League office will pick through video to hand out Jets-Pats fines

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The headline from the post script to the Thursday night game between the Jets and Patriots was the low hit from Jets center Nick Mangold against Pats cornerback Aqib Talib, chased by a brouhaha that resulted in Jets offensive linemen Willie Colon and D’Brickashaw Ferguson being ejected.

But there will be even more to the story.  The league office will, we’re told, pick through all available video to determine who should be disciplined beyond Mangold, Colon, and Ferguson.  That includes the game broadcast, the coaching film, and any footage collected by NFL Films cameras.

We’ve looked at the game broadcast and the NFL Game Rewind coaching tape.  Based on what we’ve seen, several guys should expect to hear from the league office.

Colon and Ferguson were the primary aggressors for the Jets, but offensive lineman Vlad Ducasse also enters the fray.  Ducasse doesn’t seem to take a swing at anyone, but he quickly becomes a pin cushion for fists/open hands to the head from Patriots defensive lineman Michael Buchanan, Patriots defensive lineman Joe Vellano, and Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard, who knows a thing or two about taking swings at people.

Apparentlystirred up by a head butt from Colon, Dennard’s first effort at hitting Ducasse resulted in a swing, a miss, and a pratfall.  Then, after both Dennard and Ducasse were pulled away from the action and presumably had begun to calm down, Pats quarterback Ryan Mallett gives Ducasse a one-armed shoulder shove, Ducasse shoves back, and here comes Alfonzo.

Dennard applies a sucker punch to the face mask/helmet area of Ducasse, who reacts by getting in Dennard’s face but doesn’t retaliate.

The league office could see even more as the powers-that-be attempt to reconstruct the Royal Rumble that unfolded along the New England sideline.  But the guys who are seen throwing hands/fists to the heads of opponents likely will be hearing from 345 Park Avenue.

The level of discipline could be significant, since the NFL seems to regard with more gravity action that occurs after the whistle.  In 2011, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was suspended for a post-play stomp on the arm of Packers center Evan Dietrich-Smith.  In the 2013 preseason, Texans defensive end Antonio Smith received a three-game suspension (two in the preseason) for swinging a helmet at the unhelmeted head of Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito.

Regardless, plenty of additional contributions will soon be made to the Human Fund, once the NFL parses through the cluster of humanity that exchanged pleasantries at the end of Thursday night’s game.

30 responses to “League office will pick through video to hand out Jets-Pats fines

  1. Ridiculous that BB had to make sure the ejected players were taken off the field.

    The “pro” refs should know that. Imagine if that happened with the non-union replacement refs?

  2. Talib was spinning in the air and in bounds when Mangold launched himself. If you go frame by frame, you’ll see that. Mangold isn’t a dirty player. It wasn’t a cheap shot.

  3. The league and refs have lost control of the game. The refs have so much inconsistency in how they call a game from crew to crew, you as a fan have no idea what you will be watching. Not sure they know what they are watching, yet we ran down the replacement officials.

  4. And maybe if Florio examines the tape a bit deeper, he’ll easily see Belichick getting in Mangold’s face with what I’m sure are some words which I’ll bet didn’t exactly help defuse the confrontation.

  5. IMO if the league hands out fines to players throwing punches in this game they have to fine Clay Mathews for throwing punches as well. As of now Mathews has only been fined for his out of bounds hit on Kaep. They cannot fine one player for punching another player and not fine another for the same thing.

  6. David was fined $7800 for a shove Mangold should be fined at least 4 times that for launching at a players knee

  7. It’s quite a stretch to compare this to the Suh stomp of a player on the ground or ripping of a players helmet and bashing him with it.

    This was much more comparable with the scrum at the sidelines of the 49ers – GB game in week 1 when Kap got hit out of bounds.

  8. I don’t see how any act and corresponding discipline can be compared to that dirty cheap-shot kick-to-the-groin after-the-whistle-stomping DT from DET…

  9. “Quickly becomes a pincushion for fists/open hands to the head”, I don’t usually say this, but this article had some nice writing in it.

  10. Are you going to at all bring up Dennard being punched in the head by multiple Jets while he was on his hands and knees on the ground? Or is that not enough of an M. Night Shymalan twist for this article?

    Fine all guilty parties, regardless of the team. But suspend Mangold. No question about that.

  11. Was I the only one who laughed when only Jets players were thrown out? Was it that one sided of a fight? Pats just sat there and took it? I doubt it…

  12. I am very uncomfortable with this entire fine process in the league. And not just as it relates to the Patriots. I fell sort of squeamish about how they do this. Like fining families about the transgressions of the father. especially when most of those fines are “Judgment calls”. IMO this entire fine process has become a revenue center for the NFL. And they use it arbitrarily to build funds for NFL Charities. The Players Union should target this authority process. Or at least become much more aggressive in its appeal responsibility.

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