Terrelle Pryor says he has no leash

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Earlier this week, we pointed out that Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor could be the real deal.  Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor apparently feels the same way.

In an interview that will air later today on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk, Pryor is asked about the length of his leash, given that Matt Flynn was the presumed starter throughout the preseason.

“Leash?” Pryor says.  “I’m just going to make plays.  There doesn’t have to be a leash. I’m here to win games and work harder than anyone in the NFL and there ain’t a leash in that.  But I’m just going to go out and make plays and there will be no leash, I don’t believe there’s going to be a leash.”

Actually, it’s good that Pryor isn’t determining the length of his own leash, because he’s still not happy with how he played on Sunday.

“I grade myself very hard,” Pryor says.  “I critique myself, I’m my worst critic.  It’s unacceptable to have two turnovers.  I pride myself not to do that and anytime you have interceptions and you lose a game, yeah, I give myself a bad grade.”

Still, Pryor sees the overall outcome as positive, despite the loss.

“I think the thing we did well was, we came together as a team and we fought,” Pryor says.  “We were down 14 and not one second went by that we, the offense and the defense, didn’t think that we could have still won the game.  I kept on telling the guys, you know, ‘We’re going to win this game,’ and guys believe so that’s what I’m proud about.”

The Raiders indeed showed tremendous resolve after giving up touchdowns on each of the Colts’ opening drives.  Oakland chipped away and took the lead late before the Colts regained it.  Even then, Pryor and company came within a few feet of stealing the win.

The interview is within a few hours of being televised.  Dial up NBCSN at 5:30 p.m. ET for the show, which also includes an interview with Broncos receiver Eric Decker, and Peter King in studio with Erik Kuselias.

46 responses to “Terrelle Pryor says he has no leash

  1. As a Broncos fan and Raider hater, this kid kinda worries me. I have to admit I was surprised by his performance against the colts.

  2. blacknole08 says:
    Sep 13, 2013 2:55 PM

    Wow… I’m loving Pryor’s confidence and resolve. And quite honestly I don’t think Matt Flynn could fire up his team like this.


    I don’t think Matt Flynn could fire himself up.

  3. He is giving the Raiders the greatest chance to win given the current state of the team. You cant have a pocket passer when the line can’t hold a pocket. You need a fast, sturdy, QB with a really good attitude and the ability to lead. That is what Pryor is making himself out to be.

  4. As soon as he finds success, everyone will not pick the most mundane things to tear him apart for. Enjoy being an underdog Mr. Pryor, hope you have a great career- I’m a Michigan man.

  5. I’ll take the Jags over the hapless faidets. Richards a one trick pony, no o-line, and it’s the raiders, they have no chance of being good.

  6. As soon as he finds success, everyone will pick the most mundane things to tear him apart for. Enjoy being an underdog Mr. Pryor, hope you have a great career- I’m a Michigan man.

  7. It is refreshing to see a QB not be in denial about his mistakes. There is hope for him to accomplish what he is setting out to do and if he’s really that kind of hard worker and committed to finding ways to eliminate mistakes, then that’s an exciting proposition to see what he can develop into this year.

  8. Obviously my job doesn’t depend on how Pryor does in his role as QB, but if I’m secure in my position with their team I’d let this kid play the entire year. Let him learn through experience. He certainly has much more upside than Flynn, who should thank his lucky stars for that one game vs Detroit setting up his grand kids for life.

  9. humb0lt says:
    Sep 13, 2013 3:00 PM
    Pryor will be benched by Week 5 after the Raiders start 1-4.


    (1) Raiders have a very good shot to go 3-2 through first 5 games. RGIII is not the same player and Skins and Bolts both beatable. If they can get by Jags and play hard against Broncos in spotlight game, Raiders could be on path to credibility again.
    (2) Assuming you were right about 1-4 start, if they’re playing hard and losing close games, TP still gives team better shot to score points and move ball and don’t see DA switching to Flynn, particularly with rotational LT situation and Flynn’s lack of mobility. Flynn has no upside. Sky’s the limit for TP and he needs time to play through it.

  10. I’m no Ohio State fan, and I’m certainly not a Raiders fan, so naturally I’m predisposed to hate Pryor. That said, him saying “I’m here to win games and work harder than anyone in the NFL and there ain’t a leash in that.”… is pretty damn gangster.

  11. I’m going to stay guardedly optimistic . I’m really glad our opponent is Jacksonville . We really need a win and if we don’t get one this week will know what we have . Like I said I’m guardedly optimistic . Go Raiders !!

