Adrian Peterson: 100-yard games are easy


Adrian Peterson was stopped short of 100 yards on Sunday against the Lions, and that shocked him.

Peterson, who scored a 78-yard touchdown on his first carry of the season but was held to just 15 yards on 17 carries the rest of the way, says it’s hard for him to comprehend that he failed to reach the 100-yard mark, because to him, the 100-yard mark shouldn’t even be a challenge.

“Every time I don’t get 100, I think ‘wow,'” Peterson said, via “Because it’s so easy to get 100.”

Peterson reached the 100-yard mark 10 times last year, which is great. But that still means there were six games (plus a playoff game) in which he came up short of 100 yards. And 10 games of 100 yards is the most Peterson has ever had in one season. So a 100-yard game isn’t really easy for any running back. Even Adrian Peterson.

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  1. When you have moves and speed like AD then yea id say they come pretty darn easy… But ask Pittsburgh how hard they are to come by these days!! lol The days of Barry Foster and Jerome Bettis are wayyyyyyyyy gone for Pitt!!

  2. He probably should have added to the end of his quote “…this is of course assuming your team has a real QB so defenses don’t key in on the run all game long”. That just shows how truly great AP really is.

  3. While it may sound arrogant, I don’t think he meant it that way it all. He is the MVP and bound for the HOF. That is the mind set that got him there….

  4. Gee and I thought Clay Matthews was conceited, wow this guy should marry himself like Dennis Rodman. This is what makes Barry Sanders the greatest ever RB in the game, he’s a class act. AP should worry about things that concern his TEAM, like winning games.

  5. Peterson is one of about five offensive players in the league who deserves to be as confident as he feels. A legend.

  6. Every time I hear this guy speak I become more and more convinced that he is experiencing head trauma from physical running… Or he is just a little doopid

  7. Agree AP, but carrying a 3rd string QB on your back for years is not easy. Eventually, he’ll make you fall unless a real QB can lift that weight off your shoulders. (Like Favre did for 1 year)

  8. Peterson went on to say, “I wake on up in the morning, do the, you know, the 3 S’s and realize I’ve already rushed for 100 yards…that’s how easy it is.”

  9. Well he went to Oklahoma so math isn’t Mr. Peterson’s strong suit.

    And he started off last season pretty slow before ripping the league up after around four games.

    AP’s knee wasn’t 100% until week 8 and then he just went off on a tear.

    You hear me Bobby Griffith?

  10. Example of a guy who has gotten too comfortable in front of the camera.

    1) If they’re so easy… why are you only successful 62% of the time.
    2) Lions defense is playing the run MUCH better than last year

  11. I love Adrian Peterson. If Jesus didn’t already live in my heart, I’d ask AP to live there… that being said, this wasn’t his most brilliant comment to the media, especially off a game he just failed to reach 100yds in.. But let’s not forget packer fans, he did have three touchdowns in the process

  12. Hey, now that I know that it’s SO EASY to get 100 yard rushing in the NFL, I’m going to walk on to my favorite team and try out. I’m sure I’ll be a hall of famer.

  13. Yo Adrian, coming from a Vikes fan, I mean this in the most sincere way, you need to shut up and put up from here on out. One spectacular opening run does make a quality game effort, but I blame the offensive (pun intended) line for that too.

  14. Great RB, but he’s beginning to talk too much. Makes me really appreciate how Barry Sanders went about his business even more.

  15. 1) If AD says something about his own football prowess, it’s probably true.
    2) I think there is a compliment to the Lions rush defense in that comment, which I did not expect.

  16. AD’s recovery from knee surgery is great. But this whole business about how many yards he’s going to get seems like a selfish, major distraction. Football is a team sport, and all this focus on how many yards AD is going to get just goes against the grain.

  17. He probably thinks 100 yards is easy because he had over 100 yards in 9 of his last 11 games last year. The first six games he was still recovering from a torn ACL, remember? He only had 86 against Houston because he got hurt in that game and he had 99 in the playoff game, where they started their current gunner on the punt return team at quarterback. I have a feeling he’ll get back over 100 this week, assuming Matt Kalil starts playing at least half as well as he is capable.

  18. Man, you’d think he would have just had one then, since his team would have had better chances if winning.

    The truth is, the Packers provided the blueprint for stopping this Neanderthal in the playoffs, and now every team will just use it to shut the purple pansies down.

  19. Don’t count on 100 this week either,with a lack of weapons and a below average quarterback. The Bears defense might be hungry after an average performance last week. Chicago 27 – 10 Minnesota.

    that would be one heck a performance.. HOlding any team to 10 points after Cutler’s 3 int.’s and 5 sacks…

  20. I’d like to add that 1000 yards isn’t all that impressive like it was in 1991 either. That is 62.5 yards per game. AP could get that on one run each game – in theory.

  21. Peterson’s comeback was a great story. Having said that, this statement is silly. Ponder is not a good QB. What do you think every defense will focus on when they face the Vikings? I am certain every defense will dare Ponder to throw.

