Doug Marrone says Jairus Byrd doubtful for Week Two


The Bills could again be without star free safety Jairus Byrd in Week Two.

Byrd, who has plantar fasciitis in his feet, is doubtful for Sunday’s game vs. Carolina, Bills head coach Doug Marrone said Friday, according to the club’s official Twitter feed.

Byrd participated in practice on a limited basis on Wednesday and Thursday.

Da’Norris Searcy started in place of Byrd in Week One and returned a fumble for a 74-yard touchdown in the Bills’ loss to New England.

Byrd, 26, has intercepted 18 passes since entering the NFL in 2009. He is playing the 2013 season under the franchise tag, and his future in Buffalo has been much speculated upon.

10 responses to “Doug Marrone says Jairus Byrd doubtful for Week Two

  1. Its a brutal game, guys deserve to be compensated when injured and not playing – But getting full salary for doing nothing when you have a minor injury is a joke.

  2. Faking injury and being a punk … the perfect way to head into free agency. I bet this act of his has them lining up to throw money at him. He’s just what every team needs … right, uh huh.

  3. Just another player who learned a thing or two by reading Shawne Merriman’s best-seller “How To Steal Old Man Wilson’s Monet Without Really Trying”

  4. I’m glad Buffalo didn’t strike a long term deal with Byrd, especially since finding out about this injury. If you read up on plantar fasciitis, you’ll see that it is something that lasts a while and goes away on its own. The bad thing about it, it can return at any time and be a nuisance for life. IMO, let him finish the year out and then let someone else pick up the problem.
    Searcy may not be Byrd, but he plays right up to the whistle. Time to move on.

  5. put him on IR, franchise tag him, and tell his agent we really are looking out for his health, and IR him again next year. Let him go into Free Agency 2 years removed from playing with a minor injury that kept him out for two seasons. I’m sure he will be getting that top Safety salary from another team then…..

  6. “…plantar fasciitis in his feet,” is a little redundant. That’s like writing that someone has a concussion in his head. I’m just nitpicking here, because…why not?

  7. I know he probably does have plantar fasciitis but I am pretty sure he can play with it also. I think if Buffalo was smart they should take whatever they can get for him and cut their losses. He is a great player when he is on the field and wants to be there but I honestly think he has given up on Buffalo already. I think Chip Kelly would be willing to give you a third for him at least.

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