League tells teams to mind their own business


The next time Jerry Jones accuses someone of faking injuries, he should expect a call from the league office.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX, the league sent a memo to teams this week telling them to stop commenting on players from other teams.

Last week, Jones accused the Giants of trying to stall with make-believe injuries (even though one of the players in question ended up on IR). Also, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh stepped out of his lane to take a shot at Packers linebacker Clay Matthews.

The league made it clear that such talk was not welcomed, and threatened “conduct detrimental to the league” penalties if teams continued to talk about another teams’ personnel.

19 responses to “League tells teams to mind their own business

  1. Absurd. If another team is doing something egregious, then they should be called out on it. The league needs to stop these gestapo-like rules.

  2. Conduct detrimental to the league… Like sending out a memo on how you’re going to enforce faking injuries… Then not following through with it? NFL needs to slow down a little bit it’s hurting itself. Let players dance, keep the hitting, stop fining everyone.

  3. Really? The NFL is wanting to hand out more fines? Really?

    Let people talk if they want. Its gamesmanship, it adds to rivalries, and it doesn’t hurt anybody.

  4. Half the fun of NFL football is all the trash talking and psychological ploys to get in the other teams’ heads. Goodell needs to stop trying to turn football into some kind of gin rummy game played in old folks’ homes. Geesh!

  5. Jerry Jones should know better than to screw with the Giants. He’s lucky that John Mara is an easy going guy….if not Mara would have had him out of the league years ago. Jones might have a bit more cash, but Mara is NFL royalty and will always call the shots.

  6. Going from these responses, I guess I’m in the minority, but I love it when teams talk about other teams – that’s what creates rivalries, bad blood and makes things more fun

  7. Tsk, Skins and Boys fans still crying the couldn’t go 7 figures over every other teams salary. Why is it cheaters always cry morality when caught cheating?

  8. What is this golf were playing here??? Football is turning into a goddamn girl sport!!! No don’t talk like that, don’t talk about him or were gonna take your money!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

  9. If anything happens to Kim Jon Un, they would do well to interview Goodell for the position. He is as good a dictator as the world has seen. Time for him to go. He is trying hard to ruin the NFL. All the problems the league has, an owner calling out a player on another team is the least of them. And of course they are going to start cracking down on profanity. Give me a break!

  10. If I were Goodell, I would worry more about the drugs, drinking and driving, guns and gang related activity staining the NFL’s rep. more then this simple trash talk and mind games from coaches and players. Trash talk and mind games are part of the game and should be welcome within reason of course.

  11. Goodell should be more concerned with the drugs, drinking and driving and guns more than this simple trash talking. Trash talk and mind games are part of the game and should be welcome within reason

  12. John Mara is damn glad Jerry Jones is in the league and every other owner too. Better check the Boss in town. Joke about Jerry as you wish while he laughing at all you city boys and girls money to the bank. Your team would not be as valuable not for Mr. Jones

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