Brady worried about body language, which means Pats OK

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The Patriots have real and tangible issues at the moment.

Tom Brady’s pouty-face isn’t in the top 25.

While they’re running out of receivers and tight ends in general, and don’t have anyone other than Julian Edelman they can trust to catch the ball, Brady said after the game he was worried about his non-verbal communication.

“I think I have to do a better job with my body language,” Brady said. “I definitely can improve that. I wouldn’t say it’s a real strong point of mine right now. We’ll just try to keep doing better. That’s what we’ve got to do. “

Adding emphasis to the faces a quarterback makes when things are going poorly is bad news for Jay Cutler and Cam Newton, and every other quarterback whose mannerisms are picked apart in lieu of actual analysis.

That’s why Bill Belichick didn’t put too much stock in the talk after the game, when asked if Brady’s frustration was counterproductive.

“I don’t know,” Belichick said. “I think Tom is probably the best leader I’ve ever been around so I wouldn’t be too critical of him.”

Yeah, there is that. Good point, Bill.

When he starts making the Philip Rivers face, we’ll worry more.

54 responses to “Brady worried about body language, which means Pats OK

  1. Uhh, the Pats have some work to do to right this ship. They’ve barely beat 2 of the worst teams in the league and Brady’s receivers are making him look bad.

  2. Adding emphasis to the faces a quarterback makes when things are going poorly is bad news for Jay Cutler and Cam Newton, and every other quarterback whose mannerisms are picked apart in lieu of actual analysis.

    OMG. If this were Jay Cutler, the media would be calling for him to be released immediately! Calling it conduct detrimental to the team.

    Yet, Cutler was smiling up and down the sideline last week and nobody seemed to care.

  3. People called me an idiot last season and during the offseason for calling for Bill B’s job. But, it’s time for a new HC. They guy looks lost and old. He always has been since their last Super Bowl win. Especially on defense. People are letting the hype cloud their judgement.

    You’ve got a lot of new HC coming out of college and elsewhere with new ideas and new offenses and he just can’t catch up. His philosophy of bringing in used players that no one wants is getting old. It’s only showing why no one wants them.

    Oh, and don’t get me started on “The Patriot Way.” Ask Aaron Hernandez about that one.

    Asante Samuel had it right when he left for the Eagles. The Pats are done.

  4. This team is a mess and not good at all.

    They would not be 2-0 in any other division except the pathetic AFC East.
    They will make the playoffs only because they are they arent in any other division

  5. If the Patriots make the playoffs it will be because of their defense and special teams. My only surprise is that Brady doesn’t go off on Belichick for not having any decent receivers on the team.

  6. u4iadman says:
    Sep 13, 2013 10:48 AM
    The decline of Pats is here.
    Hoodie looked old, tired and out of answers.
    Brady looked same as last few years….throwing behind receivers
    “same as last few years”

    2012: Made it to AFCCG, Highest scoring off in league/game
    2011: Made it to SB
    2010: Divisional Rd (Brady MVP, Off POY)
    2009:Wild card Rd (Brady, CB POY)

    Sure then…I’ll take it if he looks like he did the past couple of years…in fact, I’m praying for him to srart looking like those years

  7. u4iadman says:Sep 13, 2013 10:48 AM

    The decline of Pats is here.
    Hoodie looked old, tired and out of answers.
    Brady looked same as last few years….throwing behind receivers

    2 – 0 with 2 division wins.

    I will take that kind of decline any day.

  8. Aaron Rodgers did that ONE time in a game last year and he got criticized on this site and other media constantly for not being a good enough leader.

    Brady does it all game long and we get softball articles like this.

    For the record, I’m not criticizing Brady. What he did was fine. I’m just trying to point out the disparate treatment.

  9. He needs to grow up and “mentor” his young players around him. He’s only delaying their development.

  10. sweetnlow44 says: Brady’s receivers are making him look bad.

