LeSean McCoy: We have to do a better job of monitoring the reps

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In the last few years, one of the biggest complaints about the Eagles offense was that they did not make enough use of running back LeSean McCoy.

The arrival of coach Chip Kelly this offseason signaled that McCoy’s portfolio would be expanding and expand it did in Monday night’s win. McCoy ran the ball 31 times and caught one pass, a healthy workload for any player and a feast for one that had his portions controlled a bit too zealously when Andy Reid was in charge. And in a case of being careful what you wish for, McCoy said Thursday that there needs to be more attention paid to splitting up the reps between him and Bryce Brown.

“I didn’t mind it Monday night,” McCoy said, via Tim McManus of PhillyMag.com. “I think we can do a better job rotating because it’s a long season. I don’t think I need to have the ball 31, 32 times in a game for us to be a successful offense. We have too many different weapons. I think the running backs we have here can definitely play. Bryce Brown showed you last year he’s definitely a talented back. So I think we have to do a better job of monitoring the reps.”

McCoy was careful to point out that it wasn’t a knock on coaches since he has leeway when it comes to checking in and out of the games in many packages, but it is something the Eagles will need to keep an eye on as the season unfolds. Their pace on offense is going to mean more snaps and more of a need to make sure that players aren’t being overextended. That’s especially true of players like McCoy, who will be taking hits at a higher rate than some of the other offensive players and will need more breathers as the year progresses to avoid diminished returns on the field.

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  1. This was self-referential. He waved off Chip and Bryce a few times and knows that he needs to allow himself to come out more to make it through 16 games.

  2. cornerstone2001 says: Sep 13, 2013 10:40 AM

    Translation: I aint gonna make thru the season
    at this rate……

    That is what you got out of all of that? He’s no college kid of course he’s going to be SMART and rotate with another talented back. We all KNOW he will get worn down with 31 or 32 carries a game that’s logical. But the eagles have a bunch of offensive packages they didn’t even show yet ie: 3 tight end set. LeSean will get the rest he needs and WILL make it the entire season because the team is not stupid and will rotate.

  3. If they continue to play at that pace they will have too many injuries. Not sold on this offense. Two years worth of offensive plays in one year translates to two years worth of injuries in one year.

  4. Nice headline spin.

    McCoy: We have to do a better job of monitoring the reps

    “I think we CAN do a better job ROTATING […]

    JOSH ALPER: Read what McCoy said again. Last line. It’s a direct quote.

  5. I would kill to have Chip Kelly in Pittsburgh right now instead of the idiots who have been running the offense here the last couple seasons. It’s only one week but the Philly fans have reason to be optimistic. Congrats Eagle fans!!

  6. I don’t think there’s enough bodies in uniform for this fast pace offense to keep it up for 16 games. In college there are more players suited up, and you don’t have to carry a minimum numbers of players at a specific position such as the NFL. And in college, teams tend to have 2-3 off weeks, and more games on odd nights to give extended rest periods.

    I think we will see how much gas the Eagles have when they come out on Thursday night next week. A shortened week at their speed may be very difficult. Luckily for them, they’ll have 10 days to prepare for week 4, but I just don’t know that Chip Kelly’s speed will be able to work longterm. I think the scheme is very good, but the speed will probably have to be knocked down a notch or two

  7. i think they should start the game with Brown and Polk smashing forward and wearing on that D.
    Then later in the 1st quarter, when the D’s are already gassed,,, hit shady up on them wacky plays where he jukes the entire team for a TD..

    the rest of the league is praying on their knees that Philly can’t keep this pace going..
    they have been training since march in order to make that happen.
    good luck fellas.

  8. I think McCoy is showing good wisdom; if they rotate him and Bryce that’s a good combo.

    The guy they have to worry about is Vick. He was dinged up already by the 3rd quarter and they are NOT going to rotate Foles in there.

    I think what they need to do is break out the hurry up selectively…maybe do it 2 series and then do a series at regular pace. You don’t have to scrap the Chip Kelly magic, just tweak it for the NFL…

  9. I love all the “experts” saying the players won’t last all year. Say what you mean. You HOPE it doesn’t last because what you saw Monday night is just the beginning, and it scares the crap out if you.

  10. Twenty five touches a game for Shady would be about the sweet spot. During the skins game, I was sure he was going to pull a hammy. Distribute the load a little and that offense should stay potent.

    And for keeping Vick healthy for a whole season? That isn’t likely. However, if they try to pull the “whole line cut block” protection scheme many more times, he isn’t going to last until the bye week.

  11. I watched the game and by halftime I was saying McCoy & Vick won’t make it through the season alive. Exciting to watch but the opponents only have to play that many snaps a once or twice a year not 16 times. Better hope the extra 300 plays or so will not cause extra injuries but the odds are against them.

  12. Welcome to the NFL Chip Kelly. These guys are focused on their careers and stretching them as long as possible in order to make money, is a priority. And I don’t mean it as a knock it’s just the way it is.

    McCoy doesn’t want two seasons worth of wear on his body crammed into one season.

    In college football you can go very deep at RB but with a NFL 53 man roster, no so deep.

    McCoy is a good fit for the offense but will he hold up? He evidently is concerned about it.

  13. McCoy is special, on a Barry Sanders’ level of leaving defenders grabbing air. In 31 touches, how many damaging hits did he take? He can come off whenever he wants when fatigued, but I think he was having so much fun dominating the Skins’ defense and sending a message to last year’s NFC East Champs on their field, he let adrenaline get the best of him and didn’t take more breaks. That’s all he meant by his comments.

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