Geno Smith takes the blame for late collapse

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The shotgun marriage between a new quarterback and an established coach who didn’t pick him was going to be tough to pull off in ideal circumstances.

And with the circumstances far from ideal, any misstep from any of them can make it a mess.

The Jets played excellent defense, and clutch-and-grab, keep-it-close offense and stayed in a game all night with the Patriots. But all the good work of the defense was undone when rookie quarterback Geno Smith threw three interceptions in the fourth quarter, and they lost 13-10.

With the costly mistakes that were completely on me, we didn’t get it done,” quarterback Geno Smith said, via Steve Politi of the Newark Star-Ledger. “I take full responsibility for this, and I will get better from it.”

He has no choice, A) because the Jets have lashed themselves to his mast, and B) it doesn’t get much worse than his night.

Smith was 15-of-35 for 214 yards and three interceptions (27.6 rating).

“His numbers would look a lot different if we caught the football,” Jets coach Rex Ryan said.

There were drops, for sure, and they didn’t help. But after a night when the Jets defense gave him an easy opportunity to make the situation easier for everyone involved, Smith didn’t take it.

But for the Jets to get through this year with any measure of grace, or half a chance, Smith is going to have to get better.

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  1. Sorry, but after watching that game, Brady looked like the immature and inexperienced rookie.

    Both guys had a tough night, both guys have terrible wr’s and were dropping passes all night, but Geno seemed to have a good attitude and stay positive all game while Brady looked like a spoiled rich kid who was crying because he found out he wasnt getting a bmw for his birthday.

  2. You know what, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and actually say this.

    Geno Smith showed he can at least push around a group of awful wide receivers. Stephen Hill was back to his rookie form and Clyde Gates couldn’t catch a deep ball that hit him right in the number which would of set us up in the red zone. Kellen Winslow and Holmes were nearly invisible due to coverage. Geno Smith’s interceptions had a lot to due with poor route running by receivers, not all of them..but some.

    But good job taking credibility kid you got guts, lets see some improvement vs buffalo.

  3. Short of a headband, Smith did a stunningly accurate impression of Mark Sanchez last night 😉

  4. “jets”. “half a chance”. those two opposite terms do not belong in the same sentence. that was pathetic.

    I know Brady was losing his mind last night, but for the Pats to be 2-0 right now after the way they played thefirst two weeks, Buffalo and NYJ should consider the Arena League.

    what an ugly game.

  5. A year ago the kid was playing QB for West Virginia. Last night he played QB against Tom Brady, he kept his poise, almost won the game and looked darn good – IMO the job is his to lose. Sanchez is history in NY.

    The Patriots’ offense looked terrible. One reason of course was that their receivers and Brady don’t know each other very well at all, but another was the Jets’ defense.

    The Pats have won 2 games so far based mostly on their experience down the stretch, not on their superiority.

    FYI – I am a Pats fan.

  6. I’m no Jets fan. That said, Geno Smith is way better that the pundits (haters) predicted. He’s still new to the team and the NFL (rookie), but he’s doing very well. I’m quite sure that a few of the dropped passes would have made all the difference in the world. Those dropped passes are what Andrew Luck, Robert Griffen III and Russell Wilson did not have in crucial games last season. WR/TE/RBs must catch the ball. It changes confidence and decisions made by any QB, especially at crunch time. Geno will do better, but his support on offense must do better, too. Get of the kid’s back.

  7. Kid didn’t play nearly as bad as his numbers indicated…there were literally about 10 drops between Gates, Hill & Powell…never could get in a rhythm w/those no talent WRs…I’m not saying Geno was good, just not that bad..

  8. He played better than snachez (!) would have. Not a jets fan but I give them credit. Smith played decent. Held on to the ball a little too much early but it’s his second game.

  9. The coaching staff are responsible for putting Sanchez in the game with 2nd and 3rd OL to protect him, which did not. His injury was due to their stupidity and ineptitude.

    Geno should take only part blame for the late collapse. The coaching staff should take the most of it. Geno is not “ready for prime time” and needed to sit for awhile yet before starting and playing a whole game in the NFL.

  10. The Jets are playing more than they are talking. They actually don’t have a bad looking team if they can get Smith to level up a few times.

  11. The JETS need a receiver with ‘elite’ skills, a receiver like Braylon ‘Hands of Stone’ Edwards.

    He wouldn’t help the outcome but adding another clown to the circus never hurts!