    LMAOOOOO really? How bout he comes out in shot gun and read the defence and throw the ball to the open guy? Like every other QB in the league. Here’s the problem. YOU HAVE NO TE’S. NO1 IS SCARED ABOUT THE PA PASS GAME. THEY STUFF YOUR RUN AND YOUR QB CANT GAIN MORE THAN 5 YRDS AT A TIME. 4-18 on 3rd down….that’s pathetic and it starts with your apparent HOF QB….lol

  11. If this was pretty much any other of the 31 starting QBs (well, maybe 28), folks would be asking for their jobs and NFL AM would have at least 5 hours of witless banter about it this morning.

  12. So Brady has a bad game, and it’s because he has bad WR’s…. Meanwhile all the other QB’s below with equally bad WR’s have to take all the heat and responsibilty with equally poor WR’s.

    Geno Smith
    EJ Manuel
    Ben Rothlesburger
    Terrel Pryor
    Sam Bradford
    Christian Ponder

    Brady’s not the only QB w/ crappy WR’s, but he’s the one that will get off the hook b/c of it.

  13. @ blackandbluedivision
    Bro, you clearly have a love fest going on behind the scenes with Brady & BB.

    You can call for the decline of the Pats all you want, eventually you’ll be right wont cha? Why would you fire a coach that won the division, yet again, and an offense that led the leage in pts/game just last year??

    The Hoodie is a great coach and that’s all he needs to be. Does he come off as a pompous jerk, sure…I’ll agree, but it doesn’t matter to mgmt if he’s winning, which he’s proven time and time again he can do.

    Do some research on The “Patriot Way” it doesn’t mean what you are saying, it’s been construed so many times now.

    As for “look at who they’ve played.” You play the team on the schedule, that’s all you can do. People were laughing last year when they lost to the Seahawks early in the year, turns out SEA was a pretty good team.

  14. If Brady didn’t have multiple Super Bowl rings, his demeanour would be described as Cutler-esque

    How was he any different last night? Showing up his team mates on national TV, throwing tantrums on the sideline (even when some of the throws were his fault)

    Why wasn’t Brady putting his WRs in a position to succeed? All he did was break their confidence. Switch it up, run some easy stuff like some slants, bubble screens just to get some easy completions – put them in positions to succeed!

    The NE offensive system puts immense pressure on the WRs – Brady did not help make them better players last night. And as far as I’m aware, Brady had the same entire off-season and training camp to get on the same page as these guys like anyone else

  15. blackandbluedivision says:
    Sep 13, 2013 11:00 AM
    People called me an idiot last season and during the offseason for calling for Bill B’s job. But, it’s time for a new HC. They guy looks lost and old. He always has been since their last Super Bowl win. Especially on defense. People are letting the hype cloud their judgement.
    Thanks, I needed a laugh this morning.
    I am not by any means saying BB never makes mistakes and he himself readily admits he does as well, but the biggest reason my team is competitive year in and year out is him. TB is great but he’s ONE player. No one player is more important than a great HC. Also, in 06 a full two years after their last SB the Pats were top 5 in points allowed on D. And they have rebuilt the entire D since 09, with only Wilfork remaining from the last SB winner. Yards given up (or gained for that matter for offenses), which is where the Pats struggle is just about as meaningless of a stat as there is to judge performance of a unit as is possible.

  16. No worry about Brady unless he starts taking off his helmet and putting a white towel on his head to draw attention to himself. That’s when you know for sure he’s regressed to adolescence and lost it completely.

  17. I just don’t understand how they cant afford better receivers.. you have the one of the best QBs of all time. get him something he can work with. does the genius really think he can win a SB with this team??they will still get six wins out of the division and another 5 or six by beating the worst teams in football and go to the playoffs and get killed.
    theyre just wasting Brady and his talents.

  18. Oh sweet freakin crap is the media actually going to start acknowledging that Brady acts the exact same way they’ve attacked the Cutlers and the Newtons for? Are we finally going to stop making a big deal about such stupid little things?

    mah heavens I don’t believe it!

  19. I can’t believe we’re comparing Tom Brady to Cam Newton or Jay Cutler. with 3 Super Bowl rings Tom can be given a mulligan for uncharacteristic behavior.

    sorry I didn’t write the rules but champions get better treatment from the media and fans. point blank

  20. Do people want their QBs to be laughing and joking when things aren’t going well? I don’t get this. Cutler’s issue is that he sits and sulks. I want a guy that gets fired up when things aren’t going well.

