Packers offensive line holding up very well so far


Ted Thompson was right, as usual.

Folks who were worried about the team’s offensive tackles should have, as the Packers G.M. suggested, gone on with their lives.

The Packers have gone on with their lives just fine, so far, after left tackle Bryan Bulaga suffered a torn ACL during training camp and rookie David Bakhtiari was pressed into service.  Against a stout San Fran defense in Week One, the Green Bay offensive line allowed only one sack of quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Last year, the Packers surrendered 51 sacks for the season, an average of more than three per game.  Three is the number the Packers allowed to the 49ers in Week One of the 2012 campaign.

Last week, the lone sack came on the second snap from scrimmage for Green Bay, with 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith beating Bakhtiari to the outside.  After that, Bakhtiari settled down — and shut down Smith.

The rest of the line did their jobs well, too.  Review of every passing play via NFL Game Rewind’s coaching film shows that Rodgers was hurried only a handful of times, tackled with the ball once at the line of scrimmage, and hit only one other time (legally) after that, on the final play from scrimmage.

On plenty of plays, Rodgers rolled away from potential pressure.  On plenty of others, he got rid of the ball quickly.  Still, he was able on multiple occasions to set up shop in the pocket and make his reads unmolested by the 49ers pass rush.

Sure, the Packers still lost.  But if they can protect Rodgers like they did on Sunday against the many lesser defenses they’ll face, the Packers will win plenty of games in 2013.

9 responses to “Packers offensive line holding up very well so far

  1. And, Packer fans tried to tell everyone this. How could the line NOT be better than last year? They replaced Marshall Newhouse with a better Left Tackle in Bakhtiari.

    People forget that Bulaga was injured much of last year anyway.

    If I told you that Bakhtiari would look like a better tackle than Matt Kalil after week 1, people would have thought I was crazy.

    Once Sherrod comes back, we should be all set.

  2. They were good not great! Sitton had 3 holding penalties, that hurt us. But I must say they played better than even I thought they would. I’m still not a fan of the zone blocking scheme, I would rather see a few pulling guards, Or a few I formations. But hey we are a passing team who has invested a couple of early picks in the draft. Hopefully we will see them get some consistent carries, that would help keep rodgers upright. Imo

  3. Pretty sure there were at least two sacks of Rodgers last week. Is it that hard to look at the defensive stats for the game last week before you make a claim like that?

  4. Lets not jump the gun here, it was one game. However I was pleased with how our line looked against a very good San Fran defensive line. Once Sherrod and Buluga come back, our line could actually be good.

  5. I was watching ’em have a fluke first quarter then get shut out the rest of the way.

    Orakpo and Kerrigan ‘s gimmick stunts were figured out – they were non existent for the rest of the game.

  6. My confidence for Sherrod to come back is pretty low — and even if he makes it, the guy has three years of rust to shake off. He has not shown he is a Johnny Jolly in that regard.

  7. I think the line did a good job but not great. I think 3 sacks? Opened some running lanes mainly on Starks TD run off the left side. Someone did it right. Orakpo sure was upset after seeing him smash things on the sideline. Kudos to Starks BTW. Great job

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