RG3’S mechanics a cause for concern

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When Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III stepped on the field for the first time since blowing out his knee in January, he looked like a guy whose recovery is still a work in progress, rather than a player who is all the way back.

That’s the word from former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski, who said on ESPN’s NFL Matchup that Griffin isn’t throwing the ball well because he’s still favoring his injured knee.

“His mechanics are flawed right now because of the injury,” Jaworski said.

As Jaworski showed a Griffin interception, he talked about how Griffin’s footwork was all wrong.

“He never gets his weight on the back foot. As this ball comes out, it’s going to lack energy,” Jaworski said. “His front foot, which is where your weight should transfer to, actually pulls back. So you’re losing the body momentum, the ability to drive the ball with the hip snap, to get the ball to the outside.”

Jaworski said that Griffin will pass the ball better when his knee starts to feel better, but right now it’s a major issue.

“He had a very serious injury,” Jaworski said. “He is protecting that right leg. I get it, I understand it. But you’ve got to be able to make these throws. And I’m sure in three or four weeks, he will be making these throws. But right now, his mechanics, in throwing the football, those deep throws down the field where mechanics are critical, he is struggling.”

According to ESPN, Griffin had 11 off-target passes against the Eagles, more than he had in any game in his rookie season. Griffin may have been medically cleared to play, but he still needs time to shake off the rust.

88 responses to “RG3’S mechanics a cause for concern

  1. Griffin has had 3 poor games in a row, Cowboys, Seahawks and Eagles.. He did okay in the last quarter vs prevent defense where Eagles poor offense and turnover made it too close for their comfort, but the question I would have is that if DB’s don’t have the huge fear of him running anymore that their coverage gets tighter and in reaction his numbers become more pedestrian.

  2. Remember Tom Brady in his first year back after his major knee injury? Exactly the same thing and he really wasn’t himself for most of the season. I guess the only difference here is there was a lot less hype, second-guessing of the coaches and expectation.

  3. The guy was overhyped and overrated by the East Coast media and Danny Snyder and his equally gullible fans bought and drank the koolaid. The Skins coild have had the best QB to enter the league in the last 50 year in Russell Wilson but the blew it badly.
    The Fraud is being exposed before the Skins fans very eyes while the league notices Mr. WILSON becoming aaa true leader and the face of The Shield.
    The fraudIII will be out of the league in 3 years while Rissel Wilson will win at LEAST 3 titles

  4. RG3 fans aren’t realistic with regards to him as not every QB with potential after his type of injury will come back as he never really was there yet.

  5. @ jsbrasha, exactly! Ethier was McNabb or Culpepper. Rg3 is going to have to struggle through this season and next year I believe he’ll be even better than before, because he’ll after to learn some new tricks this year to make ie. ( Pocket Passer )

  6. Bum knee? Lay a licking on this dude, but of course, don’t hit him out of bounds. Go Packers, beat the heck out of the Washington whats their names. I refuse to say the r word, as it is racist, and I would never want to be a racist.

  7. it seems like all jaws does it criticize QBs for mechanics and footwork….i understand its important, but when did Jaws become the god to quarterbacking mechanics?

  8. and another scrambling QB bites the dust….

    this is the reason scramblers are never, ever…. ever franchise guys: if they are taking big hits they are injured half the time and either out or doing a bad job…..

  9. RGIII should call Adrian Peterson’s strength and conditioning coach, as should have Derek Rose who wimped out last year when he was cleared to return to play.

  10. Also, how is he able to out run defenders like he did last week but he can’t stand and throw at full force? A big part of why certain mechanics were off was because of the pressure up the middle and rust.

  11. RGIII and Dr Andrews both have the main fault this of talking up the recovery like he was at full speed ahead.

    In the real world he is still not fully healed, and mentally is favoring that leg effecting his thought process as well. Its virtually impossible for any human being to suffer a serious injury of the same type twice and not think about protecting that area of their body.

    Add in that no one in the Washington organization seemed to think that playing in zero preseason games and then shoving him into a full speed regular season game would limit his success. Of course he’s rusty. Of course he’s favoring the knee. Any player would in that situation.

    Only time will tell how many games it takes him to get back to where he was at his peak last season, if he ever recovers to that level.