  21. No way the Pats win against the better teams in the leauge. For example, they would be destroyed by the Broncos, Niners, Saints, Hawks, etc…they might finish with the worst record of the Belichik era this season!

  22. I’ve heard for a decade how Brady just makes everyone around him better. I guess he just decided to stop doing that all the sudden. I’m sure he will throw a few more 5 yard routes and his “crappy” receivers will break them for td’s and everything will be alright again

  23. ok pats fans you can stop bringing up his rings any time someone dares criticize him. we are only pointing out the preferential treatment he gets for mannerisms and body language when things do not go his way. the bottom line is he does the same thing as Cutler and gets a pass while Cutler gets crucified all because he does not suck up to the media. hey Tom get used to it your receivers are not going to get better any time soon. at least you have a nfl offense to run and a quality line,something Cutler never had before this year.

  24. Brady saw ahead to the Pats season last night. He realized they might win 10 games but they are nowhere near good enough. I almost feel sorry for him.

    Sitting there on the sideline he realized this team has zero chance to go deep in the playoffs. Zero.

  25. Worst performance of Brady’s career and I’ve seen almost every one of them.

    As a Pats fan I was extremely disappointed by Brady’s lack of leadership last night. Instead of flipping out and sulking he needed to be working with the young guys on the sidelines between series as he often has in the past and leading the offense.

    Instead he acted like a baby and his version of the Manning face that Pats fans have made so much fun of over the years came out.

  26. When TO, Keyshawn, Ochocinco got all animated, it’s called being a diva. When Tom Brady does it, it’s called leadership.

    Thank you NFL for showing us what BS looks like.

  27. Comp %48.7, Yds 185, TD1, Int 0, QB Rating 71.0. These are numbers that Tim Tebow would be upset about. Lets be honest, this team is screwed without it’s dual TE threat. They can’t run the ball without them. The PA game sucks without them, and the bottom line is Brady was never any good in the 1st place. Without the proper components and system in place, lets face it he is an average QB. He is not an elite QB that can take a team put it on his back and succeed because of his elite QB skills. He’s a pre determined thrower of the ball, as indicated by all the dirt balls in the last 2 weeks. He has no touch and throws the ball way harder than nessisary. thats why there are so my drops bt WR. Look at the real QB’s in the league and you’ll notice one key similarity. They throw the ball with touch. This 5 yrd bullet route offence is 10 yrs out of date and needs a revamp, starting with a QB that can throw the ball.

  28. can’t wait for Brady and Co to prove you losers wrong….again. go back to worshipping your pathetic teams and hating the patriots for being consistently dominant for 14 years and running

  29. Double standard by the media and ignorant fans everywhere in full display. Brady acts like a wild banshee on the sidelines and that’s somehow construed as leadership. When Cutler who has never behaved like that on the sideline pouts that’s considered a lack of leadership. Go figure….

  30. Can you Imagine if this was Cutler?

    Want to talk about bad receivers? Cutler had Hester forced on him as a no.1.. are you kidding me?

    Personally.. I like when a QB is pissed! shows they care.

  31. @ floratiotime

    He didn’t take less money. He restructured his contract so that his salary cap number would be less (ie he moved the money around). He didn’t take less. Know your facts. A player’s salary cap number is NOT necessarily the same as what he is earning that season.

  32. It’s not the same with Cutler, or guys like TO, and Keyshawn. For those guys, it’s all about them. Cutler threw a hissy fit in Denver when he found out they were trying to trade for Cassel and shot his way out of town. He showed up his LT on national TV and his own teamates called him out for it. I would bet there would be few tears amongst his teamates if Cutler left town.

    Brady is all about winning and getting better, and his teamates know it, he’s got the record and hardware to prove it. They’d all go to the mat for him, unlike Cutler’s teamates. Rookie mistakes have to be corrected, since that’s all BB has left him with. I don’t blame him for being frustrated. Even Brady called himself out for being a little over the top about it. Because he’s a TEAMATE, unlike Cutler, that takes less money so the team can have more good players. Comparing Brady and Cutler’s(who’s played in 1.5 playoff gms) leadership is a joke.

