that you’ll get too much of anything.

  8. The sad thing is Richardson, as unspectacular and average as he is, is truly the Browns best offense weapon. Run Richardson, throw to your only two guys who can catch, Jordan Cameron and Devon Bess, and they might have a chance to stay in some games. I didnt say win, I said stay in some games..lets face it, until they get a big time QB in Cleveland,it will be more double digit loss seasons…..when do the Cavs start again? LOL

  9. But Cleveland, you have the Indians…lets face, they are an average talented team playing way above their ability, they will falter too at the end like all Cleveland teams least the Cavs have the only bonified superstar Cleveland has, Kyrie Irving, and a promising group of players..the Browns and Indians, well, they are still searching…and failing..

  10. There are so many horrible comments about T-Rich is hilarious. Trent played most of last year with broken ribs, only missed one game, scored 12 touchdowns, caught 51 passes, and had 1,317 total yards. All of this with Pat Shurmur’s terrible offense and play calling. If you think Richardson is average are worse than you obviously know absolutely nothing about football.

  11. God Pat Shurmur was a god-awful head coach.
    Shurmurnator-An unsophisticated offensive “guru” sent back through time to stall the progression of a cursed football franchise. Browns unlucky franchise. Chip Kelly is calling those plays for Philly.

  12. Anyone saying T-Rich didn’t do anything against Miami wasn’t watching the entire game. He was KILLING them on his first 5 or 6 carries… they had to stack 8 men in the box to stop him. They forced the Browns to pass to beat them, and Weeden couldn’t make it happen.

    If Weeden has a good game, watch for the Browns to actually score a pretty decent amount of points. I am not delusional, so I don’t think we’re going to beat Baltimore without anything less than a GREAT performance… but. The whole thing is on Weeden. If he has a good game, it opens things up for T-Rich.

  13. I think he’ll be plenty busy this weekend trying to figure out which gaping hole of the Ravens defense he should run through. Also trying to decide who he should run over first – Brown or Elam.

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