Saints bring back Jay Richardson


The reinforcements are on the way.

The Saints, who have been hit left and right by injuries to their defense, brought in some help Thursday. The Saints announced they were signing outside linebacker Jay Richardson, releasing wide receiver Andy Tanner to clear the roster spot.

Richardson was in camp with the Saints, and was pressed into service when injuries kept outside linebackers Martez Wilson and Junior Galette out of camp for extended periods.  He’s spent most of his time playing defensive end, and has some versatility, but coach Sean Payton said they see him as an outside linebacker in their 3-4.

The Saints were without defensive tackles Broderick Bunkley and Tyrunn Walker in practice Wednesday, while Wilson and Galette practiced fully.

11 responses to “Saints bring back Jay Richardson

  1. You really cannot get to the playoffs, win the playoffs and win the Super Bowl without having at least a decent defense. With our new DC, new personnel, Payton back, and our new defense, which is making a difference in games (such as last week’s game with the Dirty Birds), shoring up the defense is most important.

    Now, I want to see better run blocking from our OL. Trade Ingram to a team which can use him as a workman, as we did with Bush. With 10 touches a game, Ingram won’t ever do much.

    Our defense is getting pressure into the backfield. That is great. We have to keep that going and maybe shore up our linebackers.

    Geaux Saints!

  2. [quote]They could have put him on the practice squad. I feel bad for the guy.[/quote]

    I feel bad a bout it too, but I don’t think Tanner qualifies for the practice squad anymore.

  3. Richardson played well in preseason and was a suprise cut…Hope Tyrun Walker isn’t lost for too long, he’s been looking good!

  4. Why does Andy Tanner keep getting the short end of the stick? The guy has more than proven himself. I understand that the Saints NEED to fill holes on the defense, but I’m kind of annoyed that it came at the expense of a very good wide receiver who finally got his chance on the 53.

  5. I’d rather see them release Meachum than Tanner. At least Tanner is a decent special teams player. Meach is a one trick pony.

  6. i wont miss tanner much. he doesnt have the speed to be great on special teams, and his hands arent that great so hes only so effective as a wideout. even with his body broke down, i think meach is the better player

  7. This being Tanner’s third year means that it would be his last to go on practice squad. Am I right? If he were to clear waivers, they could then add him. I’m with shoring up the defense first and with Meachem back, I think that made keeping a roster spot for Tanner even more of a long shot. Then again, maybe he asked the Saints to release him in hopes of getting signed somewhere else later?

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