Report: Multiple doctors say Sanchez shouldn’t have surgery now

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Early Friday morning, Mike Florio reported that rehab could help Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez completely avoid surgery on his injured right shoulder.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News has heard something along the same lines. Mehta reports that multiple doctors have told Sanchez that he should not have surgery on the shoulder at this time. It’s not clear if those doctors are also saying that Sanchez can avoid surgery completely, but it does seem that surgery is no longer the inevitability it appeared to be earlier this week.

If doctors are advising Sanchez that he should not have surgery, it clears up the question of why Sanchez would wait to have an operation until after the season if he was going to need it either way. While he feels that he won the quarterback competition before getting hurt, Sanchez’s future is about 99.9 percent sure to be with a team other than the Jets and waiting to have surgery would only make it harder to find that gig.

Sanchez could be ready to play at some point this season, but it remains difficult to see the Jets turning back in his direction for any reason other than injury. There have been some rough moments with Geno Smith through two weeks, but there were rough moments with Sanchez as well and Smith’s a better bet to improve at this point in his career trajectory than the more experienced Sanchez.

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  1. How can be 99.9% sure of anything regarding Sanchez? If Smith struggles, I think Rex almost owes it to Sanchez to give him a chance to make some positive plays for any potential perspective team. If that doesn’t happen, I see the odds of Sanchez on another team at zero percent, shoulder surgery or not.

  2. Ever wonder what an average college QB would look like if they actually had to go against an NFLl team?

    Wonder no longer. Geno is not the long term answer.

  3. It would only take 1 hit for Sanchez to become the starter if he could get himself healthy. Smith’s awareness in the pocket and late decisions to pull it down and run increase that likelihood.

  4. A lot of people claim to be “Doctors”:

    1) Witch Doctor
    2) Voodoo Doctor
    3) Indian Medicine “Doctor”
    4) People with PHD all claim to be “Doctors”

    the list goes on and on……..

    But a real “Doctor” is one that studied and passed his/her medical boards…and some of those should NOT be even be called “Doctors”!!!

  5. He should definitely think about the surgery now, because his future is not with the New York Jets. I feel they have made it more than clear he is not in their plans. So if he has the surgery now, he should be ready to go by 2014, and maybe another team will pick him up. He should think along the lines of another team, definitely not the New York Jets. Whether they stay with Geno, or Matt Simms, or another quarterback, it definitely won’t be Sanchez.

  6. I’m not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once and also feel he should forego surgery. If he gets surgery and heals before the season ends, he may have to play for the jests again to earn that $8.25 mil.

    I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  7. A seminar held doctors from Brigham and Women’s in Boston flatly stated that this type of injury never heals completely without surgery. They were speaking to a room full of every day people who suffered from this injury. Young and old agreed that none of them had fully recovered although many had been advised they would. The new procedure insures success but the recovery is 9mo. or more.

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