Colon, Ferguson blame frustration for ejection


Jets offensive linemen D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Willie Colon were both ejected in the closing moments of Thursday night’s loss to the Patriots, and both said afterward that it was simply a matter of frustration boiling over.

“I don’t really remember the details of what happened; I just know that at the end of the day I was ejected,” said Ferguson, who was tossed for throwing a punch. “It was just a lot of frustration today and we didn’t really have the result we were looking for.”

Colon, who was ejected for contact with an official, said he was tired of losing and became angry when he saw a fight breaking out.

“I hope I don’t get suspended. I hope it is not the case,” Colon said. “I lost my temper. I lost my cool out there and we can’t have it. It hurts your team and I know better, so it is my fault.”

The fight started when Jets center Nick Mangold hit Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib in the knees after Talib had stepped out of bounds while returning an interception. The Patriots thought Mangold had taken a cheap shot, but Jets coach Rex Ryan defended his player.

“I think Mangold tried to make a tackle, is what I think happened,” Ryan said. “And does, he goes, and tried to take the guy. And you know, I think what happened is Nick went down, the guy turned his back, he ran into the back of his legs and wasn’t intentional, by any means. He just tried to make a cut tackle. And he went out of bounds and then all heck broke loose apparently.”

All hell breaking loose was a fitting end to an ugly game.

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  1. Not only do the jets have no talent to speak of, they are a stupid and poorly coached team.

    mangold tried to break a leg and the other dolts come out swinging. A poor excuse for a NFL franchise still looking for a QB.

  2. These things are gonna happen on a team where the head coach publicly loses his cool a couple times a week.

  3. You can’t tell me an offensive lineman who has played with Sanchez for 4 years doesn’t know how to tackle.

    It deserves a pretty big fine, no doubt he was going after the knees.

  4. The double standard when it comes to illegal hits is glaring in the NFL. I understand that more fines will come inherently to defensive players due to the nature of their job, but Mangold better see a hefty FedEx package on Monday. That could have ended Talib’s season.

  5. Enough of all the drama! Mangold was obviously trying to make a tackle while the guy was still in bounds & his momentum and the runners shifting body position in space made that result what it was. Lets move on.

  6. Hey, he saw the guy from TB hit his QB out of bounds and they got gifted the game so he thought if he did it maybe they could win the game too. Silly silly jests.

  7. when someone says mangold “tried” to break talib’s legs, it makes it sound like a premeditated act. i don’t how someone can look at the replay and arrive at that conclusion.

    as i saw it, the nearly 300 pound mangold was already well into the action of making a sideline tackle before the much much speedier talib took that sideways hop out of bounds. unfortunately, mangold’s momentum carried him to the spot where talib landed.

    was it a personal foul? yes. was there, unfortunately, the potential for a nasty injury to talib? yes. was it premeditated? absolutely not.

  8. Did anyone ever explain why the two of them wouldn’t just get off the field after they got ejected? They just sat there looking like sad sacks while everyone stood around in the rain.

  9. The good news?
    Mark Sanchez is working hard to come back and save the team.
    Yo Mark, you are letting your insecurities cloud your mind. I’ve had a Labrum tear. You and I both know you are screwed until surgery.

  10. It was a ugly game. As a Dolphin I wanted both teams to lose. Too bad that cant hapoen. But was pulling for Geno to play good. But he didn’t take advantage of his opportunity. He maybe can redeem himself next week.

  11. I bet that if Mangold had “Suh” written on the back of his jersey you’d all be calling for an eight game suspension right now. Just sayin…

  12. What a terrible game. That was the worst Thursday night game in a while. Both teams have a lot of work to do, nothing worked out there.
    Nice ejection at the end too, next time don’t loose your tempers, blame your QB he threw the interception.

  13. Both teams stunk. Neither deserved to win this game. Somebody has to, so I guess the luckier team gets a W. This really was The Toilet Bowl, complete with a nice wet wash down at the end. No doubt the film rooms are busy this morning and no one is feeling good about themselves.

  14. So he takes out a guy at the knees, but he doesn’t get the same negative press that Suh does on a hit that is in-bounds.

    Oh yeah, he’s on offense and doesn’t play for the Lions.

    Double standard!

  15. Talib was still in bounds when Mangold left his feet. He shpuld have just gone down. Instead, he acted like he was trying to score. Be prepared to get hit. Don’t go dancing and twirling up the sideline like an idiot.

  16. I’d be shocked if there’s no suspension for contacting the official, & Fuerguson will prob get a hefty fine, not only did he throw punches it was a player that was down, not on his feet.

  17. He tried to make a cut tackle out of bounds on a guy 100 lbs lighter than him??

    Mangold dove at his legs knowing the hit would be late and with intent to injure. It was a pathetic shameful move that warrants a suspension.

  18. Like it matters. Talib’s season will end early anyway when he achieves his annual arrest for assaulting someone. Will it be in the locker room or outside a club at 4:00AM is the only unknown.

  19. I’m sure it was just a coincidence that he targets the player with two interceptions for a cheap low blow AFTER he was out of bounds.

    Thus I’m sure it was just an accident and coincidence that the Jets players were ejected and no Patriots.

    Aside from that the Jets looked good

    Smith was 15 of 35 for 214 yards with a 27.6 passer rating – which apparently is an upgrade over Sanchez.

  20. It was the INT that sealed the game. Talib should have went down when he caught it. In stead, he prances around trying to get more yard while acting like he was gonna down it. I probably would’ve hit him too.

  21. Oh, and with less than 30 seconds left and an obvious kneel down why not just send the players to the locker room. Tempers were up, they were asking for another fight.

