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Here’s a topic that I would prefer to avoid, given my own misadventures on this specific topic last year.  Coincidentally, it comes on the 17th anniversary of the birth of my own son.

Per a league source, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco missed the birth of his second child as he prepared for Sunday’s home opener against the Browns.

Last year, the stated intention of Bears cornerback Charles Tillman to miss a game for the birth of his child prompted a knee-jerk reaction from yours truly that he should be at the game.  After further consideration (and plenty of valid criticism), I concluded that it’s a personal decision for each family in that situation to make.

So if a guy chooses to miss a game to attend child birth, that’s fine.  If he chooses to play, that’s fine, too.

That said, we’ve got a feeling that plenty of folks will have strong feelings about whether Flacco should have been present for the arrival of his second child, or whether he should be there for his team, especially in light of his $20.1 million average annual compensation.

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  1. I think doing what he needs to so he can support that child of his – his job that he’s paid millions for – is admirable.

    I’m sure he’d have rather been there too, but life’s full of these kinds of decisions, and I wouldn’t have faulted him either way.

  2. Couldn’t agree more about it being a personal decision. As long as the wife is OK with it then there’s really no one else to answer to. Besides, it’s not like he’s abandoning the child, just missing the birth. Not to mention they’re playing Cleveland. He could probably get out of there by halftime.

  3. Two types of people in the world – the kind that think Flacco has two GOOD decisions to choose from, or two BAD decisions to choose from.

    I’m of the “two good decisions” camp. Pick one and go with it without regrets. Neither one is wrong.

  4. I think in this situation with this level of money on the line, that the team always comes before the family in matters like this such as a birth where it makes no difference to the child if you are present or not and you can see your kid on video and sometime in the near future after that. I would never want a QB on my team that would pick appearing in person for a childbirth over his NFL top contract responsibilities. Give me 53 guys that say they will pick coming to work over any non-essential persons reasons and then I’m happy. The other guys I can respect their decisions while they play for other teams that are a better fit. In this case Flacco’s decision is a total no-brainer and I’m glad he made the right choice.

  5. It is a personal decision between mom and dad.

    For any of us to pass judgment and what we would or wouldn’t do is ridiculous, unless any of you have a position in a multi-billion dollar company whose absence could make a huge difference on the company’s viability in this year’s market. any of you? nope, didn’t think so.

  6. As a guy who were there for the birth of all of his kids, I can say if anyone was paying me $20 mill, I would go to work. I would explain it to my wife as such – with this money our children can attend the finest schools debt free. They will have trust fund accounts that will allow them to pursue their dreams without any fear of falling short on the rent. You & I can retire early and travel the world. We can live with NO fear that Social Security and/or Medicaid will disappear – we’re set. And you know what? Even though my wife got a little crazy with the hormones, she would say, “You’re right. That job makes all of our families’ dreams come true and we are set for life. Go do your job.”. Just because a woman is pregnant, doesn’t mean she can’t see the big picture. He gets paid what he does because he is one of a select few that can do what he does. But, both Flacco and his wife know the money train has an expiration date on it. Failing to make the playoffs because of a loss when the starting QB wasn’t there, just moves that date forward a bit.

  7. I guess his wife knows where she stands now. Terrible decision, and one she’ll never let him forget.

  8. I can see this being a very difficult choice for JF. On the other hand, I don’t understand why the mother’s position of “being ok” with the decision should enter into his thought process. This puts the decision and pressure of the choice in HER hands. If this is to be HIS personal choice, HE should be the one to make it, end of story. She is going to be rather busy at “crunch time,” and does NOT need the added pressure of being responsible for the support or lack-thereof for HIS decision.

  9. I think the problem is that most of us think giving birth is as simple as going to the hospital and everything’s great. However there has been an increasing percentage of women who die or have major complications during childbirth. My own wife almost died giving birth, in fact the priest was called in for last rights. Thank god they were able to save her and our daughter. If I was playing a game, or at my job and something ever happened to my wife or child I couldn’t live with myself. Remember childbirth is not without risks or complications.

  10. @fdugrad – This isn’t the 1940’s anymore. Wives have a say in the marriage/family matters and real men respect that. That being said, it is the COUPLE’s decision.

  11. His choice. For that contract, he does owe the franchise it’s full attention. I’m sure the kid will understand when older. No issue. Move on.