  12. Griffin will be fine; he looked as if he was getting his technique back in the 3rd & 4th quarters vs. my Eagles..

    ” Somebody stop logicalvoice from jumping off a bridge”

    WHY?? Save the bridge fare. :mrgreen:

  13. jaws’ assessment of flawed mechanics and favoring/protecting the knee seem to only be accurate for the 1st half monday nite. rg3 looked a lot better in the 2nd half. his accuracy improved a lot and he even ran a couple times.

    let’s see what he does in wk 2 at GB. i suspect he looks better but wash still loses a tight gm and falls to 0-2.

  14. maybe BOB should quit and focus on his movie career since he sure loves the camera and talking. he would be a perfect fit as a Kel Mitchell lookalike in a sequel to the movie Good Burger. C’mon BOB, we all want to see you on screen yelling “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can i take yer awwwwder!”

  15. rg3 being rusty in wk 1 should not have been a surprise at all. that’s what no pre-season does. same thing happened last yr to vick. he barely played in pre-season (12 total snaps…remember ?) and he STUNK in wk 1 at cleveland. eagles almost lost til vick won it at the end.

  16. RG3 was timid and cautious when thevlights came on Monday night as the game went on he got more comfortable, and the throw Jaws is talking about that got picked off in the 1st half, he completed to Moss in the second half with the same coverage on a scoring drive, and also contrary to what alot of people have been saying the Eagles weren’t running prevent they were playing man and blitzing up the middle, RG3 settled down and played
    like he usually plays, he’s not injured anymore if he was the doctors wouldn’t have cleared him medically, he hasn’t had any swelling, he’s not 100% mentally that’s why he looked so rusty…

  17. Did Jaws check in with McNabb before criticizing RG3?

    Come on Jaws get with the program,,,

    For God’s sake he has only had 1 game back (no pre-season), cut the kid some slack…

  18. This is why what Adrian Peterson did won’t be repeated potentially ever. There’s more to coming back than just being physically ready to play. There’s the confidence part as well. RG3 is clearly scared of getting hit in the knee again. He doesn’t trust his knee yet. Hopefully he can before the Redskin season is too far down the drain.

  19. Shanahan’s fault…should have never been playing after the initial injury vs. Ravens. Shame that Shanny and his enormous ego will eventually shorten what would have been (and still may be) a brilliant career. Shame a guy like RG3 got stuck with two of the most insufferable t#rds in the nfl in Shanny and Snyder.

  20. that was the first thing I saw too..definitely on the pass Carey Williams picked off. In my opinion he didn’t look well enough on the leg to have been cleared, and definitely not well enough to be a competent pocket passer. Shannahan should have been thinking win over what RGIII wanted. Cousins is competent enough to have gotten the first four weeks done. Ill continue to cringe whenever he plants to throw, because that knee looks like its about to go any second again. Not too smart Mike and Dan.

  21. Dr. Andrews – Hes ready (I think!)
    RG3 – Im ready!
    Shanahan -Hes ready!
    Philadelphia Eagles – He aint ready!

    BTW where is illogicalchildsopinion in this thread?

  22. He looked awful,but what does jaws know about being a good qb? he was an awful qb when he played,he had maybe one good season,but he was a joke in all the others! let’s give the guy a chance before you non redskins fans jump off our bandwagon and onto the winning team’s band wagon!

  23. I hate how arrogant Griffin is but he is one hell of an athlete. The part that is troubling for me is that he shouldn’t be playing yet. His arrogance is going to be his down fall. Griffin the second doesn’t realize that his son is not a pocket passer and if he isn’t a dual threat then he isn’t going to be successful. The packers win 31-17 tomorrow unfortunately.

  24. Yeah, but he’s playing Green Bay. Where, contarary to Mike MaCarty’s insistance, the team is SOFT. Dom Capers’ defense has given up more than 1000yds the last 2 games. Green Bay will be 0-3 going into the bye week. Hopefully In Ted We Trust goes Old Yeller on Dom in the bye week.

  25. Haha. Sure let’s make it about his knee. His mechanics have always been flawed inside the pocket. We just didn’t notice as much last year because of all the time he spent outside it.

    Blame it on the injury all you want but when a guy is cleared to play, he’s cleared.

