Rex benched Milliner on Thursday

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At some point during Thursday night’s loss to the Patriots, Jets rookie cornerback Dee Milliner disappeared from the field.

After the game, coach Rex Ryan admitted that Milliner had been benched.

“This young man is going to be a tremendous player,” Ryan said, via quotes distributed by the team.  “There is no doubt.  But as I told him, I said, ‘You know, Dee.  I want you to sit on the sidelines and I want you to watch’.  And sometimes when you do that, it is the best thing for you.  And so we replaced him with Kyle [Wilson] and [Darrin] Walls and that’s what we did.  I am trying to win a game, and put in who I think has the best chance to win it.  And the young man, like I said, he is going to be a great player.  But at that time, I went with the veteran.”

Milliner said in the locker room after the game that he had no problem with the move.

“I was fine with it, he felt the need to make that decision,” Milliner said, via quotes distributed by the team.  “I made a couple of mistakes, on a couple calls.  I got benched before in college, for sort of the same thing.”

But not really sort of the same thing.  In any other year, it would be no big deal.  But Milliner, taken with the ninth overall pick in the 2013 draft, is the straight-line replacement for Darrelle Revis.  If Milliner can’t stay on the field, he can’t begin to effectively replace Revis.

At least the Jets won’t have to worry about an early contract holdout from Milliner.

23 responses to “Rex benched Milliner on Thursday

  1. That’s unfair. He’s not the replacement for Revis. There is no replacing Revis.

    He’s just Dee Millner, a rookie corner. Rookie corners take time to come on. Even Revis didn’t hit his stride until his 3rd and 4th seasons.

  2. Instead of focusing on this kid being awful, how about we focus on how outstanding Walls was? Wilson sucks too…Walls is going to be a starter for awhile in this league

  3. C’mon Florio,
    The Jets’ offense maybe a joke but, the defense is not. If your defense can do to the Pats what the Jets have done over these Rex years, most would be happy. So, if Rex decides to bench a defensive player, and tells him that he needs to watch a vet, I would trust him on that decision. Now on a offensive decision, that’s a whole different story.

  4. I thought the Jets defense played pretty well last night, but the Patriots definitely need some help on the outside. I don’t think the issue here is Milliner, but Rex feeling the pressure knowing it’s do or die this year and if he lets a guy stay in the game who gets beat and it costs him, he’ll be out of work in a few months.

    If the Jets can grow together and improve offensively, I think they’ll be pretty good for a few years. The talent seems to be there, but maturity definitely not where it needs to be.

  5. Hayden will be the best CB to come out of this past draft. Thank you Reggie for not taking Milliner….or Geno. I watched this dude get beat all night and Geno was throwing it at Ghosts.

  6. this guy faced one of the worse WR groups in the NFL and got schooled…..

    he is really living up to the 1st round draft pick

  7. I’d say that Cromartie is more of the reason that they let Revis walk than Milliner. Anyone else remember when rookies, even first rounders, were allowed time to develop?

  8. Milliner is doomed by the NY media. He will most likely develop a complex, constantly looking over his shoulder and seeing the specter of Darrelle Revis

  9. Yeah, Tom Brady has never made any rookie DB look silly before. The Jets could have started a vetern player and not embarrassed the kid on national TV. Oh Well, they make the big bucks and I’m a blogger.

  10. For some reason Jets fans are feeling good about last night. Bottom line is the Pats had their worst offensive showing in about 10 years. It should have been a blowout. The Rain and miserable Pats WRs kept this close. Milliner will be a decent CB, but nothing special. Why, because he was the product of a great Alabama defensive team that had 10 of 11 players drafted and made highlights together. As individuals, some are overhyped. Milliner is one of them.

  11. Man, if the NE WRs hold onto just half of the balls that bounced off their hands, the jests D would have looked bad. Really really bad. I don’t like the pats (respect them, just don’t like them because of arrogant BB) but Brady put the ball right into their hands and they couldn’t hold on. That one long ball to Dobson (I think) where he had three chances to hold onto it but still didn’t was telling.

  12. scoops1 says:
    Sep 13, 2013 8:17 AM

    this guy faced one of the worse WR groups in the NFL and got schooled…..
    I am not usually someone that defends a Jet, but I believe the Patriots have a good Wide Receiving core, they just aren’t on the same page with Brady right now. Timing is everything in this league, and without it you have major problems.
    Milliner is going to be a star, but it is a little harsh to say he is Revis’ direct replacement. Revis is Revis, nobody will be able to come right in and do what he did with the Jets. At least not right away. This was the second game of the season, give the kid(Milliner) a bit more time to get comfortable.

  13. I heard Rex talking about that after the game. Maybe the Alabama defensive players aren’t good bets for high draft picks because all that kept going through my mind last night was that even though they had Brady off his game, he uncharacteristically missed alot of receivers on his own probably mainly due to the unfamiliarity and weather. When Revis was there, seemed like he was getting fits mostly because of the Jets locking his receivers up, so Milliner has alot to get better at to fill those shoes.

  14. DJ Hayden will prove to be much better than Dee Milner. Not that I’m rooting against the kid, but he is just another overhyped Bama player by BSPN

  15. The kid needs time to develop as all rookies do…..2 games and he’s a bust?? It’s too bad for him that Rexy is on the hot seat. Speaking of on the hot seat…… much of a leash is Geno on till the lame duck coach makes a change?? Just sayin……..this might not ne a good year for players on the jests to develop.

  16. how smart does ne look now for not practicing leading up to the jet game. could qb and receivers have worked on, let’s say, timing?

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