  12. Donate the game check or give it back. This is your child. For those who think football is more important. Look at your children. Or look in the mirror cause life is bigger than football

  13. Are there any men left in America? I can only assume all the comments on this thread are coming from women flipping back and forth from Pintrest on the ipad.

  14. Absolutely a personal decision, and you’re right or wrong no matter what you decide.

    I’d want to be there for my kid, but should he/she be born early enough, and as long as things were ok, I’d want to be there for my teammates as well.

    No right or wrong answer here, not that the comments won’t judge either way.

  15. People forget their is such thing as Skype and facetime, u might not physically be in the room but your face it and you can see everything going on and experience atleast a little of what’s going on.

    I would be in the room even if that meant for an hour or so. It was in town just early. Like said before what happens of there are complications, then you absolutely need to be their. You can’t take things like this for granted you never know.

  16. fievl03: You misinterpret my point. Of course EVERY wife should and hopefully does have an equal part of any couple’s joint decision regarding the birth process. My stance is simply that some people on this site are saying Joe should play if the mother “is ok” with his choice and I simply do not think SHE should be the one who is even SUBTLY put in a position of “approving” his choice to play in today’s game rather than attending the birth of THEIR child. As some posters are taking the stance that because he is a special and uniquely talented man making enough money to support generations of Flacco progeny, then his wife should let him do his job while she, in effect does “her” job. I feel this places HER in a position of approving HIS absence simply due to his highly paid occupation and his singular talent. If he chooses NOT to attend the TRULY unique and special, NEVER to happen again occurrence of the day, he should make it clear that HE has made the decision and will live with the consequences of that decision for his family AND team. This removes ANY onus of responsibility for the decision from his wife, because should the Ravens lose to the Browns, and Joe IS in the delivery room, you KNOW a large number of the fans will put the blame squarely on the shoulders of his wife, which is unfair . For the record, I was present for both of my children’s births, took two weeks off from work to bond with my new family, and felt lucky to be a part of everything. Though I am certain that my good wife would have “been ok” with my decision NOT to have taken time away from my occupation, I wouldn’t have missed any of the entire experience, which I continue to remember as clearly today as when it happened more than thirty years ago, and this is something Joe will NOT be able to do LONG after he has forgotten the details of his apparently unmissable game with The Browns!! I think Joe made the wrong decision, but I also feel that because he, as well as his wife ( and now child ) are in the unique position of living life in the glare of national observation, he needs to step up and make it CLEAR that the BURDEN of that choice is on HIM and in NO way his wife, thus removing her from even the possibility of negative blowback from certain fanatical fans. If the above is a “1940s” outlook, then I am guilty as charged.

  17. I can’t believe this is even a topic. Look, I’m likely the biggest Flacco critic out there – for his Football skills. From what I understand, Joe is a good family man, and as such, I’m sure him and his wife had months of conversations about this. And I’m also sure his wife made the final decision. And if he’s smart, he listened, as hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman.

  18. I heard Ray Ray filled in nicely for him. When the doctor walked in to deliver the baby in his WHITE SUIT I heard Ray Ray was shocked, pulled out a knife, and passed out. But have no fear they broke some deer antler smelling salts under his nose and woke him up. After the baby was delivered and set, he began piling on the blankets, and the doc asked him why?? He said well I’ve always been known for piling on late. When he called Joe in the second half to give him the great news, the other Ratbirds were excited to know what Joes wife had. When Joe hung up he scratched his unibrow, his teamates yelling come on come on tell us, what did she have, and Joe said…..” I have no clue what he was ranting and raving about..” .???

  19. Flacco could have missed the game – Cleveland couldn’t beat a drum if someone put it in front of them. I am sick and tired of getting my hopes up for Cleveland. I cheered for the Browns when they were good – in the 80s. Now, the Browns are a joke. Big Ben only has one loss against them in ALL of his starts and Flacco has never lost.

  20. at 20M a season in salary his game checks are over 1 million dollars per week

    if he wanted to miss that game he better give a million bucks back

  21. The guy would never have heard the end of it about how much they pay him if he had missed the game.

    Oh wait- he’ll never hear the end of it about how much they pay him anyway.

    Damned if he did, damned if he didn’t.

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