    There’s been a theme with Griffin – he has struggled a lot with throws to a second or third receiver, from inside the pocket. Go back and re-watch all of last season and you’ll see that anytime he had success, it was when throwing out of play action to his FIRST read. Just like at Baylor.

    Sorry ‘Skins fans…but I think you all got duped.

  26. @ mydogsnameisvick so when a player tells you he is 100% you sit him? We all saw the drama this off season with the ego maniac imagine if Shanahan had sat him last year. Shanahan has turned the Skins around completely and he has done a masterful job. Once Vick goes down the eagles are done. Don’t get all excited because of one game. The birds started out fast last year as well. They were 3-1 before Vick went down the first time and will most likely be the same this year. Slow your roll pal.

  27. Jaworski is the Hitler of Throwing Mechanics.

    If his mechanics were perfect while he played, they must not have mattered all that much. He wasn’t very good. At all. He basically was a slightly better Joey Harrington with a better int/TD ratio but worse completion percentage.

    He just managed to stay around longer because QBs weren’t as important back then.

  28. Smarterthanyou: More like Dumberthaneveryone. RGIII was clearly the 2nd best QB prospect of that draft behind Luck. Only an idiot wouldn’t have seen that.

  29. ispeht71

    yeah bc NFL success dictates your ability to watch a football game and know what should be happening and what shouldnt. That’s why the Harbaugh brothers are such great coaches bc they were such great qbs. And dont forget about Belichick he holds the record for the most superbowl wins as a qb and interceptions at cb (he was a 2 way player). Andy Reid was the fast rb you have ever seen. Its also why Hall of Fame LBs Mike Ditka and Singeltary were such great coaches.

  30. Laying it on thick today are we haters? Keep up with the bust talk, the overrated talk, the Dan Snyder got duped talk. It’s music to my ears. I will admit he’s not there yet from his injury, but who would be. It takes time to get mentally, and physically back from an injury like that, plus add the timing with his receivers. Everyone is jumping on the hate bandwagon after only one game. Remember….this is only his second year, and this kid will only get better as he continues to mature as an NFL QB. What’s funny is that he was a top QB last year, and is still learning the NFL game, scary to think isn’t it haters?……. I love the fact that whoever the skins face, the opposite teams fans get on here because they know RG3 is capable of shredding their defenses. Next up Green Bay. Should be fun to watch. HTTR!!

  31. There is no question early in the game RG was favoring that knee and not getting enough on his throws. It seem to improve in the 2nd half but if RG is going to favor that knee, Skins have a better chance winning with Cousins at QB.

  32. @shouldogdave. Your wit is incredible. Griffin’s injury was 100% his fault. There is tape of him telling Trent Williams that his knee was blown and asked Trent not to say anything. That is as selfish as one could be. The Skins would have trounced the shehawks had Kirk Cousins come in. Shanahan is the reason the skins are competing again plain and simple. The Skins don’t need griffin, griffin needs the Shanahan and the Skins. Washington has the best coach in the NFL.

  33. bunglesandbears says:
    Sep 14, 2013 6:32 PM
    …Scilence truly is beautiful.


    Now that’s just scilly.

  34. Sorry Jaws but what do you expect from a guy playing for the first time in 8 months and coming off an ACL/LCL injury?? You think he’s gonna come right in and play like last year?

    Out of all the QB’s out there you shouldn’t be talking about someone’s mechanics… the 2nd round pick in the 1973 draft and all ya had was one good season. The rest was mediocrity.

  35. @kev86. Why? Luck hasn’t done a thing? He beat a bunch of scrubs last year on some very controversial calls, this year he beat the raiders on a run where there was clearly holding or a block In the back. I just don’t see it as an objective fan. If it came Down to it and we could draft again, I would go Wilson griffin luck. That simple. Wilson has no injuries, griffin while he has injuries still have more of a skill set and more weapons, luck is just a mush mouth smart avg QB.

  36. Can I get a show of hands that think Jaws would make a great QB Coach in the NFL? So with that out the way, hmmm you mean to tell me in RG3’s 1st game back from no preseason action & very few live scrimmages vs. The Redskins defense that he completed 30 passes for over 60% for over 300 yards & led the offense 20 pts? And he only ran 5 times for almost a 5 yd avg? Mechanics? Okay so with a strained LCL vs. Philly & Dallas nothing said. RG3 is a right armed QB, his front foot is his left foot, he injured his right knee over 8 months ago. Give me Gruden over Jaws anyday.

