Russian football team trying to lure Tim Tebow


Tim Tebow can’t find work in the NFL, but there’s an American football team in Russia that says it will offer him $1 million for two games.

Yes, there are American football teams in Russia.

Mikhail Zaltsman, the owner of one of those teams, the Moscow Black Storm, told the state-owned Russia Beyond the Headlines that he wants Tebow. Zaltsman believes that if Tebow shows up in time to play in the semifinal of the American Football Championship of Russia on September 28, Tebow can lead the team to a victory in the semifinal (against the Moscow Patriots) and then win again in the championship game. Zaltsman claims he personally spoke with Tebow, offered him more money than he would have made for playing a full season for the New England Patriots, and that Tebow wants to do it.

We have offered him $1 million for two games,” Zaltsman told Russia Beyond the Headlines. “I talked with him personally and he wanted to go.”

Unfortunately, according to Zaltsman, Tebow’s agents are strongly urging him not to play, and as a result, Tebow is unlikely to participate in the American Football Championship of Russia.

But who knows? Maybe that $1 million payday will be enough to lure Tebow, and maybe Tebow will lead the Black Storm to the title. Robert Kraft would probably warn Tebow of one thing: If he wins an American Football Championship of Russia ring, he shouldn’t let Vladimir Putin try it on.

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  1. Could you imagine Russians intentionally hurt Tebow to prove Americans are Weak. Just a little propaganda by the Ruskies.

  2. 2 games? Wow….I’d do it just for a quick mil…..I’d be out the door before I could tell my family where I was going.

  3. In Soviet Russia bad quarterback win championship? This is my all time favorite Tebow story. Win their hearts and minds, Timmy!

  4. Could you imagine Russians intentionally hurt Tebow to prove Americans are Weak. Just a little propaganda by the Ruskies.
    If they wanted to do that, they could just show footage of his games.

  5. Tim should tell them if Putin gives back the superbowl ring he took from Kraft he’ll consider it.

  6. He should 100% go. At least he’ll get some reps under center! Maybe he’ll lead them to victory and an NFL team will notice. Maybe not.

  7. His evangelical religious fanaticism won’t go over very well in Russia. First, they’re not very religious especially by the young, and the old people practice Eastern Orthodox, not Tebow’s non-denominational protestant version of Christianity.

  8. hmmm… he could take the media circus with him. I wonder if any of them would go. What a quandary! Go to Soviet Russia where they shoot members of the media for speaking out of turn, or miss the Tebow Mania-skovoya!??!

  9. niko0063 says:
    Sep 14, 2013 12:19 PM
    If he goes, at least his views on gay marriage will be widely accepted

    Looking at the states who’s citizens voted on the issue it seems his views are accepted by the vast majority here. Not that I ever recall hearing his view.

  10. guitarmaninks says: Sep 14, 2013 2:02 PM

    Soviet? It is Russian Federation…keep up please.


    yes, please keep up. Russian Federation is so 1992.

    Russia is a country, the old Soviet Bloc countries that made up the ‘federation’ after the break up of the Soviet Union have their own governments.

    back to topic….yes Tim go, and please take all your followers with you.

  11. “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom”–The Bible

    Show a little humility, Tim, and accept that you, like millions of other human beings, are not NFL QB material.

  12. Hey Timmy, please bring your NCAA Championship ring and Heisman Trophy with you.

    Vlad Putin

  13. Cam Wake balled in Canada and the U.S..

    No one knows him.

    Meanwhile we need updates on someone who won’t succeed in passing in Russia or speaking Russian.

  14. I bet his agents are only against it because of something to do with their cut of the money. Maybe they don’t get as much or any of it if he earns it in another country.

    Also are we sure we’re talking U.S. Dollars and not Rubles?

    1,000,000 Rubles = $30,817.59 U.S. Dollars.

  15. abninf says:
    Sep 14, 2013 2:06 PM
    niko0063 says:
    Sep 14, 2013 12:19 PM
    If he goes, at least his views on gay marriage will be widely accepted

    Looking at the states who’s citizens voted on the issue it seems his views are accepted by the vast majority here. Not that I ever recall hearing his view.

    By “here” you mean the South.

  16. abninf says: Sep 14, 2013 2:06 PM

    niko0063 says:
    Sep 14, 2013 12:19 PM
    If he goes, at least his views on gay marriage will be widely accepted

    Looking at the states who’s citizens voted on the issue it seems his views are accepted by the vast majority here. Not that I ever recall hearing his view.

    Sure lets leave the rights of the minority to a vote by the majority, ever heard of the pesky documents called the constitution and bill of rights. Those that support your view are dieing off and in a decade or two this issue will be mute

  17. This is just an excuse for Putin to take his shirt off again.

    The good news is that Pootie-Poot is the new Tea Party darling, just like Tea Blow.

  18. Most posters seemed to miss it’s “an American football team in Russia” that wants Tebow and has nothing to do with Russia culture, politics or money.

    More like being stationed overseas for the military and playing for a team that plays in base housing.

    I’m sure Tebow is no stranger to the fans in that league and they don’t care if he wins or loses – it’s just a novelty to have an (ex)NFL player on the field.

  19. After Tebow wins the American Football of Russia Championship and MVP, he’ll take the microphone to the thunderous chants of “Te-bow, Te-bow, Te-bow” and exclaim, “If I can change, and you can change, EVERYBODY CAN CHANGE!!”

