Godfrey injures Achilles, news gets worse for Panthers


The Panthers got even more bad news after their latest crushing come-from-ahead loss, as safety Charles Godfrey suffered an Achilles injury.

According to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, Godfrey said doctors wanted to re-examine him when he returned to Charlotte, but the injury didn’t look good.

Godfrey was the most talented member of the Panthers secondary, such that that is an accomplishment, and losing him will force the team to rely on Quintin Mikell, who was also carted off the field with an ankle injury, and Mike Mitchell.

The lack of communication in the secondary was obvious on the game-winning touchdown, as Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson was uncovered in the back of the end zone.

6 responses to “Godfrey injures Achilles, news gets worse for Panthers

  1. The best thing for the Panthers is to get a 3-13 type season out there so they can finally stop deluding their fans. Deangelo Williams is done but is paid like a top 3 back in football, Jonathan Stewart can’t stay healthy (yet these two players are where your offense is based around), and Steve Smith should be a number 2 or 3 at this point of his career but they still depend on him like he’s 27. Furthermore, Mike Shula should have never been employed to coordinate any offense ever again after what he did in Tampa nearly 15 years ago, but here he is.
    Once they bottom out, Gettelman can finally truly address this offense instead of adding more insufficient bandages, and Rivera can be shown the door for a real coach.

  2. Lack of communication is the least of the Panthers’ worries at the moment.

    Jerry Richardson better reach into those deep pockets of his and buttress up the injury-plagued secondary.

    Jon Beason looked like crap today and Cam’s looking more and more like a physically-talented player who sadly doesn’t have the smarts or the emotional maturity to lead an NFL team.

    Nice guy RRivera obviously needs to go back to being a defensive coordinator because he’s over his head as an NFL coach.

    The fans in Charlotte are drowning and choking on these stupid losses and next week they play the Giants. God help us.

  3. Ron Rivera, Mike Shula maybe winners in their families and church leaders but they are not coaches. I have never seen so many ways to lose. Superman Newton looks like PeeWee football. Busted draft pick. I’m so ashamed of the front office in Charlotte. Fix this very quickly or you will be giving tickets away to put people in the stands. So ashamed. Always snatching defeat from the JAWS of victory!!!!

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