Big fines for shots to the head in Bucs-Jets


A pair of shots to the head led to a pair of huge fines from last week’s Buccaneers-Jets game.

Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson was fined $30,000 for unnecessarily striking the head and neck area for his shot to Jets tight end Jeff Cumberland. That is, indeed, a “significant number.”

On the other side, Jets safety Dawan Landry was hit with a $21,000 fine for hitting Bucs wide receiver Mike WIlliams in the head.

It almost makes the $7,875 Bucs linebacker Lavonte David was fined for hitting Jets quarterback Geno Smith out of bounds seem quaint.

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  1. Hitting the quarterback out of bounds is a serious offense. But the league had to weigh the mitigating factors. The fact that Geno is a rookie and fell into the second round of the draft.

  2. Can’t wait to see the fines the jests players are going to get from the melee last night. Isn’t Rex’s theme: If you can’t play, beat them up? Hey, at least Rex won’t be getting fined for punching Belicheat in the face at mid-field like he told his players to do (per LaDanian Thomas on NFLN).

  3. Goldson did not give “a shot to the head” of the receiver. You guys are reporting on this without even having watched the play! Goldson hit him in the chest.

  4. Maybe they should hit the coaches up with a fine for each legally executed “illegal hit” as well. Sounds like they should share in the blame right? Maybe this will get the NFL where they want to be…playing flag football that is

  5. No wonder they’re going low and taking out the knees! Goodbye ACLs. Goodbye MCLs.

    …and then players have the odasity to call them cheap shots.

  6. To bad the refs don’t get fined for all the inconsistent calls in one week of football. They cause players to get fined and they walk off and have a cold one. The game as a whole is going down.

  7. Goldson’s hit was at the chest. A reciever will lower his head from instinct. It’s hard to sign a hard hitting veteran anymore as they’re trained to play football, not the new flag football the NFL is requiring. No more BAM plays. No more great hard hitting defense. What a shame. What a joke.

  8. Lavonte David should not have been fined nor flagged. Bad call cost them the game.

    One foot in bounds the other in the air, this after Geno snuck a few yards on a previous sideline tightrope. And it was a push, not a hit.

    NFL fined him the bare minimum to take the heat off the refs for a game changing call.


    I am from NY and went to college in the Tampa area and don’t like or dislike either team.

  9. There was no ‘head’ shot — all you have to do is take 15 seconds to look at the film. It was one of 3 clean hits (or shoves) that were called as BS personal foul penalties, of course in addition to the refs handling the Jets clock management.

  10. Goldson’s heat was as clean as it gets. CLEARLY leads with his shoulder hits Cumberland square in the chest. Looked vicious so they threw the flag, which is not the way the rule is written…

    Meanwhile you have a Jets special teamer, suplex Eric Page on a punt return in the middle of the field and no flag.. LOL

  11. I don’t think you Bucs fans are looking at the Cumberland hit with your eyes…Goldston hits Cumberland helmet to point of jaw, and Cumberland’s head snaps back…if he’d hit him in the chest, his head would snap forward…look again…

  12. cjpunk15, everything you said is right on point. Eric Page got suplexed and not even the announcers said anything. The same type of play happened in the Ravens vs Broncos game and the flags came from everywhere. And then fining David for a push is beyond ridiculous. Never mind flagging him for pushing Geno out of bounds and the refs giving them the game. And lol to the flag DG got for John Lynching Cumberland.

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