Kyle Shanahan can wait on hurry-up offense

Getty Images

At a time when the no-huddle offense is spreading through the NFL, not every team is ready to give it a try.

In Washington, for example, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan has no desire to sample the latest flavor of the month.

“My philosophy on offense is just execution, and it depends on what your scheme is,” Shanahan recently said, via Rich Tandler of  “Their scheme, their whole thing is built on tempo. They’re not running the two-minute drill. They’re running what their scheme is at a hurry-up pace.  When we’ve gone no-huddle, it’s not our offense.  It’s a two-minute drill.”

Tandler points out that the Redskins’ zone blocking scheme, which relies on plenty of movement from offensive linemen, isn’t conducive to expecting them to line up quickly for the next snap.

“[Philadelphia’s] offense, the plays they run, is a no-huddle package,” Shanahan said. “They do a good job executing those plays. It’s something that if you can fit what your scheme is into it, it’ll always give you a bonus, but it is sometimes hard to fit a scheme into just a hurry-up tempo.”

In other words, don’t expect the Redskins to use the hurry-up offense.