Julio Jones questionable, too

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Last week, Falcons receiver Roddy White was questionable to play.  As usual, he played.

This week, White once again is questionable.  Coach Mike Smith says he’ll play.

Falcons receiver Julio Jones is questionable, too.  Unlike White, Jones has missed a pair of regular-season games in his career.  So it’s unclear whether Jones is as likely to go as White.

Also questionable for the Falcons are cornerback Asante Samuel (thigh), linebacker Sean Weatherspoon (knee), defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux (knee), and tackle Sam Baker (knee).  Samuel missed the Week One loss to the Saints with the thigh injury.

The 0-1 Falcons host the Rams on Sunday.  The worst news for the Rams is that former St. Louis running back Steven Jackson is healthy and undoubtedly poised to show the only other team he ever played for that they should have continued to keep him around.

11 responses to “Julio Jones questionable, too

  1. Even if Julio and Roddy were both playing and healthy I still think the Ram’s will play the Falcons tough IMO.

  2. If Julio starts, Julio has a big day. Falcons are hard to beat in the Dome and I can’t see them going 0-2. Rams had to go to the wire against the Cards and the Falcons are a lot better. If Julio starts, its a 30-17 Falcon win.

  3. I’m not sure why you think SJ39 would be mad in some way at the Rams – both sides knew it was the business, and that if he wanted a shot at a title, it probably wasn’t going to be with the Rams in the next couple years. And they weren’t going to overpay him just to keep him on a rebuilding team.

  4. Cardinals Have a defense. Atlanta not so much. That’s why the lost the NFC Championship game last season. This will be a tough hard fought hard nosed game. Matt Ryan will have to play like Peyton to win this game.

  5. Rams D has to play a lot better if they want to hang in this one.

    Ryan will tear that soft zone crap apart.

  6. This game is kind of a tough decision for me I almost wish I could see who is going to play and who isn’t today. With all the unknown I am taking the Rams but that might change come gameday and I see who is active.

  7. Why is it that non Rams fans and so called football aficionados, that don’t follow the NFC West(let alone the Rams), think that SJ39 was released by the Rams because they didn’t want to “overpay” him. The man had one year left on his contract. He is still one of the elite RBs in the NFL. The new look Rams would be a better offense if he was still with them. So, why would the Rams get rid of SJ39 with one year left on his contract? They wouldn’t! The Rams’ GM and other higher ups in the organization have SJ39 the option to void the last year of his contract. The man left of his own volution. The Rams did him a service that most organizations don’t do for players that have given their blood, sweat and years(no typo) to. Ask Anquon Boldin or Wes Welker about that, if you could.

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