Patriots intercept Geno Smith three times in fourth quarter to beat Jets


The New England Patriots intercepted Geno Smith three times in the fourth quarter to hold off the New York Jets and pick up a 13-10 victory in a downpour in Foxboro.

With the Jets trailing by three points in the fourth quarter, Smith was intercepted by Alfonzo Dennard deep in Patriots’ territory to end the Jets’ chances to at least tie the game with a field goal. Smith was then intercepted twice by Aqib Talib in the closing minutes to help seal the victory for the Patriots.

The Patriots quickly jumped out to a 10-0 lead over the Jets and appeared to be cruising toward their second victory of the season. However, the win wouldn’t come nearly as easy as the Patriots had hoped. Both offenses struggled throughout the night with drops in the slippery conditions.

Brady connected with Aaron Dobson for a 39-yard touchdown pass and Stephen Gostkowski converted a 21-yard field goal to give the Patriots the early lead. Brady completed just 19 of 39 passes for 185 yards for the Patriots on the night. It was his first game with less than a 50-percent completion percentage since Sept. 20, 2009 in a game against the Jets.

The teams traded field goals as the Patriots took a 13-3 lead into halftime, but the Patriots wouldn’t score again.

Bilal Powell scored on a 3-yard touchdown run late in the third quarter to pull the Jets within three at 13-10.

It hasn’t been the easiest start to the season for the Patriots. They improve to 2-0 with their victory over the Jets but have won the games by a total of just five points.

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  1. I want to personally thank Geno Smith for REALLY sucking tonight. He had a 27.6 QBR. Maybe Sanchez is better (scary thought if you are a Jets fan.

  2. Pats could be like the old Pats again once they get healthy.

    But this team right now doesn’t scare anybody, and sorry but it’s kind of a absurd to call them a Superbowl contender and a top 5 NFL team.

  3. If I hear Geno Smith is a decent QB from Mike Mayock one more time, my head might explode. He was absolutely brutal! Misread plays, left the pocket early, and 3 INT’s in the 4th quarter. The guy isn’t that great. He’s nothing more than a mobile Mark Sanchez. The Jets will be QB searching in 2-3 years when the Geno experiment dies off.

  4. He played really smart in the first half. Unfortunately for Jets fans, the 3 picks he threw were both bad decisions and very poor throws.

  5. Watching this game, I was wondering if the Pats are that bad or the Jets that good? A 3rd option is that maybe they are both that BAD!

  6. Rough night for Smith, but even so the Pats are a shell of what they were last season. Didn’t follow the Welker contract situation and know they’ve had other issues with Hernandez and Gronkowski … but it seems they really miss Wes.

  7. as usual the thursday nite game stinks. guys arent ready to play on thursday and it clearly shows. the last good thursday nite game that was not week one was probably the tebow vs jets game 2 years ago and that one stunk but for tebow magic at the end. in business there comes a point where you can ruin your company by over exposure and attrition in search for that all mighty dollar……

  8. The kid actually played well, the Jets played better quite impressed. However Clyde Gates should be making computers or somin, this dude cant catch lol.

  9. Obviously, the Patriots are riddled with injuries. I suspect the Jets just squandered their best opportunity to beat New England this year. Victories within the division, in general, and against the Jets, in particular, are special. Nice job by the Patriots’ defense.

  10. I never thought it was possible, but they’ve found a way to ruin football. These Thursday Night games are unwatchable. At some point the lack of quality matters.

  11. Terrible game offensively for both teams. The patriots more so because their reviving core may be the worst in the NFL, since their number 1 reciever would be a 3 or even a 4 on teams like
    Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans, and SD

  12. Can everyone get off the Pats bandwagon? They barely escaped two of the worst teams in the AFC. No way are they even close to one of the best teams in the league. I’ll be interested in reading the excuses Pete King has for them come Monday morning.

  13. Smith was intercepted by Alfonzo Dennard deep in Patriots’ territory to end the Jets’ chances to at least tie the game with a field goal.

