David Wilson takes a page from Tiki Barber

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When it comes to former Giants running back Tiki Barber, there are plenty of things about him that a current player would not want to emulate.  However, there are plenty of things today’s NFL athletes could learn.

For Giants running back David Wilson, the most obvious lesson comes from Tiki’s remarkable transformation from a fumbling machine to a reliable toter of the rock.

As Bob Glauber of Newsday explained during Thursday’s PFT Live, Wilson will be carrying the ball in the same high-and-tight way that Tiki did in the latter years of his career.  It’s a technique Tiki developed with the help of coach Tom Coughlin.

And Barber continues to periodically show his gratitude.

Glauber recently wrote about the exchange between Barber and Wilson that resulted in Wilson adopting Barber’s strategy.

“He gave me some advice I can really use,” Wilson told Glauber.  “It makes sense.  It felt good in practice, so I plan on using it.”

The challenge for Wilson will be to know which advice from Barber to heed, and which advice to ignore completely.

37 responses to “David Wilson takes a page from Tiki Barber

  1. I would say that any advice Tiki gives him about speaking to the media, or speaking in general for that matter…that he should ignore.

  2. The kid can fly. If he can hang on to the ball he can run for 1000 yards this season. Just keep the Tiki mentions to a minimum please.

  3. He better! Sadly, I drank the Kool-Aid & took David Wilson in the 3rd Round on my fantasy team.

    He’s got the break-away speed to be VERY dangerous. But it doesn’t matter if he’s not on the field…

  4. Great points here. Most giants fans will probably remember when Tiki gave Jacobs some advice on how to run & longevity. Most giants fans didn’t like the result. As long as Wilson sticks to the advice on ball security only, everyone will most likely be happy…except the opponent.

  5. Probably the part where you cheat on your pregnant wife with a younger intern from the show you just started hosting and are about to get fired from. He should where condoms though.

  6. It’s not how he’s carrying it that makes it more prone to fumbling, it’s his arm strength. Both fumbles occurred when he had both hands and arms wrapped around the ball. He just needs to get stronger.

  7. Let the tired, played out jabs at Tiki Barber begin. You know, how he was a crappy teammate and husband etc, etc…Or better yet, just give it a rest.

  8. Glad to see that there’s some help and advice being given to Wilson. Tiki’s transformation came during Coughlin’s first season – I think he went from 9 fumbles the prior season to just 3 that year.

    It’s now up to Wilson to show he can learn.

  9. I see all the haters are out in force again.

    They can’t handle reading about Tiki Barber, the best running back since Walter Payton other than Barry Sanders.

    Barber was the man. He could not be stopped from scrimmage. That he would take the time to give David Wilson advice is great.

  10. Cant understand why TC didn’t make Wilson carry the ball correctly from the get go.

    Maybe he just wanted him to carry the ball how he’s used too and see if any problems would come from it. He only had one fumble last year but obviously it’s time to carry the ball the right way.

  11. OK, my wife was watching that show “Chopped” on The Food Network…it’s that show where they give contestants a bunch of ingredients that don’t go together easily and they have to make meals out of it. Anyways, they had this “Celebrity Chopped” and who was on it but Tiki Barber! He was doing his thing vs. Dannica Patrick, some MMA dude, and this swimmer chick. Tiki was the first contestant to be “chopped” and needless to say he was somewhat flabbergasted.

  12. justinstuckrule says:
    Sep 13, 2013 10:34 AM
    I see all the haters are out in force again.

    They can’t handle reading about Tiki Barber, the best running back since Walter Payton other than Barry Sanders.

    Barber was the man. He could not be stopped from scrimmage. That he would take the time to give David Wilson advice is great.

    Even Tiki is flabbergasted at the absurdity of that statement, and Tiki loves him some Tiki.

  13. Why is it that every time Wilson fumbles the ball his job is in jeopardy and there are national media headlines?

    Fumbles happen every week in almost every game. Between 2007-2009, Adrian Peterson fumbled the ball 20 times and lost 13 of them. Coughlin needs to show more confidence in this guy before he ruins him.

  14. Even as a giants fan gotta give seem credit to the girls defense last week. Well the front 7. The secondary looked terrible.

    They def were going after the ball hard

  15. Wilson’s issue wasnt the way he carried the ball..

    His issue is it was ripped out on his way to the ground, from not being strong enough to hold the ball til he was down. The issue here is strength, which will come from repetition.

    On top of that, I’m pretty sure that Wilson isnt going to follow Tiki’s moronic choices in his personal life – so the reference of which things to follow Tiki on is nonsense.

  16. When you guys make millions, are famous, and have beautiful women throwing themselves at you, let’s see how faithful you would all be. It’s easy to be righteous from the sidelines. Wilson will be fine, no one is perfect and everyone has aspects of their game that needs work.

  17. My 6 year old has been carrying his Nerf “high and tight” around the house and yard for 3 years, lest I reach in and strip it unexpectedly. And he’s Canadian.

  18. Those whining about Wilson costing their fantasy teams, deserve it. You picked a largely unproven, 2-down, non-passing blocking back in what the 2nd or 3rd round when there was proven talent with long track records still in the board. Never draft on upside that early in the draft, go for blue chip talent instead.

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