  12. Frustrating to see another Jets QB not protecting the ball in game critical situations and esp when in FG range. Making bad choices and missing opportunities whether an open receiver, holding the ball too long, throwing into coverage vs running up the open field aren’t going to cut it. Even with all the drops alls you gotta do is not throw an interception and the game is tied at a minimum. After the first half i thought we had something to build on in Geno now I’m doubting that very much. This has to get worked out and done so quickly. We could easily be 2-0 right now. Next man up:Matt Simms

  13. the dude is a rookie qb, he is going to make mistakes. the weather was terrible and his receivers were dropping balls all over the place. Marty wasnt making it any easier on him either…35 attempts? in a rain storm? when your averaging 4/carry.
    I’m no Jets fan but give the guy a break. Its not like terrific Tom was much better

  14. At least 80% of the blame rests with Marty Mornhinweg for absolutely awful play calling. Don’t force the kid to make plays on the road against the Patriots when you’re only down 3 and the run game has been clicking. Granted, 2 of the 3 picks were awful throws, but there was no need to even put Geno in the position to make those throws.

  15. So he isn’t gonna raise his arms to the heavens like some sort of savior this week?

  16. Give the guy a break. He’s a rookie against Belichick, that’s tough enough. Two of the picks were awfully underthrown, but he wouldn’t have been in those situations to begin with if his receivers didn’t drop at least SIX passes.

  17. Geno is manning up – covering for some sloppy receivers dropping balls and missing balls that should have been caught.

    For his second NFL outing, the young man did a spectacular job. Considerably better than the ball handing we have grown accustomed to with Mark.

    Smith very likely will emerge in the future as one of the league’s premier quarter backs. I hope so.

  18. When you have Sanchez on sideline giving the young rook advice, what did you expect.

    Marty also screwed the kid, why pass when your running game was on fire.

  19. Lol. Since when is scoring ten points in a game clutch? They got smothered by the Pats D in the second half– been a long time since I could say that.

  20. The Jets offense is weak and asking a rookie QB to carry it, is not realistic. Shame is Smith shows ability but I don’t think they are exactly putting him in a position to succeed.

    Need a more balanced offense and provide Smith more safety options to just dump the ball when in trouble.

  21. I have no real opinion on the Jets, but… I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw from Geno Smith last night. I know he throw some bad interceptions, but at least he was trying to win the game. He’s got an NFL arm, and I imagine he should be the starting QB for the Jets every step of the way this season.

  22. As a Pats fan I have to give Smith a lot of credit. He remained composed and kept his cool no matter how tough the game got.

    Brady disappointed me to know end with the lack of leadership he showed. Instead of working with the young receivers on the sidelines between each series and keeping them fired up he was too busy throwing tantrums.

    Having expected the exact opposite of both players I am impressed with Smith even though he fell apart at the end with the INTs. With some experience he could well end up being a very good player and leader.

  23. The kid is taking responsibility for his interceptions. He’s a rookie and will get better. Where’s your article on the great Tom Brady being held to 13 points (again) at home by what is supposed to be a bad team? Is TB taking responsibility for that?

    Mistakes made by rookie QBs is the not reason the Pats aren’t 0-2.

  24. Youy can’t win without skill players, as Mark Sanchez learned. Tom Brady also learned this lesson as he had his worst game in years.

  25. Geno did not look good late but on a critical 3 and 3 late in the game instead of calling a run and either picking up the first down or setting up a field goal, Mortenweig decides to have Geno throw the ball. That turned into a bad interception and turned the tide of the game. Get used to bad play calling Jet’s fans I’m an Eagles fan and we had to deal with Marty’s idiotic play calling for years. On the bright side he is a good QB coach.

  26. Sorry Jets fans but all I could think watching this kid play last night was… Byron Leftwich. Awkward throwing motion and just hanging the ball up asking the receiver to make a play. Someone has to let him know your not in college and you don’t have Tavon Austin to lean on anymore. He also just held on to the ball to long in the 4th. I give him credit he was trying to make plays but you gotta get rid of the ball!
    But he isn’t the complete reason… Bad play calling, no good WRs no running game to lean on. .. The kid is not in a position to succeed.

  27. Two of your posts are idiotic! 1- Tom Brady is 2-0 not 0-2…. Saying that Brady is the same as Sanchez? The reason the Pats are 2-0 without “skill” players is because of Brady. His receivers minus Edelman are horrible! I have not seen such ineptness from a group of WR’s since 2012 Vikings squad. Even the greatest QB to ever play the game has off nights , Tom Brady is a dreamy boat!

  28. I bet if Sanchez was playing the Jets would have won.
    Seriously … 3 picks in the 4 quarter and you guys are praising him … lol.

  29. Geno Smith is a bum! I was so mad last week after the Jets won against Tampa when he stood up with his hands up like he won the game for them, taking the credit. The game was won because of a penalty.

  30. Smith has been thrown into a very difficult situation. At times he looked very much in control and at times he looked like a NFL rookie playing a very tough position in a very tough city. Time will tell but he will be better than Sanchez and may develop into a very good QB but he has a long way to go.

  31. If this had been Sanchez……everyone would STILL be blathering on about it. Geno sucks. Time for the Jets to call it a day. Just embarrassing they are. Maybe now that they’ve gotten Sachez hurt, the true blame can land where it should. With the organization.

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