  20. Maybe all of the “Soviet” jokes would be funny if they were still the Soviet Union. It’s really easy to tell who the football fans are who don’t know a single thing about what’s going on in the rest of the world.

  21. Football in Russia? Does Roger know? Who is the commish. But really, if football takes off on a global level, we may just have a real Superbowl in the future. The game would have to be more standardized such as Canadian football resembling US football or whichever is best.

  22. Who even knew Russia had a league. I don’t see league play…..but, wth if Tebow is offered that much money to play and maybe coach, football could expand w/o a team moving from the states!!

  23. Tebowski rolls out to the right. He launches a nuclear missile toward Moscow. He overshoots and hits Japan. Japan wishes he was saki’d.

  24. vikinggroininjury says:
    Sep 14, 2013 4:12 PM
    Life is good when you’re a Russian Oligarch. Maybe he’ll throw in one of those tiny Giraffe.


    LOL, thats funny stuff. I almost spit my beer all over my laptop.

  25. @ abninf….there was a time the majority of Amerians believed slavery was perfectly acceptable. At one point, the majority also believed women and African-Americans shouldn’t have the right to vote. The majority of Americans also believed interracial marriage should be illegal and that segregation was a good thing.Being part of the majority does not automatically make you right. Voters have NO business deciding whether or not someone deserves equal rights. Period.

  26. That would technically make him one of the highest paid players in football. He should take it because if he doesn’t he will never have the opportunity to be that again

  27. Russian Billionaire Yacht in Shipyard in Vancouver. On Tebow watch. See men in black suits talking into the their armpits.Very scary. but no Rex Ryan sighted. Time for Illuminati.

  28. I want to start by saying that i am a patriots and cowboys fan. Not a jags fan or Denver fan nor a Florida Gator Fan.. I am Longhorn for Life… I have seen Tebow since collage and always thought he was an exciting player to watch. Fun to see how he can get a group of 20-30 Men ( millionaires by the way ) to actually play together for a common cause. Like the Late Al Davis once said “Just Win Baby”. It really does not matter how you do it. How he can make them forget about their contracts and bonuses and play Gritty, Hard Hitting old school football. The league has evolve into divas for players and Me Me Characters.

    You can say Denver’s Defense was already great but it coincidental only showed when tebow was starting. Yes that defense was stack with talent but it takes more than talent to win in the NFL. Teams have 22 starters that more than likely were ALL American in Collage. Well guess what that does not Guarantee wins. You have to have a minimum amount of talent which probably accounts for 35-40% of what is needed to win. The other percent needed is Preparation, Dedication, Motivation, Leadership, Winning Attitude and other factors that only certain players have. Why do you think teams bring in Motivational speakers before a big playoff game.

    NBA actually pays formers players and known speakers to come in to the locker rooms and speak to players. Hoping they say words that might make their team perform 1 point better than the opponent. Then after that you hope the other team your playing did not have a better week of preparation than you.

    All that brings me back to Mr. Tebow Gosh what can i say…. He does not trow the traditional way. he looks like he is making the wrong reads sometimes he does not wear his uniform like most QBs but he beats your team and puts a W in the Win column. He runs the ball 20 yards against the Rex’s Jets and beats them.

    He can’t trow the long ball accurately and can’t read defense, but there he goes and makes the perfect decision, reads the defense perfect and with 100% accuracy trows a TD in Overtime under pressure and guess what… Yessss Exactly…. OMG He Did it….. He WON.. Dang it. But how??? No way thats Tebow….. media says he sucks.. he is no good…. Ok okk He got lucky…. Sorry i got a bit carried away there but truthfully that what some fans say.

    I think that tebow is a winner and teams that really want to win and put every eyeball on their team should give tebow a chance. Players Respond to Unspoken demand like tebow makes. His Teammates always perform better when he plays. players Dig deeper and suddenly find out they are better than what they thought they were. I think that is part of what happened in Denver his Defensive players played harder and made the 50/50 plays that win you games. You don’t get lucky by sitting on your butt. You play hard and give it 110% and you put yourself in a position to get Lucky… Yes your kicker just does not kick field goals from the his own 20. Tebow against all odds drives the team and puts the kicker in a position to be lucky and kick the game winning field goals.

    I am not going to get into how many QBs there is in the NFL better or worst than tebow. The fact is that their is qbs playing right now that have not been in team that have won like tebow has. If you define Single Handily meaning if he Physically won the game you are defining it Wrong. In NFL Football Single Handily mean How much he means to his team. How his teammates actually step up and finally played up to their potential. So yes Tebow almost singly Handily won many games for denver and Florida gators. Side Tracking for a second — Vernon Davis was very talented coming out of School but did not played up to expectation until one single incident made him see the Light.. That is coming straight form Mr Davis Lips through and ESPN interview…..

    Jacksonville is team on tuff road. It has a very good receiving core and MJD. They are missing a good QB that will demand Preparation and Dedication from them… Tebow will go in there and Overnight change the work ethic of players and even of coaches. Defensive players will play better but not because all of sudden they got a shot of talent. They were already talented but if you don’t play hard you will not get LUCKY….

    Its nice to know that the media actually follows a player just not because he has Police Investigating him or because he has wrong doing of the field.

    With all that said please Excuse me for my horrible grammar. I hope i got some people to see a different perspective. You know there is a reason why people say “nice guys finish last”
    Bring on all the Comments GOOD, BAD or UGLY

    GO Tebow Stay Strong i am pulling for you kid….

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