  22. Mangold went after Talib’s knees. No one in the NFL, even Rex, condones that type of behavior but Rex has to try to defend his guy so he doesn’t miss a game with a suspension. It was one of the cheapest shots I have seen in some time and makes what Suh does look mild in comparison.

  23. Talib intercepts the ball with 44 seconds remaining. The Jets have 0 timeouts. The game is over.

    Except Talib runs it back 14 yards, juking players and doing a spin when he realizes he’s not going to return it for a TD.

    Mangold went to make a play. He’s in his 8th year, and he’s never been dirty. I think he should get the benefit of the doubt that he was just trying to make a tackle.

  24. “…….mangold’s momentum carried him to the spot where talib landed.”
    I realize it’s a fast game, but Mangold couldn’t see that Talib was boxed in and the only option was to run out of bounds or get hit by a half dozen players? TB’s LB hitting out of bounds is understandable since Geno could have cut it upfield and got more yards, but Talib was going NOWHERE but out of bounds. Dirty play (well, to everyone but jests fans).

  25. Mangold should be fined. He clearly dove at Talib out of bounds. I am sure he did not intend to take out the back of Talib’s legs but Smith was only pushed against TB and that triggered a fine. Colon and Ferguson should be fined and suspended because the new rules require a 1 game suspension for an ejection. Colon knocked down an official and head-butted a Patriot. Ferguson was punching a Patriot on the ground.

    Now that I think of it……….every player involved in that game last night should be fined for putting on such a pathetic excuse of a football game all around.

  26. Mangold is not known as a dirty player – but yeah he was aiming low.
    Sadly, this play will be judged like the previous plays regarding “low” tackles aimed at the knees. Keller, Williams , Pouncey – you and unfortunately many more are Roger’s guinea pigs this season.

  27. Talib was still in bounds when Mangold left his feet. He shpuld have just gone down. Instead, he acted like he was trying to score. Be prepared to get hit. Don’t go dancing and twirling up the sideline like an idiot.

    What were you watching? Talib spun around out of bounds. Mangold left his feet while HE

  28. They should be frustrated. They are playing on the worst team in the what is shaping up to be the worst division in football.

    While the best teams in the league put up 35 points or so a game, any game involving two AFC east teams will be lucky to total that amount.

    I would say that watching AFC East games this year is like watching a car crash, but car crashes are exciting. It’s more like watching a minor fender bender.

  29. He launched at his knees…clear as day. Just like a dirty cut block we never get to see in the scrums. well…this time we all all saw this cheap shot.

  30. I’m not a fan of either team, so this is just my opinion of what I saw…

    A turnover at the end of a close game. Talib stayed in bounds as long as he could (similar to what RBs do) to run as much time off the clock as possible. Could that be seen as excessive, maybe rubbing it in? Perhaps.

    Mangold “tackled” Talib in the knees, out of bounds. Any time a player hits an opponent in the knees (Suh) or near the sideline (Matthews), he opens himself for criticism. I can’t be the judge of Mangold’s intent.

    Watching the replay, I saw Ferguson help Mangold up. Things got crowded on the Pats sideline. Next thing you know, two guys get tossed. We’ll never know what actually went on. Talib obviously didn’t seem too concerned about the whole situation.

    Division rivals, heat of the moment. Move on.

  31. The frustration was having a losing QB behind you who throws pick after pick. Maybe next time, the linemen “miss” a block on the roided up linebacker on a blitz to the blindside.

  32. lions4lyfe says:

    So he takes out a guy at the knees, but he doesn’t get the same negative press that Suh does on a hit that is in-bounds.

    Oh yeah, he’s on offense and doesn’t play for the Lions.

    Double standard!


    Can we stop comparing every player that makes ONE questionable hit to the human disgrace known as Ndamukong Suh? Suh-zy is fast approaching DOUBLE-DIGITS when it comes to 15 yard infractions. These guys with one or two 15-yarders aren’t even in the same categroy as Suh-zy.

  33. Comp%48.7, YDS 185, TD 1 INT 0 Rating 71.0

    Why didn’t anyone tell me Tim Tebow started last night?

    LMAO….This team and QB sucks. Loved the leadership show’n by TB when he threw multipule balls into the dirt because he has no idea what it means to throw with touch and anticipation.

    TB = Most over rated QB of all time

  34. Where’s the self-righteous outrage over the dirty Mangold hit? Oh, yeah. I forgot. Calling for the suspension of Mangold won’t get page views, unlike Suh.

  35. Mangold is a center. Not exactly the position that gets a lot of tackling drills. It’s understandable he would be kinda sucky at it.

  36. I’m sorry, and call this the Bills fan in me, but this is just an honest observation, but Talib was asking for it. Just get out of bounds, what happens when that little “Dipsy Do” near the sideline results in a wet ball being coughed up. I don’t see any intent of Mangold trying to put “hot sauce” on it either, Talib was inbounds when Mangold lunged, but he did hit him when he was out of bounds. Flag worthy, an average fine as well. What really blows my mind is the utter classlessness(?) of the Patriots fans in attendance calling out the injured Richardson. Do you really think of all the people the Jets would try and use to slow the Pats down would be the guy most disruptive to the game? Either way, its not like they needed to slow them down, Tom Brady is a mere mortal without high end talent on the outside, much like his days winning superbowls on the coattails of that defense. Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and even the retired Brett Favre MADE receivers, looks as though Tom Brady cannot. It’s also not all on those young kids either, Brady missed throws last nigh, and last week. He coughed up the ball on the goalline against the Bills as well. I’m sure the Pats will be touting the “it was Ugly, but it’s a W” card, but it has been ugly against teams most expected to be picking Top-5 next year.

  37. A Bills fan should be an expert at looking at a games negatives. They have much more experience than most fans, especially the Patriots.

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