  37. Remember when Brady came back? First 8 games his mechanics and confidence in his leg looked very shaky as well. This will take a little while.

  38. cowboyhater says:
    Sep 14, 2013 5:17 PM
    Laying it on thick today are we haters? Keep up with the bust talk, the overrated talk, the Dan Snyder got duped talk. It’s music to my ears. I will admit he’s not there yet from his injury, but who would be. It takes time to get mentally, and physically back from an injury like that, plus add the timing with his receivers. Everyone is jumping on the hate bandwagon after only one game. Remember….this is only his second year, and this kid will only get better as he continues to mature as an NFL QB. What’s funny is that he was a top QB last year, and is still learning the NFL game, scary to think isn’t it haters?……. I love the fact that whoever the skins face, the opposite teams fans get on here because they know RG3 is capable of shredding their defenses. Next up Green Bay. Should be fun to watch. HTTR!!


    Dude. “Hater” is part of your name. Not sure I would go calling other people that as a negative connotation.

  39. skinsfolife says:

    you gotta be kidding me, Luck was #1 for a reason, the mistake was IRG3 at #2 and more first round picks, dude is done already and its only year 2, Luck is the model of QB’s, hate on him all u want, but he is better than IRG3!!!

  40. RGIII did look better in the second half but the eagles were in a soft zone and he took the underneath stuff all day. Rookie mistake by a rookie head coach. Doesn’t help that the Eagles wore themselves out. The packers have a more complete pass attack than the Eagles, I don’t see RGIII being able just yet. But then again the packers defense sucks so….

  41. Regarding the IRG3 moniker, he’s never been on IR. Duhhh. Incredible RG3 okay, I’ll use that. Jaws is a bum & always has been. Randall & Donovan were wayyyyy better than him. Like he’s so X’s & O’s now. L.T. owned him.

  42. The only reason Redskins threads are flush with haters and numbskulled comments get upvoted more than downvoted is because of Logical. People hate him so much that they want the Redskins to do bad and any anti RGIII or anti Redskins comment/s is/are going to be real popular.

  43. What Ron Jaworski said should not even be news, as it is obvious to anyone who can watch a television. RG3 has played exactly four quarters since his surgery. He is continuing to heal as he plays, and his mechanics will improve as the season goes along. Please see the example of Drew Brees, who came back from a devastating injury to his throwing shoulder in 2006, and was very tentative in Game One that year, but WAY better as the season went along.

    Mike Shanahan has forgotten more about coaching QB mechanics than Jaws will ever know. I am sure Shanny will work with Griffin to improve week by week, and this fixation will be a thing of the past.

  44. I never played qb, but anyone who understands physics and the game can see that jaws is right… some of those throws he was just hopping, afraid to get hit. you have to drive the ball or you have no velocity. sure. make fun of jaws, he knows his stuff. more than gruden, who just loves everyone.

  45. Jaws is an idiot and so are the fans on here that think RG3 is done. It was his first game back and it showed in the first half. However, in the second half he played well, finishing with over 300 yards passing for the day. The way the game played out is what dictated the lack of read option and carries for Alfred Morris as well. Granted, RG3 isn’t going to say things aren’t quite right publicly, but he’s been through this before and he has been pretty consistent about the knee being good.

  46. That’s part of the problem, he has been through this before. He was humbled, and he needed to be. Here we go, here we go again, media hypes you up, then brings you down. I feel bad for the haters of RGIII, I only hate he is in the NFC East. He will get better, and he can throw from he pocket. He is human after all. I knew Russell Wilson would have a great season, Seattle wa completely unde th radar until the game against my Boys. He is something really special. This year will belong to Kap, I believe who is the best of them all.

  47. I think the Redskins biggest problem is their defense, which has gave up 30+ points in two consecutive games. That’s not to say that the Eagles and Packers’ offenses aren’t any good, because they are, but still it’s a cause for concern going forward.

    We all know RG3 was going to have ups-and-downs this season after getting re-adjusted to playing post-injury. But I think Griffin’s return has distracted the attention off of Haslett and the defense.

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