Orlando TV station apologizes for showing Jaguars


An Orlando television station explained to viewers that it had no choice but show a thrilling Jaguars-Raiders game instead of the Manning Bowl, and apologized to fans for doing so.

For the record, the Raiders are up 7-3.

According to the Associated Press, WKMG in Orlando put a message on the ticker at the bottom of the screen which explained it was league policy that they had to show the Jaguars and the Raiders, adding “We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Orlando is designated as a secondary market for the Jaguars, and WKMG vice president Skip Valet said: “I know it’s frustrating, but as a CBS station in this market you have to carry the away games.”

That’s an embarrassing admission for the station, but it’s even uglier for the Jaguars. Granted, they’re bad, but we knew that was likely to be the case going in. By all indications, owner Shad Khan and a new administration are trying to point the franchise in the right direction.

Obviously, they have more work to do, on and off the field.

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  1. This happens every year for some game or another. The reality is that Orlando doesn’t have many Jacksonville fans – it’s much closer to Tampa and still has a lot of people who were raised Dolphins fans. So people here resent being forced to watch them any week, let alone when Manning Bowl III is being shown.

    The NFL for whatever reason has decided it should be a Jacksonville market, but saying it should be and making it one are two different things. Fans here are primarily Dolphins and Bucs fans, and that’s never going to change, because it’s not a problem of the local team being bad – there’s just no reason to think of them as being the “local” team

  2. Gabbert did nothing at Mizzou to justify a high pick and the resulting guaranteed starts. His NFL career reflects that. It’s an easy call to move on from him and find someone else.

  3. .

    Orlando is the worst NFL market in the US. Every game features the Dolphins, Jaguars or Buccaneers.
    You never see a good out of market game.


  4. Biggest BS rule in football…Harrisburg Pa (the state Capitol) is force fed raven away games and the CBS station has to apologize every year.

  5. For Pft’s Orlando fans; a usual Simms/Nantz game. Akward banter, licking the boots and over hyping and over analyzing the key players in the game (in this case Manning and Manning).

    Nantz misses some calls because this isn’t golf and Simms missing more because it’s Simms and he’s too busy in talking about when he played in the 80’s,or, he’s too busy dropping cliches.

    The game isn’t much more interesting than the Jacksonville game truth be told to this point.

  6. I remember before I got NFL Sunday Ticket, my market was showing a game between the Steelers and Rams in like week 15 or 16. The Steelers had already clinched playoffs and the Rams were one of the worst teams of that year. There were several games with major playoff implications, but I (and everyone else in my market) were stuck with that lame, meaningless game. My opinion is that late in the season, showing local teams automatically should be thrown out the window in favor of games with playoff implications.

  7. At least they can watch and NFL game. I’m in the Tampa area and CBS is showing various “paid programming” garbage apparently due to the Bucs game NOT being blacked out on a DIFFERENT network.

  8. Live away from my team’s market & I’m not getting direct tv for Sunday ticket. Was thinking about getting a slingbox & hooking up to my parents cable box so I can watch my parents still live in that market. Anyone else do that? Is it possible?

  9. The blackout rule is so out dated, and only hurts fans of the NFL. The rule of showing a home game, and not getting a choice sometimes, also outdated. Fans are not going to over priced games because they arn’t on TV. You are shooting yourself in the foot by not televising ALL home games regardless of attendence. If teams are failing to sell out, then maybe a move is needed. Or maybe you could lower the prices of everything involved. The league makes so much money, but stick it to the fans every chance they get. I love the game, I hate the way the NFL is controlling other aspects related.

  10. kevo126
    Sep 15, 2013, 5:55 PM EDT
    And to think they got a team before Baltimore…

    Really Kevo? Baltimore had a team, called the Colts, that your “beautiful” city lost. And then you stole another city’s team. Don’t be hurt because Baltimore is a dump that the NFL avoided. Without traitor Art, you still wouldn’t have a team.

  11. titansbro | Sep 15, 2013, 5:26 PM CDT
    Live away from my team’s market & I’m not getting direct tv for Sunday ticket. Was thinking about getting a slingbox & hooking up to my parents cable box so I can watch my parents still live in that market. Anyone else do that? Is it possible?

    Don’t see why not. I use Monsoon Vulkano instead of Slingbox, but that’s how I watch local channels (though I do have DirecTV, not cable) when I’m traveling out of market. Do it all the time.

    As long as your parents aren’t at home changing the channel via the same cable box while you’re trying to watch the game.

  12. Gag, to have to watch the 2 worst teams in the NFL, that would be awful! Did Oakland also apologize to their fans? Oh wait, their fans can’t afford cable, never mind.

  13. Hmmm…”ytownjoe”

    Not that “ytown” stands for Youngstown, Ohio? And you have the sac to rip another team? Bravo sir. Enjoy the factory of sadness in Cleveland. At least I can go fishing in November without an ice drill and hazmat suit.

  14. The Jags continue to accomplish their goal of starting not-Tebow at quarterback. Instead of being an innovator and going all-in on read-option, they keep hoping that Gabbert or Henne will morph into Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers.

    Good luck with that.

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