  22. 100 yard games are easy for Barry and Jim Brown – and nobody else. Sorry AP, you are a step below that level. Probably on your own step or maybe with Walter, but a step below nonetheless.

  23. Yeah he’s good. The problem is that he doesn’t have a problem telling anyone who’ll listen how good he is. Maybe he wears an “I love me some me” t-shirt under his jersey.

  24. ….and Adrian can’t come back that fast from an ACL tear.

    Not to worry, he played against a tough defense last week. Fear not, he will make up the needed yards when the Vikes travel into GB and play that hapless, tasteless team and that putrid excuse of a defense. SOFT.

  25. tokyosandblaster says:Sep 14, 2013 10:09 AM

    Man, you’d think he would have just had one then, since his team would have had better chances if winning.

    The truth is, the Packers provided the blueprint for stopping this Neanderthal in the playoffs, and now every team will just use it to shut the purple pansies down.

    Blueprint = Make sure the starting quarterback is Joe Webb.

  26. AP MVP. With Ponder as your QB it sucks to see your legacy probably end up like Barry Sanders. Unless Ponder gets hurt that’s how it will end, because the Vikes cant get this joke of a qb off the team. How a qb gets as much single safety high and one on one outside on the wr’s and cant make a toss just blows my mind. Whats even more pathetic is the Viking organization continues with this bum. I don’t want to hear our d is bad because with this bum cant get a first down and consistent on turnovers what d is going be solid getting wore out. I don’t want to hear our oline is bad because look at Rodgers and cutler they were sacked most in the nfl last year ans had great seasons. Don’t want to hear play calling because Musgrave didn’t make that toss to the Juice who was wide open and would of been a td if it was right on, or Jennings shoe top snatch, or that rookie toss to the lions db who ponder stared down (which he dropped) or when that bum cant toss it out of bounds without being picked!! They gave him the keys to the car and he does nothing but crashes it every single time. As a vikes fan im sick of him and sick of the organization allowing this buster to continue. I will be rooting for A.) Ponder to get hurt, or B.) him to continue to struggle so he gets benched… oh wait he struggled since day one. its sad for me to say this as a huge vikes fan, The team/coaches/owner are a joke! they deserve this misery honestly I want them to lose just to see him benched! I hate Ponder!!!!!!

  27. Frazier and Speilman Both need to be fired and never be allowed to coach a nfl game ever for drafting ponder and allowing this guy to play. he looks like a rookie 3 years later. I cant wait to see him and the vikes fall this week to see it crumble down on the organization on how bad the choice was to pick/start this bum and im a huge vikes fan. I never thought i’d say that, but ive had it with Ponder and the teams decision to continue with this Loser… The Vikes deserve him. I cant wait to see the Bears beat us Sunday and see him crumble!! cant believe I said that. misery loves company. I wish Ponder would get hurt or die!! i cant take this crap anymore. i pay for season tixs and this is what i have to watch!! Vikes i want a refund as i will never go to another game with him as a qb and i will always root for the opposing team if Ponder plays. Go AP we love you MVP!!

  28. reesesteel23 says: Sep 14, 2013 10:07 AM

    “He averaged 108 against the Da Bears for his career.”

    And yet, the Vikes are just 5-5 against the Bears in those games, and 4-8 against the Packers despite AP averaging 120 in 12 games against them. It ain’t all about the yards.

  29. kaeptainplanet says:
    Sep 14, 2013 11:25 AM
    So, will AP ever say anything about the Vikings? Do the Vikings even matter to AP? Does AP even care about winning?————————————————————————————————-

    Precisely my thought’s every time he speaks!

  30. Michael Jordan once said averaging 32 points a game was easy. It’s just 8 points per quarter, maybe AP feels the same, it’s just 25 yards a quarter and he thinks he can do that no problem. Clearly if it was so easy he would do it every game. But for a player like ap might not be a stretch.

  31. He’ll get 1500 yards at best this year and then the downfall will begin. it happens to the best of them.
    hey Adrian, you came within 9 yards of Dickerson’s record and that’s as close as you will ever get. lets just concentrate on wining games now. its not all about you buddy. its about the team.

  32. I love it, the more he focuses on his personal stats, the more his own teammates will resent him, the less the Vikings will win. They don’t win much to begin with so this should be special when they all start blaming each other.

  33. jimmysee says: Sep 14, 2013 11:00 AM

    Someday that statement will come back to haunt him.

    Ask Ladanian Tomlinson.
    __________________________________I don’t really remember Tomlinson shooting his mouth off like this. actually I recall him saying how hard it is to score and get yards in the NFL as a RB.

  34. wryly1 says: Sep 14, 2013 9:40 AM

    In his entire career – for nine consecutive years, Jim Brown never had a less than 100 yard game.

    Except for ’57 and ’62, when he averaged less than 100 for the season……

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