Edelman the only trustworthy Pats target at moment

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Going into the season, it was reasonable to wonder how many passes would go Julian Edelman’s way.

Now, it’s hard to imagine where the Patriots would be without him.

The diminutive wideout was the only target Tom Brady could really trust last night, catching a career-high 13 passes in the 13-10 win over the Jets. He now has 20 catches in two games, one fewer than he had in 2012.

I wasn’t even thinking about that,” Edelman said of being the top option. “Like I said, you’re just trying to think about beating your guy and getting open to catch the ball.”

While Thursday’s 13 catches went for a scant 78 yards, the numbers compared to the rest of the options showed his value.

As pointed out by Field Yates of ESPNBoston.com, Brady was 13-of-18 when passing to Edelman, and just 6-of-21 passing to everyone else on the roster. The non-Edelmans also dropped four passes.

They’re not going to go far when their top receiver averages 4.3 yards per target.

But in the absence of the injured Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski, and until the rookies grow up and become more trustworthy, they’re not going much of anywhere without Edelman.

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  1. Thompkins, I thought, showed a big improvement from the first game to last night. The recalled touchdown was a tough break and I thought it could have gone either way.

    However, I have no idea what Dobson has been doing for the past 5 months. I thought he had been learning the Patriots offense but the way he brain farts on almost every single play he must have spent his summer at space camp.

  2. The Pats better get on the phone TODAY and sign a couple of the veteran free agent receivers out there – the guys they have now are a bunch of clowns. Maybe Ochocinco, TO and Randy Moss could be ready to go by next Sunday…

  3. It is frustrating as a Pats fan to see the drops and miscommunication on routes but on the bright side, it was obvious to see that the rookie receivers had little trouble getting open against a decent defence. By seasons end I think we will be quite satisfied !!

  4. The Patriots could easily be 0 – 2. They might luck out again next week, but after that they get some tougher competition. They have to figure this out…..

  5. Edelman has been injured several times during his career with the Patriots, including missing the playoffs last year. Hopefully he can stay healthy because he contributes on both offense and special teams, and has even played defensive back.

  6. The Pats are in big trouble… I am for the life of me trying to figure out how the most prolific offense of the last 10 years turned into one of the worst… it is hard to watch …

    1) Murder (Hernandez)
    2) Injuries (Gronk)
    3) Letting Welker walk was idiodic
    4) Danny Amendola is going to be out 3-6 weeks … why did we give him all that money?

  7. BARELY 2-0 against two of the WORST teams in the NFL and I’m supposed to believe they are Superbowl worthy. Yeah right! Not a hater, it’s just the TRUTH. Accept it.

  8. If there was ever REALLY a time to ring the phones of T.O., RMoss, and/or Ocho Cinco, this would be it. You just can’t have Tom Brady throwing to a bunch of chumps.

    -an Eagles fan

  9. Dobson clearly has talent. He’s big, and he beat the Jets’ defenders a few times for deep passes that he just plain missed.

    The guy just has to clean up his game and he could be a legit threat on the outside. He’s clearly thinking too much out there.

    We’ll see if Belichick is willing to be patient with him. Not sure he has a choice at this point.

  10. The drops by the young Patriot receivers once again illustrates that pre-season games are not an indicator of how good a rookie or undrafted free agent will be in the regular season. I feel sorry for Tom Brady, one of the games great QB’s now in the sunset of his career, not having a decent receiver to throw to.

  11. titusyoungslegalcounsel says:
    Sep 13, 2013 10:00 AM

    If only they had the “great” Wes Welker they would have had 2 recievers average under 10 yards per catch.

    YOU do know that he’s only had ONE season with a yards per catch average of less than 10 yards right?

    And that season he averaged 9.9 yards per catch.

    Welker also led the league last yr in yards after the catch and he’s been among the league leaders in this category for yrs now.

    I mean he’s a slot receiver, not a wide out. He provides great numbers and does what he is supposed to.

    You didn’t mention this but others do when talking about him. They mention his drops. It’s a numbers game folks. He’s targeted a lot and makes a lot of catches. If he drops 14 passes and another receiver drops only 9, look at the number of targets and catches and make sure as a percentage he isn’t lower.

    There are web sites that show the percentage of passes dropped by receivers each yr and Welker is NOT the leader in this at all. There are many more who drop a larger percentage of balls than him.

    It’s just that he gets targeted so much and the Pats were on TV a lot so they were seen by many people. Perception is not always reality.

  12. The Patriots need to give Brandon Lloyd whatever he wants to get him back on the field. Lloyd may not be as fantastic as he once was, but he did catch about 75 balls for 900 yards last year and would be a big upgrade over the non-Edelman clowns that were on the field yesterday.

