Robbery charges against Keith Bulluck dropped

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An arrest on robbery charges might have cost former Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck a part-time job with the team, but those charges were thrown out.

According to the Tennesseean, the state dropped charges against Bulluck this morning. He had been charged with robbery after a cab driver said Bulluck grabbed him by the shirt and took a $100 bill from him.

He was arrested in the early morning after serving as an analyst on the Titans preseason television broadcast. The next week, they replaced him with former Titans quarterback Kerry Collins. Whether he returns next season remains to be seen, though having his record cleared should clear the way for him to go back to the booth.

10 responses to “Robbery charges against Keith Bulluck dropped

  1. Seriously, this was one VERY shady cabbie (who curiously quit his job and moved out of state in the days following the incident — maybe because he was in the process of getting evicted for non-payment of rent when all this happened) .

    I think too much was made about Bulluck not being in the booth for the final preseason game. Was probably easier for both Bulluck and the local station for him to lay low and not go on-air before this played out.

    Could definitely see him back in that gig next year, although personally I’m not that impressed with either him or Eddie George in that job, so I don’t really care if Bulluck’s back or not.

    But he probably didn’t deserve to have his name dragged through the mud for this, either.

  2. The Court decided that the cabbie’s description of the 100 dollar bill that Keith stole from him as being “green in color. with a picture of Benjamin Franklin on the front”, was not specific enough to establish ownership.

  3. I love the “guilty until proven innocent” mentality this country seems to have though they preach the opposite.

    A man loses his job off of an overstatement or a blatant lie and what? Not even a sorry? They ruin people in the media in this country with a careless an irresponsible mannor that should scare all of us because it could happen to any of us.

  4. I don’t normally side with players, but given the cab drivers background and Keith’s background – I support Keith all the way.

  5. God Of Wine…

    You got it all right!

    Guilty until proven innocent is what this country is all about…..why get warrants before finding out, go to jail, be put in jail without a chance of getting out until your attorney can prove you innocence to some jurors who get an opportunity to be persuaded either way. Who speaks best wins the cases usually, not necessarily if you are innocent or guilty.. ridiculous!
    While I know just some things are obvious on certain things, the he said, she said or in this case he said, he said things.. why assume guilt and arrest? Was Keith Bullock going to pull an OJ Simpson and run, lol.

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