DeAngelo Hall fined $20,000 for horse collar


Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall would probably like to tell the NFL to back up off his wallet, bro.

Hall was fined three times during the 2012 season, including a $30,000 fine for berating an official which led to his request that reporters back up off him when they wanted comment about the incident. Hall’s off to a quick start on the fine front this year as well.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that Hall has been fined $20,000 for a horse collar tackle during the team’s Monday night loss to the Eagles. Hall was penalized during the game for yanking Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson down by the collar on a play that helped set up an Eagles touchdown that extended the team’s lead to 19-7. According to Jones, Hall plans to appeal the fine.

Hall’s night got off to a better start when he returned a backward pass by Eagles quarterback Michael Vick for a touchdown in the first quarter. His three fines last season wound up totaling $65, 750 with the official incident happening against Pittsburgh and the other two resulting from incidents in the Thanksgiving Day game against the Cowboys.

20 responses to “DeAngelo Hall fined $20,000 for horse collar

  1. Hall is keeping Goodell in some fine Kentucky whiskey and the best Dominican cigars. He is well on his way to breaking his last year’s record.

  2. Yet that little weasel Jackson was able to punch hall in the face mask and not even so much as get a penalty…

  3. Hall fined 20k for tackling at boundary, holding on for a ride & using horse collar (yes, a penalty).

    Pack linebacker executes flying clothesline way out of bounds on Kaepernick; yes flag, zero fine.

    There is not even the slightest pretense of rules & fines being uniformly applied in Goodell’s NFL.

    Bettors & bookies, this is a wink-wink nudge-nudge preview of the yellow hanky X factor in this weeks Redskins @ Packers game.

  4. That was as blatant a horse collar tackle as you’ll ever find, and this guy is as big a turd as you’ll ever find.

    He’s completely useless at best.

  5. He got fined three times last season, has been fined several times before, and they call Ndamukong Suh the dirty player?

    DeAngelo Hall is by far a dirtier player than anyone else in the league. He takes cheap shots more often than an homeless guy with a bottle of MD20/20.

    Still waiting to hear from the league office about the Clay Matthews fine and suspension for his hitting a QB around the neck, hitting him out of bounds, and punching an opposing player (for which he SHOULD have been automatically ejected from the game).

    Any time, Roger “Double Standards” Goodell.

  6. this guy is garbage and really sucks. come on illogical voice iii aka “danny weasel boy’ synder as we need you to come out from under that rock you are hiding under.

    boy the 4skin nation is really quiet this week…actually they will be quiet over the next 2 weeks as they will be 0-3…cellar. love it.

  7. They fail to mention that it was also 5 yards out of bounds on a late hit. I guess that’s what you do when your getting burned all game long, And you talk more than you play. He’s been overrated since Atlanta.

  8. How is this not a larger fine? That tackle could’ve cost DeSean his season…

    And for the record, I hate the Eagles….
    But fair is fair. That was a blatant.

  9. You’re not making $7 million anymore DeAngelo, so these are gonna start making a dent in your miserable contract you bum. Why can’t we finally cut this guy loose for good???????

  10. Tired that every penalty is a fine now days. A horse collar is 20K? Then why no fine for a block in the back? Fines should be for the egregious penalties, the rest should be taken on the field only.

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