    Poorly written. Actually, all that interception did was end the Jets’ chances on that particular drive. There was still all kinds of time. It was the THIRD Smith INT that ended the Jets’ chances. Also, what about the late hit, bust-up, and ejections?

  14. Geno is “not ready for prime time.” The Jets should have brought Geno along much slower, and not put Mark Sanchez in the game with 2nd and 3rd string offensive linemen who could not protect him and got him injured and out for the year. It seems that the Jets are led by the Keystone Cops in their coaching staff.

    Brady was not on target tonight. We need more balance but even more than that, more production. The defense won this game. A win is a win but the Pats must improve.

  15. Geno and Emanuel (Bills) are much better than people thought. They and their teams will improve and get much better if they don’t get demoralized early. I think the Jets are going to upset a few surprising teams this year as Geno grows. I like his swagger and his poise. If he stays healthy, Sanchez is done in NY.

  16. Wow, Geno put up Sanchez numbers. 15 for 35 with 3 picks.

    Maybe Sanchez is still playing QB for the Jets but they’re just hiding this fact from all of us because they’re afraid to admit their still playing him…


  17. Two things for Patriots:

    1) Better D… but it was against an woefully inexperienced QB. That helps you look good.
    2) Dobson… CATCH the ball man
    3) Develop a better running game to help with the struggling receivers – 51 yards doesn’t cut it.

  18. This wont last long.. not in New York.. Only towns like Jacksonville, Minneapolis, Nashville, and Cleveland , Continue to trot out sucky QBS with the hopes they will improve.. Umm wait, Mark Sanchez.. NEVERMIND.

  19. Pats offense has nothing, Brady is throwing to scrubs right now. what a mess. BB can’t build a team, he needs his old front office…his old front office needs him too. this 2-0 start is a joke.

  20. Any game where TB can pass for under 50 % and fewer than 200 yds and my team wins makes me very, very happy. I am sick of the Pats being a one dimensional team. Those types of teams do not win rings.

  21. Geno Smith is a joke. Sanchez would have won this game by just suiting up. Hell, lets go one further, but STILL telling it like it is… Tim ‘friggin’ TEBOW would have won this game, and that is a F-A-C-T folks! Geno is the biggest over-hyped joke that’s come out of college since Ryan Leaf.

  22. Say what you want, but I don’t think Geno Smith is going to be a complete bust. He looks good enough to be a starter for a few years in my opinion.

    – Dolphins fan

  23. I was confused when the commentator kept saying that Smith looked poised…he missed 2 wide (by NFL standards) open receivers including 1 for a touchdown and was uncomfortable in the pocket. From what we have seen from many recent rookie quarterbacks, they have ‘it’ from day 1 – and Geno Smith ain’t got it…

  24. Absolutely no excuse to have Geno throwing in those situations. The run game had been working all game long, yet for some reason they abandoned it. Mornhinweg needs to realize he’s got a lot of raw talent at quarterback, and he doesn’t necessarily have to rely on him to make every single play. Before his second pick, the Jets had the ball with about 4 minutes left. Rather than run it and gain some yardage while eating up the clock, they elect to pass and force Geno to try and make a play.

  25. Thursday night football is looking more and more like the. Pro Bowl. Players are worried about their bodies, getting thru a short week of rest. And looking forward to ten days between games.

  26. bighurt228 says:
    Sep 14, 2013 2:38 PM
    Is it me ??. Or is Mayock awful too listen too?

    bighurt228 says:
    Sep 14, 2013 2:40 PM
    Thursday night football is looking more and more like the. Pro Bowl. Players are worried about their bodies, getting thru a short week of rest. And looking forward to ten days between games.

    Yes and yes.

    I found the game incredibly dull, announcers, crowd noise -how much of a crowd was there? They didn’t show shots of it which make me think it was thin.

    No hustle in the game.

    I’d rather a high school game.

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