Report: Amendola has torn adductors, may have sports hernia


Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola missed Thursday night’s victory over the Jets and the outlook for his return is up in the air at the moment.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that Amendola has torn adductor muscles in his hip and that he has received conflicting reports from two doctors about the nature of another injury. One doctor says that it is a sports hernia injury that requires surgery while the other one says that Amendola does not have a sports hernia.

Glazer reports that Amendola’s sending the results of tests to more doctors in hopes of settling the issue. If he does have surgery it would be somewhere around three or four weeks before he’d be recovered, but Glazer’s report indicates that he’ll be out at least another couple of weeks as a result of the adductor injury even if he doesn’t need an operation.

Julian Edelman caught 13 balls in Amendola’s stead on Thursday, but the Patriots’ passing game looked anything but smooth with Amendola and tight end Rob Gronkowski on the sideline.

28 responses to “Report: Amendola has torn adductors, may have sports hernia

  1. tom brady heard this news and just starting yelling again, and throwing another tantrum and hit his old lady

  2. This is why I love PFT! When this guy was signed almost every reader comment was regarding his injury history. And nonetheless, within one week of when the games actually counts, he has a laundry list of ailments.

  3. @antalicious

    Worst receiving core on a team that’s 2-0 in their division. Wake up dude……with the rooks getting tons of reps and when Gronk and suds come back next week, with Edelman in the slot, they will be gelling for the playoffs. If your gonna be a hater…… right…!!

  4. Babe Ruth comes to mind..Bill tried to get cute
    one too many times and coupled with poor oversight on
    Hoodandez, Gronk injuries, piss poor drafting for 8 years, a weak division that covered up warts and a terrible defense…Welcome to
    the New England Browns!!! Run Tom, Run…

  5. Some players just don’t have that durability factor. As a Seahawk fan I can’t tell you the feeling that P.Harvin evokes when you think how awesome he is, yet will he every have more than 1/2 a year in him?

    You find a new respect for durable players.

  6. Their receiving core has to be the worst in the league right now. Welker is laughing.


    Their receiving core has to be the worst in the league right now. Welker dropping peytons passes.

    I fixed it for you, how many balls has he dropped this week let alone last week. 2 catches on 7 targets with 3 drops at the halftime.

  7. Welker held out because he wanted a huge pay day. Look at the contract he got in free agency. Peanuts. Why didn’t a bunch of teams dish out huge $$$ to sign him? The Pats moved on, but singed an injury prone player. They look at the upside compared to the risk. It doesn’t always work, just like Hernandez. They will be alright, their defense needs to step up like it did last week. Even though it was against the worst offense in the league. Sorry Jets fans.

  8. Welker gave up his body for the Patriots (and his paycheck) for years, and I appreciate it.

    You guys that think it was such a mistake to let him walk aren’t thinking big picture.

    Let them go a year early, not a year late.

    Amendola? Not a good start. By the time he’s healthy the rookie triplets are going to be legit starters, or at least two of them.

  9. NE should be shopping for free agent WRs already. Amendola was never the answer anyway. Too many gone from ’12.

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