Malcom Floyd taken off on stretcher after hit to head


Chargers wide receiver Malcom Floyd had a huge first half in Philadelphia, catching five passes for 102 yards, but a scary hit on the first play of the third quarter has knocked him out of the game.

Floyd was trying to make a catch over the middle on a pass from Philip Rivers and got hit from behind by safety Nate Allen, who tried to ride him to the turf. Doing so pushed Floyd’s head down as linebacker DeMeco Ryans came in from the other side, creating a massive collision that impacted the receiver’s head and neck.The hit wasn’t penalized and shouldn’t have been given the circumstances that led to the blow, which caused Floyd to drop the ball for an incompletion as he went to the turf.

There was a long delay as medical staff attended to Floyd with players from both teams gathered around near midfield. It’s never a scene that you like to see, although it was heartening to see Floyd moving his legs as he was immobilized and placed on a stretcher to be taken off the field.

We’ll keep eyes out for updates that will hopefully tell us that Floyd is on his way to a full recovery.