Patriots are sloppy, but Edelman says “two wins are two wins”

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The Patriots haven’t looked like a particularly good team through the first two weeks of the season, with sloppy wins over the Bills and Jets. But Julian Edelman, New England’s No. 1 receiver by default, says the Patriots are pleased with what they’ve accomplished so far.

Edelman said on the Dan Patrick Show that the Patriots aren’t about to downplay the fact that they’re the first team in the league to get to 2-0.

“Two wins are two wins,” Edelman said. “They’re divisional wins, too. It’s still early in the season and we’re still growing, and the NFL is about adjusting, adapting and overcoming.”

There are no style points in the NFL, and Edelman is right that two wins are two wins. On the other hand, it’s fair to note that the Patriots were expected to beat both the Bills and the Jets easily, and instead both games were close down to the end. Right now, this year’s team doesn’t look as good as we’ve come to expect from the Patriots.

Fortunately for New England, there’s a lot of time for the Patriots to get better. And the AFC East is a division the Patriots can win even if they’re not as good as they have been in the recent past.

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  1. Not just two wins, but two wins in the division. From a standings perspective, you can’t start any better.

    The offense isn’t going to get worse. Whether they become good enough to win in the playoffs is another question, and it depends on whether Gronk et. al can stay healthy.

    So far the defense looks better than last year. We should get a better feel for it after week 4 vs. the Falcons.

  2. Tough kid. Will do anything for the team,and to think they came close to not bringing him back. What a mess that would have been.

  3. wow, they get to play jets and bills lst 2 weeks. that’s like two extra games of practice. to top it off the pats play the same 2 cream puffs twice, heck no wonder they always make the play slike starting 4-0 then play 500 against the rest and you have 10 wins.worst division in football…again

  4. .

    The half- full view :

    2 divisional wins, plus 10 days off to prepare for a home game vs the Bucs, plus no one on IR. A team could not ask for a better start.


  5. jetsarestacked:

    And that TD being overturned was atrocious…clearly a TD. Talking about Thompkins.

    I don’t care if you’re a fan of either the Jets or Pats but that announcing team was awful last night. Talk about a pre season feel to the game on and off.

    Edelman and rookies on WR you’re going to have nights like that. You couldn’t hand the ball to the WR’s better than some of those throws and they were still dropped. It will take time to get them up to snuff…Brady just needs to chill a bit, but my sense is he’s more frustrated with the FO than the players for continuing to play with fire.

    Alas, still 2-0 tho.

  6. Gee they played two teams with no name rookie QB’s that the media has persecuted , the Pats should be undefeated plus the fact they play one the easiest schedules once again .

  7. @castleanthrax

    lmao. whatever you say, homer. that clearly wasnt a td just as edelman clearly fumbled. he needs to get his hands under ball next time. nice effort though.

  8. I’ve said this before, but the Patriots have no control on how other teams in the AFC East are run. They don’t make free agent signings, or draft for the other three teams. So stop bellyaching.

  9. This Pats fan never expects blowouts in division games especially…ever. Most of them are close most of the game and if they end up being 2 score games, it’s late.
    Even the 07 Pats with OMGHUGEOFFENSE didn’t blow everyone out. They had to gut out some wins at the end of the season, and even against SD in the playoffs.
    It’s one reason I hate college football. So many non competitive games. Winning ugly is just fine with me.

  10. it wouldn’t be surprising to see brady turn these WR’s into capable targets by week 8. and Edelman is right, a win is a win, and they have not only 2 wins, but 2 division wins.

    but on that note, that was a really ugly game to watch last night. not a fun one at all, I love good defense, that wasn’t good defense, it was just bad all around play on both sides.

  11. League officials are in the process of reviewing the outcome of both games. Not only did the Pats not get any points for style in the matchups, they lost points. With the games being so close, both victories could be overturned upon further review.

  12. I am glad we came away with the wins, but the Pats look pretty disfunctional on offense.

    I fully expect we will set a record for the lowest power rankings ever for a 2-0 team. And we deserve it.

  13. It may take 6 weeks for the new offense to get in sync. If they can win the games along the way, so much the better.

  14. @6ball –
    Wrong. Best running back from last week, Shane Vereen, is on IR.

    I want t stay half full, but I could see them getting blown out by the right team.

  15. An NFL win on the road is a win for sure. Take it any way you can get it. Even at Buffalo. But just getting by at home against the Jets and their rookie QB, is a little concerning.

    When the Patriots play a top team, they will struggle to win.

  16. Go ahead & count the Pats out…you won’t be the first or last to make that mistake….
    Brady & Bill…only fools don’t respect that combo!!!

  17. Rewind to 2006. Deion Branch had left for Seattle. David Patten had left for Washington. David Givens had left for Tennessee. Troy Brown had nothing left. The Patriots were reduced to Jabar Gaffney and Reche Caldwell.

    They were coming off a year in which their defense, especially the pass defense, had been atrociously bad. Their running game, so powerful in 2004, had been mediocre at best in 2005.

    In the first two games, the Pats beat the Bills 19-17 and the Jets 24-17. In week 3, they lost to the Broncos 17-7. So the Pats got off to more or less the kind of start we’re seeing from the Pats so far, and for pretty much the same reasons.

    They finished the season 12-4, and went deep into the playoffs, losing the AFCC 38-34 to the Colts, the eventual Super Bowl winners. Not a bad season. 12-4 and getting to the conference championship? If that’s what 2013 turns out to be, I’ll shed no tears.

    The difference is that this year, the young receivers are guys who may actually turn out to be good players as they adjust to the NFL.

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