  33. They are 2 & 0! And they won both very ugly offensively. In other words, they looked just like they did in Brady’s first superbowl year. When he was the raw, scary unproven talent replacing an injured Drew Bledsoe. Just like those rookie wide receivers last night. Get real people. This challenge is actually good for the Patriots. Especially if they keep winning through the adversity. Their defense and those rookies will continue to improve.

    And BTW; making Dobson play most of the preseason with Tim Tebow was a terrible decision by the coaches. Making someone as talented as Dobson try to master the dysfunction of the dreadful QB play of Tim Tebow, didn’t help prepare him to play with the precise demands of Tom Brady. It was an awful lapse of judgement on the coaches part. Especially knowing they were counting on the Dobson/Brady combo to become prolific. And I predict it will before the year is over. He’s a rookie! Give him 8 games and he will be a veteran and play like one. Julio Jones, AJ Green, Michael Crabtree and all of the young studs went through the exact same thing.

    Give it time Patriot fans. Brady will adjust. Yeah; he is that good. Peyton Manning had to endure the same thing with the transition from Harrison to Wayne in Indy. I am very pumped up about what I believe we are about to see emerge in NE after about 8 weeks. And that is a Brady to Dobson/Thompkins/Gronkowski Beast. With the added sauce of Amendola/Edelman/Vereen. And hopefully the addition of Deion Branch. All anchored by a looming monster defense that will become dominant in December.

    I am embracing winning ugly early! I think it will make them stronger later.

  34. not a pats fan but I will still take Brady over any qb in the league today. he has no running game or receivers. go back to what he did with Moss as his main target. the pats have made no improvements since they lost the last SB to the giants. they lost because they had no big game players on offense. that is only BB and krafts fault for thinking they can win a couple more titles without big name receivers or RBs. theyre just cheap and don’t want to pay big money for top free agents. Edelman as your top receiver is an absolute joke. youre not going to beat the good teams 5 yards at a time. you need to go deep a couple of times on every drive.

  35. We’ve been hearing about the “demise” of the pats since their first Super Bowl ring. After 2 games you “experts” sure know what your talking about huh? Why doesn’t mr. Kraft fire the hoodie and hire you guys since you clearly have it all figured out. Then again once we win the division, again, and go deep into the playoffs, again, maybe you will sing a different tune. Clowns.

  36. thegreatgabbert says: Sep 13, 2013 12:56 PM

    Tom is concerned about his body language. Living in France with a German-Brazilian has him goose stepping, samba style. With a lisp.

    When was Tom Brady in France? I am French and i never heard Claire Chazal on TF1 or France 24 news say that he was in France

    Also, why is Tom Brady complaining? He won, it goes in the books as a win even though it was only three points over the hapless Jets. As a Giants fan I wish my team were 2-0. I am also a Bronco fan and we will see if they will be 2-0 or if the Giants will be 0 – 2 or 1 – 1 after the Manning Bowl, on sunday. Be grateful Monsieur Brady, your team is still 2-0

  37. These receivers are going to be explosive when they’re up to speed in a few weeks.

    Most of you guys aren’t very big picture thinkers.

  38. u4iadman says:
    The decline of Pats is here.
    Hoodie looked old, tired and out of answers.
    Brady looked same as last few years….throwing behind receivers.


    Wow, people really do see what they want to see.

    If Belichick keeps the team winning through this stuff (until Gronk/Amendola/Vereen return), his legacy will grow even more. Sorry. It’s impressive, no matter how old he looks!

    Also, Brady has been hitting hands, but the hands aren’t grabbing. Sorry again!

  39. Couldn’t agree more rushmatic…..week in and week out for years now, all I read on here is “the Pats are done…their season is over….Brady is in decline, etc. etc. etc.”

    Does anyone remember they started 1 – 2 last year and still managed to get the #2 seed in the playoffs?

    They’re 2 – 0 right? And they should start getting guys back…and the rookies should keep getting better. They weren’t missing some of those deep balls by much you guys.

    Sure…I’d like to see them playing better but the most important thing is keep getting “W’s” until the cavalry arrives.

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