Revis says he’s not 100 percent

Getty Images

Lost in the dysfunction regarding the quarterback position is the reality that Tampa’s prized offseason acquisition isn’t where he wants to be.

Asked by caller on WDAE’s Darrelle Revis Show whether he’s 100 percent, the guy after whom the program is named was candid.

“In due time, I’ll get stronger with my wind and my legs,” Revis said, via  “I didn’t go through training camp.”

Revis is recovering from a September 2012 ACL tear, and he had limited work in preseason practices.  He appeared in no exhibition games.

His comments illustrate the importance of preseason to preparation for Week One.  Last year, it took Vikings running back Adrian Peterson several weeks to get rolling after tearing an ACL in December 2011.  And we saw how rusty Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was when he debuted on Monday night.

So, yes, if a guy isn’t going to participate in the preseason, it’ll take some time to get up to speed when the real games start, primarily since the player will be facing guys who have done a lot more to get ready for the season.

Or maybe Revis is simply trying out the ol’ rope-a-dope on the Saints.