Von Miller doesn’t face league scrutiny for traffic violations


At some point in the past day or so, someone suggested or reported that Broncos linebacker Von Miller risks further punishment from the league for his recent traffic-related infractions, from citations to bench warrants arising from a failure to show up for traffic court.

Traffic violations, however, are generally not covered by the personal-conduct policy.  While the league, we’re told, will monitor such situations, the NFL usually will take no action and have no comment.

In this specific case, it would be highly unusual for Miller’s traffic situation to exacerbate his ongoing suspension, given that the suspension arises under the substance-abuse policy, not the personal-conduct policy.

So while the repeated tales of Miller being pulled over and/or failing to show up to take care of the ensuing traffic tickets make him look careless, it’s not the kind of thing that will result in the NFL taking action against him.

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  1. Miller kind of of reminds of me of someone who’d throw there life away and become a bum in the next 3 years, not saying he’s gonna be that guy, but common sense is pretty easy for anyone to understand….

  2. the question is, will he face any kind of punishment at all for speeding while driving without a license? there’s no way us regular citizens who don’t have multi-million dollar salaries would get away with that.

  3. Doesn’t he pay one of the members of his “crew” to take care of all these items? Maybe one guy focus’s on paying speeding tickets, another for license renewal and auto registration, another tells him when to cycle off the PEDS, another to let him know when to show up to court? Are these crew members just sitting around in his house playing Madden all day?

  4. I like how people bring up Donte Stallworth but fail at simple logic. (basically they aren’t educated) Donte Stallworth was driving perfectly fine when a man decided to run across a major highway. He committed the crime of jaywalking and shown Darwinism at it’s finest. People simply attempt to blame Stallworth for his actions.

  5. So the league can’t do anything about traffic violations, but the common sense God gave a horse should tell us that anyone who has three violations in a year, in multiple states, with no licenseor insurance, while they are on a drug suspension, has some kind of more serious underlying issue and at a minimum, as a driver, is a threat to public safety.

  6. Traffic violations, however, are generally not covered by the personal-conduct policy. While the league, we’re told, will monitor such situations, the NFL usually will take no action and have no comment.
    True. They are not going to discipline a guy who gets a ticket for 65 in a 55. However, Miller is doing more than that. Where I think they league may step in and have grounds to do so is the part where Miller keeps blowing off court appearances and getting bench warrants issued for his arrest.

    Players like Miller are famous and their schedules are easy to whittle down. Would the league rather have the cops arrest him on the sideline of the next game he plays in California?

  7. Working with the judicial system in metro Detroit, we see Von Millers everyday, knuckle headed scofflaws who have no interest in living responsibly. However, the difference between this Von Miller and the garden variety is that this one has an agent, millions of dollars, countless personal assistants/leeches/family members and other members of his posse who could take care of these little details if Team Miller were so inclined. The problem is that they are not so inclined and the gazillions handed out in professional sports has helped create a subculture of super wealthy miscreants who do as they please knowing that they can buy their way out of obstacles to future indulgence. No doubt these guys are a subset of the fraternity but they are a busy, boisterous subset who just don’t care about staying out of trouble.

  8. Really we talking traffic tickets here…not, not not the game he’ loves, the game he’d die for…..but traffic tickets….lol

  9. Miller has completely let me down as a fan.

    Dude has all the talent in the world but doesn’t have a brain.

    He was one of my favorite players, not anymore.

  10. Justice…..is for the poor.

    And the only reason he is fined or suspended by the league is because he is negatively affecting the money making machine that is the “NFL.” Were that not the case, he would be skating there as well.

    Dolla dolla bill y’all…..

  11. Did the “Conduct detrimental to the team” clause get removed in the off season….? If a guy cant stay out of trouble isnt he subject to some sort of punishment? We all know his talent level but this is just getting dumb….

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