Report: Eagles nearly traded for Kaepernick, wanted Wilson

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As 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson prepare to square off for the second time in their careers (Kaepernick was a backup when the teams played the first time last season), an interesting report has emerged regarding the possibility that either of them could be playing for the Eagles.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, the 49ers nearly traded Kaepernick to the Eagles for a second-round pick prior to the 2012 draft.  Because Alex Smith had a strong year in 2011, after Kaepernick had been drafted, the 49ers reportedly were willing to move him.  Schefter says the Eagles backed out because they believed they could get Wilson — a player “whom they geared their whole draft around.”

The Seahawks intervened, picking Wilson 13 spots before the Eagles were on the clock in round three.

If that’s accurate, the Eagles should have used one of their two second-round picks on Wilson, who either would have beaten out Mike Vick in the preseason or seized the job after Vick suffered a concussion in the regular season, possibly in the process saving the job of Andy Reid.

Reid reportedly also wanted to trade for Alex Smith multiple times during Reid’s time in Philly.  Now, they’re both together in Kansas City, and they’ll play the Eagles in four days.

31 responses to “Report: Eagles nearly traded for Kaepernick, wanted Wilson

  1. Stories like this are so funny. Like if the Eagles “geared their whole draft” around gettinf Russell Wilson, why did they wait until the 3rd round to take him? If you love a guy that much, why not take him in the first round? Or second round?

  2. If they really liked Wilson that much, they should have known that if they didn’t take him in round 2 that there would be a good chance he would be gone by their third round pick.

  3. Kaepernick in Kelly’s offense would have been lethal. The Eagles front-office must be kicking themselves over that miss.

  4. The QB/Coach relationship is the most important in Pro Football. Saying either Wilson or Kaepernick would do as well with Reid as they have done with Carroll or Harbaugh is pure wishful thinking

  5. Typical Andy. Reject a trade for a superior + younger + cheaper QB for a 2nd round pick, then spend the 2nd round pick anyway on his inferior back-up (Smith), and also mucking up the draft and missing out on your QB (Wilson) so you can draft another bust DE in Curry & stiff QB in Foles.

    Good luck with Andy, KC.

  6. If they wanted Wilson so much, why not use the pick they got Vinny Curry (who for some reason coaches don’t play) instead?

  7. How can you gear your whole draft around a player and then wait until the third round to try and get him, especially when you have two 2nd rounders…

  8. The Buccaneers almost traded up for RGIII and Andrew Luck and Joe Montana and they did have Steve Young and they almost took Emmit Smith and they almost traded for Peyton Manning and they almost traded for Matt Ryan but the sheen from his forehead warned them off.

    Who cares what ALMOST happened. Don’t you have some PC story about the Redskins to run again.

  9. I can only go from playing pickup kickball, but if you can get a guy who is a first round talent in the 3rd round, you take him in the third round. I don’t blame them for waiting. Hindsight views it as a mistake but I understand.

  10. solid move that they didnt…sign a veteran instead that chip knows can handle this offense and learn it quickly for a year (and apparently flourish in this offense)…one year contract…then they get to take advantage of the deepest draft class of QBs in the last decade, and possibly the deepest draft of dual threat QBs ever..they pass on wilson or kaep and possibly get another stud anyways while bridging the gap with vick

  11. Seahawks GM John Schneider was so enamored with Wilson that he was willing to draft him in Round 2, but ended up being convinced he’d still be there in the next round. Must have been a very stressful wait. Glad it worked out.

  12. Baloney.

    You don’t build a draft around guy, whatever that even means, that you plan on taking… in the 3rd round.

    Plus there’s a history here. Reid thought the future could be Kevin Kolb, so he took a guy, who probably would have lasted to the 4th round, in the 2nd to secure him.

    Given that, if this was true they definitely, with two 2nd rd picks would have buned on on Wilson.

  13. tylerhartling1 says:
    Sep 15, 2013 4:04 PM
    & almost traded to get the pick to draft RG3.


    RGIII is still working his way back into playing shape, what’s the Seagles excuse? Thought there great new offense was unbeatable? LOL THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG.

  14. They are the Eagles and that is why it didn’t happen? Brady could have been had in the first 5 rds. by any team. Every team misses out on someone every year, what is the point of this again? What’s more mind boggling is that NO college program wanted Kaepernick except tiny Reno NV. where the guy went 10K yards passing and 4K running.

  15. Taking on an Alex Smith led 49er team would be a god send compared to having to face that monster offense with Kaep.

    Stop the run – he throws it for 400…

    It’s annoying how loaded the niners are.

  16. How about the chargers, flying all the way from San Diego and beat your eagles! Time to cry in your Pat’s

  17. rasta028 says: Sep 15, 2013 4:24 PM

    tylerhartling1 says:
    Sep 15, 2013 4:04 PM
    & almost traded to get the pick to draft RG3.


    RGIII is still working his way back into playing shape, what’s the Seagles excuse? Thought there great new offense was unbeatable? LOL THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG.

    Excuse? Wilson’s stats were 25 of 33 for 320 yards, 75.8% completions and a 115.7 qb rating last week.

  18. Well you are right they should have got either one. These are 2 of my favorite QBs from recent drafts and it would have also given them a more likely chance to trigger a value-adding exit strategy for Vick and/or Foles. I think things would have been much more efficient and exciting for the team if they would have made some kind of maneuvering here.

  19. I hate revisionist history, if the Eagles were “planning their whole draft” around Wilson they don’t wait til the end of the 3rd round to get him. And I don’t think the Kaepernick deal was anywhere near a done deal- Despite Smith’s resurgeance, Kaepernick is the guy Harbaugh drafted and I doubt he trades him before knowing what he has.

    Clearly any coach in the league would love to have these guys so lets take this with a grain of salt.

  20. I remember reading reports that the Seahawks were considering drafting Kaep or Dalton (cause Jackson, while adequate, wasn’t cutting it to the degree they wanted at the time) Seattle ended up taking an OT with their first round choice. I think that is why S.F. traded up a few spots to get Kaep. Dalton was drafted one spot ahead of Kaep. In the end, it worked out for all teams involved.

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