Willie Colon, D’Brickashaw Ferguson ejected in closing moments


New York Jets offensive linemen picked up three penalties and two ejections on one of the final plays of their 13-10 loss to the New England Patriots Thursday night.

Geno Smith threw his third interception of the fourth quarter inside the final minute of the game. Smith was picked off by Aqib Talib on a pass intended for Stephen Hill along the right sideline. Talib danced around before stepping out-of-bounds but Jets’ center Nick Mangold lunged to knock him out-of-bounds and hit him low after stepping out of the field of play.

The Patriots took offense to the hit and the two teams started pushing and shoving each other in the pile along the sidelines. D’Brickashaw Ferguson was ejected for throwing a punch at a Patriots’ player and Willie Colon was ejected for illegally contacting an official that was trying to break up the scuffle.

The ejections came with just 38 seconds left in the game. Though there aren’t automatic suspensions handed out for ejected players, the league could very well elect to suspend the players after their actions at the end of the game. If the league doesn’t suspend the players, what is the deterrent for players getting ejected in the closing seconds of games? Are fines enough of a deterrent?

If a player can take actions to the level of being ejected by the officials without risk of suspension, what will keep other players from taking cheap shots late in games that are already decided?

It will be interesting to see how the league handles Ferguson and Colon after the ejections tonight. It’s possible the Jets will be missing both players for their Week 3 matchup with the Buffalo Bills.

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  1. forsbergler says:
    Sep 12, 2013 9:34 PM
    Jets are totally out playing this team…they have no run game….once this game evens up…Brady will force it and start throwing pics

    Hey furberger – who’s throwing the pics? hint: he’s on the same team that’s throwing the punches

  2. Woah totally out of control! It’s very clear they were intentionally trying to hurt each other which could jeopardize their careers! Must not have any respect for their NFL brothers! Sound familiar yet?

  3. Frustration levels boiled over for NYJ. They had a legit chance to go 2-0 against an in patriot like patriot team and it slipped away suddenly. Mangold left his feet and got Taliban low, he should expect some fines. Ferguson will have a one week hiatus

  4. As a fan that dislikes both of these teams, it looked like Mangold dived before Talib was stepping out of bounds. Talib should have just gone down instead of dancing around like an idiot. If you act like you’re trying to score on an INT, be prepared to take a hit.

  5. I am sure the Jets were pretty upset about the non PI call the play before. They should be punished, a fine or partial game suspension if that is even something a league can do. Like 1 quarter, 5 minutes, one possession or something.

    Anyway, side to see it end like that.

  6. Why is everyone acting like Talib did something wrong? If he has the ball he can do whatever he wants with it, the Jets can’t be all butthurt cause he didn’t just step out of bounds

  7. Forget those two boneheads, I hope the league gives Mangold a hefty fine for that boneheaded play.

    But sadly like Matthews cheapshot, it will be overlooked.

  8. While it may have been unnecessary, Mangold touched the player before he had touched down out of bounds. Talib was dancing around unnecessarily and ended up getting contacted because of it. As far as the ejections it seemed as though both teams were at fault and peace was trying to be restored. Neither player deserves a suspension going forward and if they do there are a couple Pats that deserve is also.

  9. Any decent QB would’ve beaten the Pats on a night like this.

    But Geno, while promising needs plenty of work and the Jets better play for picks and Geno’s development.

  10. I always respected Mangold but the intentionally low hit was pathetic. With all the talk around the league of respecting other player’s careers it was shameful to see a veteran go out of his way to try and injure another player. I get that Talib should have just taken a knee but there’s no place in this league for that garbage… not even on the Jets.

  11. Quit reaching and stirring the TMZ pot any chance you see. Good game. Football is back!!!! Week 2 is underway!!! To the true fans of their own team, best of luck and enjoy this wonderful time of year.

  12. It will be more interesting to see how the league handles Mangold.

    I’m a Dolphin fan, and hate both teams, and that was a deliberate cheap shot at the knees by Mangold.

    There is no room for that crap in football.

  13. Mangold went for a guy’s knees when he was clearly out of bounds. When the game’s over and a penalty is meaningless, that should warrant a suspension. Colon and Ferguson should be gone for a game, too, but honestly this kind of thing comes from their head coach.