  12. Since we’re rebuilding, and will be around $70 million under the cap next year, I will be fine only winning 1 game this season. I want them to do well, but i would rather take another year off, get a good draft pick, sign some decent free agents and kick some tail next year. This is the perfect situation for Pryor to cut his teeth and learn to play lights out. It worked out pretty well for P. Manning. I’m not comparing Pryor to him, just saying the kid needs time to grow on the field and develop a bond with his receivers, just like every QB. You don’t get that riding the pine.

  13. ninerswilldominatelikebefore says:
    Sep 13, 2013 3:19 PM
    TP2?? toilet paper 2 ply! hahaha.

    just.. no… stop.

    Ladies and Gentleman that don’t live in the bay area, that’s how 49er fans are. Be thankful you’re not one of them.

  14. humb0lt says:
    Sep 13, 2013 3:00 PM
    after the Raiders start 1-4.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    choo choo!!! derailed again after a 21 point lead… a Philip Rivers will lead you exactly where he has led you in the past….right off your train tracks Super bowl express.

  15. I’m surprised no one finds the talk of “leashing”a player to be offensive to the delicate sensibilities that are springing up everywhere.

  16. @ Dennis Allen’s Outgoing Persona

    Don’t judge all Niner fans based on one guys lame comment. I know it’s unthinkable for most in our camps to ever root for the other side of the Bay but I do.

    I like what I saw from Pryor last Sunday and honestly thought they were going to pull out a win, still he has a lot of potential and that only be encouraging for Oakland after years of abysmal play.

    I’d love to see the day return when both the Red & Gold and Silver & Black were elite teams. Hopefully Pryor can ignite that.

    P.S Awesome screen name.

  17. humb0lt says: Sep 13, 2013 3:00 PM

    Pryor will be benched by Week 5 after the Raiders start 1-4.
    well, well,look who came back and started talking smack again, glad to see that the debacle from Monday night didn’t stop you from smack talking the raiders , at least TP is not as predictable as oh wait we lost another won after we had the lead Rivers..

  18. dennisallenwillgetcannedthis year

    dont be fooled the dump nation is the most ignorant fanbase..I love it when i get in discussions with raider fans most od the time they don’t even know much about their team let alone the rest of the leaugue..#gobacktola

  19. Best thing that could happen for the Jags, Vikes, browns…. For Pryor and Geno to show they are NFL QBs…. That would eliminate 2 teams from the “get ready for Teddy” sweepstakes…… The kid looks to be legit!

  20. I like his answer because it wasn’t a football answer-it was a team answer. “We came together and fought”. It’s buy-in. You can’t win if you don’t work as a team and believe you can win.

  21. I had TP pegged as a college superstar who didn’t have the mental makeup or work ethic to make the jump to the next level — too talented for his own good. Maybe I was wrong.

  22. To the Chargers trolls let’s look at last weeks games. TP2 was poised, focused and mentally tough to the end. Phyllis was none of those things and it cost them a win at home. And for a Niners fan to spend time posting 3rd grade name calling rather than celebrating a quality win over the Packers is silly.

    Just Win TP2.

  23. Fear not, this is exactly what Pryor did in Ohio State in big games.

    Vs Miami, USC, Penn State, Iowa, and Wisconsin…

    Pryor threw for more INTs than TDs and hovered a little under to a little over 50% completions.

    Vs the Colts? 2 INTs, 1 TD, 1 for 7 on throws beyond 10 yards.

    Decision-making has always been his Achilles heel, and despite all the flash from running well last Sunday, he still threw 2 incredible end-zone interceptions where he seemingly didn’t even see the safety.

    And I’m a Raider fan 🙁

  24. Broncos fan here, I thought they should have put Pryor in last year. Anything is an improvement to those jokers that have been there lately. I will root for this kid except twice a year.

  25. Running and scrambling QB generally don’t last very long in NFL. They generally get hurt. If you doubt this fact, please name one successful QB who usually has more yards than his running back?

    Some of your folks are just fooling yourselves, but there is no short cuts to building a successful

  26. There is a three way tie for the NFL teams I dislike the most—Raiders, Cowboys and Ravens. Maybe the Raiders get a modest edge due to the length of the dislike. However, count me on board for Pryor to succeed. If so, just think of all the experts, real and self-described, who will not be able to handle all of the crow due them. And, for him to get a plus from a Michigan fan is just unbelievable.

  27. ANd when does he learn how to pass? He has proved nothing except he can’t find the open man and seems to have to run for it. Cam Newton is the same, its all about them. They want to make the plays. Often a receiver is open and they ignore it in order to take off.

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