Bradley Fletcher out this week with concussion


The Eagles will be short-handed this week when the Chargers visit.

The team announced that cornerback Bradley Fletcher (concussion) was out this week, along with backup tackle Dennis Kelly (back).

All things considered, the report wasn’t the worst, as those are the only two names on it.

The Eagles brought back cornerback Brandon Hughes after Fletcher was diagnosed.


9 responses to “Bradley Fletcher out this week with concussion

  1. at what pt in wash gm did fletcher get hurt ? i don’t remember hearing his name called much. losing cary williams would be much bigger blow.

    eagles offense probably makes this a one-sided gm. further i suspect on defense the eagles will have good pass rush and get to rivers often. so given these 2 factors, loss of fletcher should be easily manageable.

  2. This is somewhat of a problem, however San Diego still lacks talent. This will probably translate into a couple of field goals the Chargers otherwise wouldn’t have gotten into position for. The Eagles should still be able to blow them away on offense and ultimately win comfortably.

  3. While technically accurate, it’s misleading to say Hughes was brought back after Fletcher was diagnosed with his concussion; because the latter did not have anything to do with the former. Hughes was a vested veteran who was injured for game 1, and was released and re-signed for the purpose of not guaranteeing Hughes’ contract for the season. They had always intended to bring him back after the game.

  4. the only thing that really scares me is the size advantage given up Fletcher is taller and has longer arms then Boykin. San Diego’s receivers are 6’6 and 6’5 going against 5’10 Boykin that is a big difference. Rivers is a pretty good QB he reminds me a lot of Vick makes stupid mistakes almost every game especially when they are behind and can be rattled by the blitz but he should be able to take advantage of the mismatch in size and complete a lot of passes. I just hope that Boykin stays with the receivers and limits the YAC and hopefully our pass rush can cause a few bad throws in there too.

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