Will Pats use defensive backs on offense?


In past years, when the Patriots were low on defensive backs, they shifted guys like Troy Brown and Julian Edelman over from offense.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes (like when Edelman tried to cover Anquan Boldin) it didn’t.

Now, the Pats are hurting on offense, with multiple pass catchers injured.  Tonight against the Jets, receiver Danny Amendola, tight end Rob Gronkowski, tight end Zach Sudfeld, and running back Shane Vereen are each out.

Meanwhile, Wes Welker, Danny Woodhead, and Brandon Lloyd are long gone.  And Aaron Hernandez is wearing a different uniform.

So why not flip a defensive back over to offense?  While defensive backs usually play defense because they can’t catch too well, Aqib Talib played some offense at Kansas, once catching a 42-yard touchdown pass.  Besides, who knows which of his defenders can run routes and catch passes better then Bill Belichick?

At a time when the Hoodie is looking like he got hoodwinked by signing Amendola (who already is injured) and letting Welker walk, Belichick needs to re-establish his genius.  There’s no better way to do it than to once again show that he has a team of football players, and that he know what each of them can and can’t do.

Unless the Pats are planning a jailbreak screen to Hernandez, using guys from defense may be the only way to move the chains consistently.

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  1. Don’t even mention Talib, he’d get hurt first snap. I say put Vince Wilfork at tight end! Nah I’m kidding but yeah, this game isn’t going to be a cakewalk.

  2. Hopefully this is the end of the Pats decade plus as an elite team. Somehow I doubt that’ll be the case. They seem to always find a way.

  3. I think all defenders on the Pats “can run routes and catch passes better then Bill Belichick,” but who knows….

  4. Oh come on Florio. They made a starter out of another UDFA and even with all the injuries have barely taken the shrink wrap off their 3rd round pick Josh Boyce. It’s not the sexiest roster but there’s depth.

  5. As a Broncos fan, I’m certainly happy they put so much stock in Amendola. He’s a total beast during the 4 games he plays each year but that just doesn’t cut it.

  6. Solder played TE for a time in college.. break him off left tackle after the initial block, have Blount come in from the backfield and secondarily bang the rusher so Solder can catch some low red zone TDs, a la Mike Vrabel. ALSO, Dennard showed last week that he’s got decent pass-catching ability. Wouldn’t expect them to risk Talib, but Dennard is definitely an option.

  7. Letting Welker go was not insane. Funny how Amendola and Edelman put up eerily similar numbers to what Welker did in week 1. Something tells me you can plug in just abojut anyone and the results will be similar

  8. Troy Brown had 3 INTs one year, Mike Vrabel had quite a few TDs over several years. No reason one of the DBs can’t grab a few on offense.

  9. Something tells me the JETS defensive backs will be the most prolific receivers tonight. This is a huge test for the Pats new offense. Footie always gives Hoodie a rough time, and Rex must be licking his chops after watching the tape on the Lions pre-season game. I think Brady is in for a very rough night.

  10. titusyoungslegalcounsel says:
    Sep 12, 2013 8:20 PM
    Letting Welker go was not insane.


    1 game with some receiving numbers doesn’t indicate that anybody can run a route and put up yards….. when they took out Welker, they took out leverage…..

    Welker was a known quantity, a real threat at any time, and generally very durable… he opened up the long ball.

    now guys are writing stories about who is gonna be there to catch a ball….. who knows?

    it was defintely insane to get rid of Welker

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