Glazer: Ponder on shorter leash than believed


Outwardly, the Vikings are committed to quarterback Christian Ponder.  Inwardly, maybe not.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the leash on the third-year ball-thrower is shorter than believed.  If Ponder continues to struggle (he had three interceptions last week), the 12th pick in the 2011 draft could be benched for Matt Cassel.

One major factor in the decision-making process could be, in our view, the contract status of coach Leslie Frazier.  That contract extension he supposedly got in the offseason was merely the team picking up an option for 2014.  To earn an extension, Frazier needs to win.  To win, he may need to put Ponder on the bench.

The Vikings have a bye coming up in Week Five, after a game against the Steelers in London.  That could be the best time to give Cassel a maximum opportunity to get ready to play.

22 responses to “Glazer: Ponder on shorter leash than believed

  1. Like it matters, the Vikings are terrible. Our OLine is being manhandled, Adrian, is getting hit 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage like in Detroit. Our DLine is getting crushed and abused as are the DBs. Ponder is bad, but the Viking collapse is on the whole team, and especially the coaches. They are too stubborn to make changes or change from a predictable offence involving Adrian up the gut runs, and relying on a QB with an inaccurate noodle arm who loves to stare down receivers, burning holes through their jerseys.

  2. sickoe47
    Sep 15, 2013, 13:26 ‘ EDT
    Why not just trade for josh freeman.anything is better than matt cassell.

    Josh Freeman? That my friend is hilarious!

    Then again, as a Packers fan, please do trade for Josh Freeman! I’d love to Greg Jennings stats go to negative territory after all the crap he talked about Aaron.

  3. I would like to see if there’s still some Vikings fans defending noodle arm like they were during the summer. Ponder is terrible, one of the worst starting QB’s in the entire NFL.

  4. @packersarethebest I wouldn’t be talking smack if I were a fan of Green Bay. If the Vikings ever trade for Freeman they are going to be a much better team, definitely a playoff team.

  5. I find it hilarious that Ponder is referred to as a “ball thrower” when he can’t even do that right… and I’m a lifelong Vikings fan!

  6. Ponder will never get it. You either have a QB sense or you don’t. He’s impressed coaches his whole life because he’s a nice guy who is very mechanical and makes an occasional good throw. Time to grab a clipboard, son.

  7. But, but, Jennings said the only difference between Favre, Rodgers, and ponder is that ponder never had a truely elite receiver to throw to. Well Greg, what do you think now? The packers seem fine without you, and you, well you’re just another irrelevant receiver on an irrelevant team.

  8. I’ve given Ponder a ton of crap, but I can’t pin the loss on him yesterday. Kid played hard, and did make some mistakes (pick 6), but he pulled it together in the second half. Our defense was a rubber band yesterday, and it finally broke when the stakes were the highest.

    Our offensive line figured out how to move the Chicago front in the second half, and it showed with some daylight on runs, and Christian having time to make some throws out there. His passes had some touch yesterday, and Jennings made a big grab late. Unfortunately, our coaches laid down and played not to lose rather than playing for the victory.

    We allowed Chicago to get inside our 20 yard line with a minute on the clock and score with <10 seconds remaining..All while having 3 timeouts in our pocket. When your opponent is that close and HAS to score a touchdown, I'm not really sure why you don't use your timeouts to maximize your chance with the ball if/when you get it back. I've stood by Coach Frazier in the past and will continue to do so until he loses the locker room, but mistakes like yesterday are what haunt you when you're fighting for a wildcard spot in the playoff chase.

    Of course we got a long way to go before that happens, but we have the talent to compete. Just need a better gameplan than "Hand it to Adrian 3 times and punt"

  9. At the time of the draft, I commented that the Vikings could have easily gotten an impact player at #12 overall and picked up Ponder in the second or third round, its not like the other 31 teams were clamouring for a noodle armed QB who would struggle at the next level.

    It kills a team to invest such a high draft pick and the money for a QB that can’t cut it. Just ask the Jets.

  10. Why do people say he has a “noodle arm”? I’m really confused…….have you seen him throw it 50 in the air before, because I sure have.
    Let me guess….this loss to the Bears is Ponder’s fault too?
    He tore them up in the 2nd half. He threw for like 140 yards in the 2nd half. He’s young and will get better.
    Our D-line got no pressure and our DB’s can’t cover anyone, but let me guess….PONDER’s Fault?

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