Rehab could help Sanchez avoid surgery completely

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The situation regarding Mark Sanchez’s shoulder is starting to make more sense.  We think.

At one point during last night’s broadcast of the Jets-Patriots game on NFL Network, the presumption seemed to be that Sanchez will need to have surgery now or later, and that he is committed to delaying surgery via rehab so that he can be available to help his team.

You know, the same team that would have cut him by now but for being on the hook for $8.25 million this season.  The same team that exposed him to the injury by inserting him into garbage time of a preseason game.  (At least they won that trophy of Snoopy.)

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, surgery on Sanchez’s shoulder is not inevitable.  If through rehab he can play at full strength this year and beyond, he most likely won’t need to have surgery after the season.

The source called the no-surgery outcome a “real possibility,” but acknowledged that it will be driven by whether rehab works and, more importantly, the recommendations of the doctors.So if rehab is successul, Sanchez will be available for the Jets at some point this year — and he won’t have his 2014 offseason marred by four-to-six months of rehab.

After Geno Smith’s three-pick performance in the fourth quarter of Thursday night’s game, the Jets may have renewed interest in getting back the man who has declared himself to be the winner of the preseason quarterback competition.

11 responses to “Rehab could help Sanchez avoid surgery completely

  1. Sanchez needs to see the big picture and realize the Jets do not want him and that Geno is their man,plain and simple.He should have the surgery,rehab,enjoy that 8.5 mil he won’t have to work for and hope some team picks him up next year.Yes it sucks that dumb ass Rex put him in the 4th Qtr. of a meaningless game but it is what it is.

  2. You can’t rehab a torn Labrum. Been there, done that.
    If you think he sucked before, just wait till you see what’s coming…

  3. Sanchez is a multi-millionaire thanks to the Jets. If he has any integrity, which I believe he does, he SHOULD be worrying about helping the team. The fact that he got hurt in pre-season garbage time is irrelevant. To suggest that he should not do whatever he can to help the team just because he got injured in a pre-season game (that he shouldn’t have been in, I agree) is ridiculous.

  4. His career is over. Who is going to want a less than mediocre QB with history of shoulder injury? He should find a doctor to claim he can never play again and pack his bags to start his Hollywood life.

  5. So if rehab is successul, Sanchez will be available for the Jets at some point this year — and he won’t have his 2014 offseason marred by four-to-six months of rehab.

    Hahaha……He may have the rest of his career to rehab…….get rid of the hair ribbon also Marky Mark…..

  6. Mark Sanchez on a rehabbed throwing shoulder hardly seems like the cavalry that you want riding in to save the day. Best case scenario is that he gets himself to a demonstratable full strength so that he can make himself available to another team for a sixth or seventh round draft pick. I could see someone like Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Minnesota or even Oakland taking a flier on him. Not neccessarily as a starter, but at least to challenge in camp. Jacksonville with a first overall taking Clowney to be that Leo they are missing and bringing in Sanchez to compete with Henne and Gabbert probably makes the most sense.

  7. Am I the only one who thinks this has conspiracy theory written all over it…? A ‘QB competition’ through preseason.. a coach that would rather have Geno Smith anyway… Sanchez ‘conveniently’ injures his shoulder just before the season starts and looks like he just might have to miss the entire season. Get Dr. Andrews on board to say so.. so Sanchez saves a little face and makes his money.. the team goes with Smith and everyone wins. Well, except for the Jets.. they’re gonna lose regardless.

  8. I’m not a Jets fan……..but can someone with brains sit SANCHIZE Down and explain to him that he became a multimillionaire over the last few years. Also he milked the Jets cap the last couple years and was awful. Tell him Geno can only get better and his services are no longer wanted. Obviously he thinks they NEED him.!!! This Metrosexual pretty boy, with that ridiculous headband will never become an NFL starting QB.

  9. @bighurt228….I couldn’t agree more, this guy just doesn’t understand the Jets are so finished with him, Ray Charles in his present state can see it. The guy has a thick skull.

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