Jets place Mark Sanchez on short-term injured reserve

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Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez will miss more than half of the regular season with the shoulder injury he suffered in the preseason.

The Jets have announced that Sanchez has been placed on injured reserve, designated for return.

That means Sanchez can return to practice in six weeks, and can return to the active roster in eight weeks. The Jets’ bye is Week 10, so the earliest Sanchez could play would be Week 11, at Buffalo on November 17.

Realistically, it’s hard to see Sanchez getting much action on the field even when he is eligible to return. The Jets are widely expected to move on from Sanchez after this season and make Geno Smith their starter going forward, so there would be no reason to take Smith off the field and put Sanchez on the field late in the season.

With Sanchez on injured reserve, he will not count toward the Jets’ 53-man roster. The Jets have two quarterbacks, Matt Simms and Brady Quinn, behind Smith on the depth chart.

43 responses to “Jets place Mark Sanchez on short-term injured reserve

  1. Smart move! Why carry 4 QBs on a 53 man roster?

    A lot of teams are only carrying 2 QBs.

    He wasn’t going to play anyway.

  2. Nice job Rex….. Your bonehead “we’re just trying to compete” in preseason games move got your “best” QB knocked out half a season. Why isn’t this bone head fired yet? Jets are a joke.

  3. Smith showed a lot of composure the other night against the Pats. I was very impressed with him.

    Once he gets past the rookie learning curve he’s likely to be better than Sanchez at the very least.

  4. “Why isn’t this bone head fired yet?”

    It would be fun if garbage collection were televised so that we can sit on our behinds and talk about how much you suck at your job.

  5. I don’t get why they’d waste that slot on him… Frankly I wouldn’t believe he was above Simms on the depth chart. It’s not like a back-up RB who might still give you 10 carries per game and actually play.

    They should have just placed him on IR and ended this mess.

  6. All the folks who like to crap on Sanchez for his horrible play are now crapping on the Jets because he got injured and can’t play. It’s pretty clear he wasn’t going to get to play anyway.

    This is a good thing for the Jets. They are moving on – you should too.

  7. I believe Sanchez was doing his best to get cut with the “I won the competition” quote. Now that he’s on short term IR… It makes it difficult for his trade stock.. As if the $8.25 mil wasn’t enough of an obstacle. Jets should have just put him on season ending IR and eliminated the late season distractions

  8. I actually feel sorry for the guy. He really worked his but off this off season on his own dime. I know he would have started over Geno, and would have had a pretty good season if Rex was not Rex and throwing him to the wolves with the third string OL.

    The only consolation for Mark is that Rex will be in the unemployment line at the end of the year too.

  9. How the hell does Rex Ryan still even have a job? Wait, maybe I should shut up, I want him to stay. Never mind, great job Rex, keep up the good work buddy.

  10. when will we stop hearing about this guy? he is terrible, always has been terrible and always will be terrible. i am sick of looking at his stupid face, especially with that ballet headband

  11. this could be the dumbest move of the rex ryan era, they just used thier one short term designation on a player who will never see the field. jest fans better hope no one else gets injured. they should have put him on regurlar IR and put an ened t the sanchez era

  12. QUESTION: what’s the biggest difference between Smith, Simms and Quinn versus Larry, Curley & Moe?

    ANSWER: Larry, Curley & Moe are better quarterbacks.

  13. @alltee…. Good point, they would never have used him in the first place, although Rex may have been dumb enough to want to, Idzik, the GM would have raised hell with that move, and I’m sure Rex realizes he’s on a short leash anyway, so he would have listened to Idzik.

  14. The real loser in all this is Drew Stanton. He could have gotten his shot last year, and if he was any good, he would be the starter now. But noooooo – he demanded to be traded.

  15. Anything can happen, 6 weeks from now Geno could be hurt and this move might make a lot of sense.

    For a rookie QB Geno didn’t look that bad against the Pats.

    He needs a lot of reps…

  16. That’s a waste. Sanchez will never wear the Jet uniform again. They could have used that designation for a player at another position. Tannenbaum was definitely a disaster as GM, but this new guy seems just as clueless.

  17. Sanchez must be stupid. He needs to have his shoulder surgery now so he can rehab in the off-season and hopefully sign with another team next season as their back-up QB. Instead, he chose to try rehabbing his shoulder now which will only delay his surgery and that will mean he will not be able to play next season.

    The Jets are stupid too. First, for playing Sanchez in the 4th quarter of the meaningless Snoopy Bowl behind 3rd string players. Second, for putting Sanchez on short-term IR instead of just cutting him now. Third, for not firing Ryan now since its obvious he does not know how to be an effective NFL head coach.

  18. Sanchez could make Rex look like a bigger buffoon than he already is by electing to choose that surgery now that Rex has blown a short-tern IR spot on him.

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