Something doesn’t add up regarding Sanchez’s shoulder

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A variety of reports and comments have emerged in the past day or so regarding the shoulder of Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.  Taken together, the situation doesn’t make sense.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported on Wednesday that Sanchez has a torn labrum in his shoulder, and that surgery is likely.  But Sanchez is still mulling the situation, and he may opt for rehab over surgery.

Rehab apparently won’t prevent surgery, just delay it.  We think.  During halftime of the Jets-Patriots game, the gist of the explanation from Ian Rapoport and Mike Silver of NFL Network was that Sanchez wants to rehab, that we’ll know more in the next couple of weeks whether it’s working, and that if Sanchez waits to have surgery until after the season he’ll spend four-to-six months rehabbing the shoulder.

If that’s all true, why in the hell would Sanchez wait to have surgery?  To the extent he’s saying he wants to wait, we think he’s merely choosing to be perceived a good employee/teammate pending a more conclusive opinion that surgery is needed sooner than later.

There’s no reason to wait.  The decision to make Sanchez play during garbage time of a preseason game caused or aggravated the injury.  He’s getting $8.25 million whether he’s on team or not on the team or on injured reserve.  The Jets clearly are committed to Geno Smith.  Sanchez needs to maximize his chances of landing in a favorable spot next year.  Waiting to get surgery after the season won’t do that.

If Andrews decides surgery is necessary, Sanchez needs to have the surgery.  Period.  (Actually, exclamation point.)  He can delay it a couple of weeks to avoid the impression he’s taking the money and shutting it down, but no one could legitimately blame him if he does.

It’s surgery.  If he needs it, he needs to get it.  Especially since it’s now clear he’ll be looking for another team in 2014.

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  1. I don’t want to disagree with your opinion, however, his thought process makes complete sense to me given my observations of him over his career. To briefly explain: He is as perceptive as he is quarterback-talented.

  2. Also kind of weird to boldly exclaim you won the competition, knowing that would at least be a thought that the other QB playing in the game had to think about. Maybe it was a good motivator. But is he the person who is supposed to be in charge of Geno Smith’s mental programming?

  3. A lot of people like to bash Sanchez but I’ve watched the last two Jets games and I see him on the sidelines constantly talking to Geno and seemingly helping receivers understand their assignments. He seems legitimately like a good teammate that wants to be present to help his team win. If he rehabs his injury and comes back this season (and even plays) he’ll gain even greater respect from his teammates and coaches and possibly other teams as well.

    If he goes for the surgery right away and shuts it down, he could get portrayed as someone who’s all about the money and his market could be even worse. IMO it’s never a bad thing to be a good teammate.

  4. There’s a huge difference in labrum tears. If minor, surgery could make it worse. Given how bad Geno looked vs. NE, it might be smart for Sanchez to see how things develop.

  5. If he can delay the surgery as long as possible, and the recovery timeends up past the start of the league year, it makes it harder for the Jets to cut him next off season without an injury settlement.

    If Samchez can keep from having the surgery until late October, then he is out for 6 months, that puts him out until April. He wont pass the end of season physical, so he cant be cut before then. If he wants to work out in the off season, the Jets cant keep him away, as Steve McNair and the Titans showed us. If he gets re-injured, the Jets will be on the hook for his salary next year.

    Add that no team is going to pay him more than league minimum next year anyway, so why not get as much as you

  6. It’s surgery. If he needs it, he needs to get it. Especially since it’s now clear he’ll be looking for another team in 2014….. as a backup. ’nuff said.

  7. I have a torn labrum currently in my throwing shoulder. Dr.s told me I had a better shot at a full recovery doing PT first than surgery. Surgery is a longer recover and has less % of success as PT. I’m now 5 weeks out from injury and it feels a lot better overall, not 100% yet but better than i expected

  8. He knows that if he misses the season due to surgery, he won’t be back in NY next year. Yeah pretty unfortunate for him since he “won the competition” and all. But the sooner he accepts it and gets the surgery, the sooner he can heal and workout for teams in the offseason.

  9. Should have never been in the game at garbage time. Sort of sounds like King David sending Uriah of to the front lines to get rd f him without being found out. Oops.

  10. Take the surgery! A year away from the Jets and football may be exactly what Sanchez needs to find himself and possibly save his career.

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