Roddy White limited in practice, Mike Smith says he’ll play


After Falcons wide receiver Roddy White was held to two catches by the Saints last weekend, he responded to disappointed fantasy football players on Twitter by telling them that they should check the practice reports before putting White in their lineup.

“As far as fantasy if I don’t participate in practice than don’t start me it’s a red flag,” White wrote.

White went into that game after limited participation in practice and a questionable designation on the final injury report of the week because of the sprained ankle that has turned out to be more serious than the Falcons let on when White suffered it over the summer. Based on that, no one should be using White this week.

D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Falcons coach Mike Smith said Friday that White will be in the lineup against the Rams this weekend, but he’ll be playing off the same limited practice/questionable designation daily double that he had heading into Week One. That suggests another week as a decoy, albeit one that the Rams will still have to take seriously since the Falcons will likely look his way if the defense ignores him on Sunday afternoon.

12 responses to “Roddy White limited in practice, Mike Smith says he’ll play

  1. Unless last week he was a decoy after saying he’ll play, and this week he’s saying don’t start him so the Rams think he’ll be used like last week while he’ll really be fully utilized.

    Now what do I do!?!

  2. I predict droppy will be “hurt” again on 11/21 when the Saints come to town to beat the crap out of the falcons, again. He’s always timid going over the middle, but now that Kenny Vaccaro has set up shop there, he wants no part of that ass-whooping. He’ll have his new and improved alligator arms on display-if he’s not “hurt”.

  3. This sure makes defending the Falcons much more manageable. (ask the Saints)

    Bracket Julio, and make Douglas and Gramps Gonzales beat you in the passing game, while stacking the box = Soon to be 0-2 Dirty Birds.

  4. @skippynj: You my friend are a complete joke! Why do you feel you have to say such things? Why do simple minded people like yourself blast people for no reason? Are you mad you make less than $10 per hr? Are you still watching black and white tv? What is the deal? O I get it your that guy who has it all figured out!! Get a hold of yourself man!!!

  5. “If the Saints’ pathetic D got to Ryan three times, the Rams should be able to put a 7-spot on them.”

    Ramit, pathethic D? I’m not saying we are a top 5 D, (yet at least), but this is not last season. We will only get better. We were able to contain one of the NFL’s top offenses, with a new defensive scheme; full of new starters, FA and rookies, who will all get better as they continue to gel.


    I’m pulling for the Rams this week, so hopefully they are able to put Ryan on his back. LOL

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