    Maybe if the Jets offensive line could win at the line of scrimmage they wouldn’t need to take cheap shots at the end of the game. I’m sure they feel like tough guys right now, though.

    Enjoy your 4-12 season. What a worthless franchise.

  14. They both need to be suspended and maybe for more than one game. Someone has to get their attention because fines aren’t doing it. Look at Suh. He thinks he is Jack Tatum reincarnated. Do we need another Darrel Stingley before someone stops him? He needs to be suspended multiple games and if that doesn’t work then he needs to be removed from the NFL. My favorie player was always Jack Lambert from the old Steel Curtain days so I am not squeamish but this guy and guys like him are just out to cause career ending injuries and that is just wrong.

  15. If any team should be in talks to relocate to London, it’s the Jets. Eastern division, another team sharing their stadium, worthless ignorant fans, a history of ineptitude…sounds good to me.

    Plus it’s only right for the Patriots to beat a team from England twice a year.

  16. Mangold dives at knees- not dirty. Suh blocks from the side?-dirty

    Ferguson throws punches-ejection. Matthews throws TWO punches- No ejection.

    Victor Cruz doesn’t control ball through process?-TD Calvin and the NYJ scrub same play?- No TD.

    From all of the rest of the country, screw you NY, screw you NFL

  17. Bush league ownership; bush league management; bush league coach; bush league players! Is anyone surprised?!?!?

  18. Would never have been a problem is talib just went out of bounds or took a knee. Watch when mangold leaves his feet for the hit…talib is STILL in bounds. He jumps/twirls out at the last second and as a result mangold his him low. It wasnt dirty…it was an accident. Not saying that the ejections weren’t deserved. They were and they should miss the next game. But mangold doesn’t deserve a punishment and talib shouldn’t be an idiot

  19. They learned that from their coach, who told them he would punch Belichick in the face before a game a few years ago – as told by LT.

  20. Nick Mangold is a great player. It was an unfortunate turn of events, nothing to scandalous except the location of his helmet and the way he lead it into Talib’s knee. When you add that to the fact Talib was already out of bounds it is easy to see it was a cheap shot. Mangold is not a dirty player and does not deserve that title.

    I don’t see any suspensions, certainly fines probably.

  21. Me thinks that after their QB threw three interceptions in one quarter, maybe the league postpones suspensions for Ferguson and Colon by a game just to give the Bills a little competition.

    Which might be saying a lot…

  22. Despite Geno’s picks, I thought he had some really good moments. A lot of the time, he threw the ball away when nothing was there. He made some really nice throws, even in that heavy rain and he never got rattled. People need to remember that the kid is a rookie and has very little help skill position wise. Jets fans can look forward to watching his development.

    DBrickashaw doing what he did really surprised me. These games sure get ugly. There is no love lost between these teams. Even BB shows emotion when the Pats beat the Jets. 😀

  23. Not a jets or pats fan…however, when every call seems to go against you and favor one of the nfl darlings – I wish more of the players would take a hard swing at thecrefs. The obvious bias shown is getting unacceptable.

  24. agreed as far as league handling of the players. it would be neither unexpected nor unfair for them to sit out for a game.
    please just go with a fine and a lecture because the last thing an already weak team needs is to lose two guys on the o line for a game. thanks

  25. Where is Mangolds suspension and 4 game ban for purposely diving at Talibs knees while the play was OVER and he was OUT OF BOUNDS.

    Lions Fans that are tired of the double standards

  26. Are you guys kidding??? Suspended???? With all these helmet to helmet hits and Suh trying to seriously injure players on a weekly basis, the league should suspend 2 jet players!??? How about like every other player in the league and they get fines???? No one did anything completely out of line…(like ripping off a helmet and swinging it at a player)…wake up hacks..

  27. Clay Matthews punched Staley in the face and then slapped him and did not get ejected from that game……why is that? Didn’t another Packer do that last season too and also was not ejected. Why is this?

  28. ” Though there aren’t automatic suspensions handed out for ejected players, the league could very well elect to suspend the players”

    Come on, you say this all the time about the league suspending players, and they never do.

  29. Other teams better hope Brady doesn’t have a healthy and rested receiving corps come the playoffs

    … and even then they’d better hope for rain

    The Patriots have NEVER been built to peak in September

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