  13. @ all the doubters & naysayers, I repeat what I said last night on this thread.

    bigbamboom1 says: Sep 13, 2013 12:33 AM

    2 and 0 Baby! I don’t care whether it’s ugly or pretty. It’s 2 & 0. A few things though. Before everyone has a heart attack about the young Wide receivers. I say take a deep breadth. I know it is frustrating for a lot of folks, especially Tom Brady, who are addicted to perfect offense execution. But this is called “Growing Pangs”. It will get a ton better as each week passes. In fact I see a talented group of young players who can go the distance after they become veterans after about the 10th game. And I predict the Patriots will be 7 & 3 at the 10 game post based on what I see.

    Their defense is good and getting very good. They usually get great in December. At the 10 game post those fast young wideouts will be anticipating Brady and catching all of those balls they missed tonight. Gronk, Vereen, Amendola, Sudfeld and hopefully others will be back. I see the plate as 80% full right now instead of 50% empty. This years team remind me of the first Brady/Belichick SuperBowl team. Everyone thought they were sort of ordinary until they won it. Brady was just as raw as those young talented wideouts when he replaced Bledsoe. But those veterans stepped up and carried him until he figured it all out after about 10 games. He has to do for the youngsters that those vets did for him.

    So I say let’s enjoy this for what it is. This season could become special if & when it all comes together. The Jets are a much better team than people gave them credit for. Their young defenses will end up being one of the top 10 in the NFL this year. The Jets and Bills definitely have 2 of the top defenses in the AFC. The first half of the season will be a grind. With a few ugly wins and head scratching losses. Teams that look great right now like Denver and San Francisco usually flop miserably down the stretch. Those that overcome the early struggles and somehow win like the Patriots are doing (Baltimore did last year) and the Giants did on the way to 2 championships usually take the Lombardi trophy home.

    So chill out everyone. There will be some real pretty wins after about week 8.

  14. osyrus1971 says:
    Sep 13, 2013 9:22 AM
    Dobson was a joke. As a pat fan, that was the worst offensive output I’ve seen since Hugh Millen was under center.
    So what you’re saying is that you slept through all of 2006, including the horrible muddy sloppy shutout of the Pats by the NYJ?

    Come on people, I know this is the “instant food/ throwaway” era but we can’t go back even 7 years now with anything?

    These kids are talented, but they are young. I will take that over the likes of Reche Caldwell and Doug Gabriel (two of TB’s 06 WRs)any day. THere’s hope they will get better because they have the ability. In 06, they were a bunch of retreads.

  15. @ nitro276 who says: Sep 13, 2013 10:34 AM

    “If there was ever REALLY a time to ring the phones of T.O., RMoss, and/or Ocho Cinco, this would be it. You just can’t have Tom Brady throwing to a bunch of chumps.”

    What are you smoking?! Last time I looked Ocho bombed miserably in NE and Miami. The combo of TO & OCHO were horrific in Cincinnati. THey almost got Marvin Lewis fired and caused Carson Palmer to retire! Those 2 are the absolutely worst things the Patriots can do. I agree with those who say the Pats blew it choosing Amendola over Welker. And if they had kept the combo of Welker and Moss together and teamed them with Gronk & Hernandez, they probably would have already won at least 2 more championships.

    But those decisions were made. Those days are gone. Moss is finished now. Bringing Branch back would be a great idea. Because of his sideline presence. He would really help those talented young wideouts figure everything out. And he could help Brady in key situations. And play the Vereen/Faulk role in a pinch.

    I say be patient with the youngsters. I absolutely love their potential and upside. Especially Dobson. He could grow into an Andre Johnson type Beast if we don’t ruin him with negative impatience. Just watch. They will get better game by game.

    Last point to consider. I believe the Patriots retarded the growth of those young wideouts during the preseason (especially Dobson), by forcing them to play the majority of their reps with the awful passing Tim Tebow. How could they possibly get their timing down with someone as precise as Brady by trying to figure out Tebow?! Big time self induced confusion. GIve it 1-2 more games and they will all be on the same page. And before the year is over, all will be saying Dobson and Sudfeld were the steals of the draft.

  16. The non-Edelman’s were a punk band from the late 80’s weren’t they.
    Belichik’s ego will keep this team from any more super bowl wins. He has it in his mind he can win with anyone. Good luck with this group of receivers. Just wasting Brady’s last few years.
    If he really wants to be known as a miracle worker/genius, he should trade Brady straight up for Ponder or Gabbert and try to win. That would be truly impressive. Brady is the only reason this team is still relevant.

  17. The Patriots offense hasn’t been this bad since 2006 with Reche Caldwell leading the way.

    Of course they just narrowly missed returning to the Super Bowl that season so I guess that’s not that bad.

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