ProFootballTalk: Pryor’s toughest critic? Himself.

Erik Kuselias goes one-on-one with Terrelle Pryor to find out what he took away from Week 1, what he expects from the Raiders and if he thinks he’s the fastest quarterback in the league.


1 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Pryor’s toughest critic? Himself.

  1. I’m really liking this guy, he speaks honestly, and He also puts in the work, he is Not the complete QB Yet, and has yet more to learn, But given the shot he has, I Think Pryor’s love for the game, and Want to learn and be as good as any… I mean I see something in this kid, he has the Juice to make it happen.
    At beginning of season, I felt Pryor had to have another year on the bench to ripen.. Now I think this is the best for him and the Raiders, he will make his mistakes, But I think this will allow him to grow and be so much better in the future, as well I Think it will be He who wins some games many might not think the Raiders should.
    Pryor IS what the Raiders are right now, a young inexperienced team, the word team Is important for the Raiders have not had a “team” only individuals on payroll for too many a year.

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