Robert Griffin III says he can be a “stern leader” if needed


There has been a lot of focus on Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III’s play in the two weeks of the season, and that’s not going to change, especially with Washington starting 0-2.

What’s more, Griffin III’s leadership was a topic of conversation after Sunday’s loss to Green Bay, with the quarterback indicating he’s capable of being more demanding if needed.

“If those guys want me to go out there and be the stern leader then I can do that,” Griffin said afterwards, according to Rich Tandler of CSN’s “I got some of that from some of my teammates on the sideline asking me to do some more things. Not necessarily change who I am as a person but if they want me to be hard on them, I’ll be hard on them.”

As a leader, Griffin said he tries to build his teammates up as opposed to being harsh.

“I believe in positive reinforcement. If something happens, I know he’ll make it up the next time he gets that chance,” Griffin said, according to Tandler. “And that’s just the way I lead. If they want me to do that, you know, I’m fine with doing that . . . If that’s what we need to get over this hump, to move forward and start winning games I’m definitely going to do it.”

Griffin III completed 26-of-40 passes for 320 yards with three TDs and one interception in the 38-20 defeat at Green Bay. All three TD passes came after halftime, when he completed 20-of-27 attempts for 213 yards with Washington in pass-first mode playing from behind. He was not much of a rushing threat, gaining one yard on four carries.

Griffin III and the Washington offense, as they were a week ago, were better in the second half than the first. With Griffin III only in his second game back from his January knee injury, perhaps some struggles were to be anticipated.

Still, Washington is just one game out of first place in the NFC East. Its next two games before the Week Five bye are against Detroit (Sept. 22) and at Oakland (Sept. 29). Should Washington get to .500 by the end of September, there doesn’t figure to be much more discussion of whether Griffin needs to tweak his leadership style. Winning will do that for a team.

38 responses to “Robert Griffin III says he can be a “stern leader” if needed

  1. Hahahaha, when needed? It’s needed!!! you’re still a rookie and you already have missed a chunk from injury! Wake up crutches! Don’t get in over your head!

  2. Too many “I”s and too much talking in general…. just do the things you’re talking about and keep it inside

  3. He is clearly not healthy,and without the threat of his running ability, he will become a pocket-only qb and his effectiveness will be severely compromised. AP is the EXCEPTION to ACL recovery and NOT the new standard. They have a competent and healthy backup in Kirk Cousins and should sit Griffin until he is recovered sufficiently enough to use ALL of his skills. His demeanor should be the LEAST of the team’s concern.

  4. Settle down, he’ll be fine… Kyle’s not utilizing the sort of plays that worked so well last yr, and the defense has been AWFUL… Patience patience

  5. Hello everyone, he is coming from a major knee injury, he will be fine in the long run. Its the Skins D that needs to step up.

  6. Who are you? Drew Brees? Brady? Manning? Rodgers? Young man you need to understand one thing, you have done nothing. Andrew Luck is quiet and trying to earn the respect of his peers and fans. Take note.

  7. Hide the laces from the “Logical” Voice. Skins could EASILY go 1-6 before playing SD. And that’s assuming they beat Oak. Who I hate but at this rate will be leading the NFL in rushing.

  8. For example: after Alfred Morris fumbled twice last week, Griffin threatened to bust a ‘nasty Hot Carl’ in his mouth–and had Ethiopian for lunch-holla!!!!

  9. RG3 will go down as one of the worst top draft picks of ALL TIME. Next week it’s Detroit and the gentle giant, Mr. Suh. He’ll be IR’d before game 6 and Cousins will start a win streak. And the Skins are just a bad team man, a bad team.

  10. If Griffin can’t run, he’s done. He doesn’t have the ability to be a pocket passer, where he would be required to understand, read, and dissect a defense.

    Face it, RG3 is no Manning. Or Brady. Or Rodgers. Or Brees. The list goes on and on.

  11. He’s gonna have to realize this ain’t the Army. He doesn’t out-rank anybody.
    Respect is earned. He hasn’t earned it yet.
    You cannot lead with respect.

    RGIII should not run his mouth to the media. He should speak to his team, directly. He’s got some growing up to do.

  12. His was a nice story last season but now this kid is too full of himself and we’ve reached critical RG3 sensory overload. He needs to zip his lip at this point.

    If you saw Tannehill outplay Luck in an away win, and realize he’s beaten Wilson, is 1-1 vs Luck and beat RG3 in college, whether you want to bump RG3 or just add him alongside the others, the Fins’ franchise QB deserves to be right up there in the outstanding class of 2012 QB discussion!

  13. Well I guess the d-bags fitting this guy for a yellow sports jacket when he was drafted just hit the pause button…but go ahead, keep saying stupid things about his “awesomeness” so the rest of us have something to laugh at.

  14. I in no way like the Redskins. I am a fan of a division rival but I will be the last person to stick a fork in any team after only 2 games. ANY team, including this skins team can turn it around. For anyone to say, “well at least they are only a game out” is foolish. We are two games into the season, most teams are only a game out. The concern comes from how this team is looking. I think that report about Dr. Andrews being concerned with the way Bob was being used was accurate. I think the doc was basically saying, if you guys want to continue using this player and run the read option 20 times a game, then this player will have a 3 year career. So with 2 games down we’ve seen the coaches here take that advice and basically cut the read option play out. Down the road we could see the coaches bring that play back in the way they were using it that last half of the season last year. If that happens this offense could improve. But Bob’s knee has been blown out twice now. The doc is concerned with that. The knee will only continue to blow out until this kid has no career. The Skins were a fluke last year in a sense. They had one offensive play they absolutely dominated everyone with, the read option. To use that play, or to not use that play, that is the question. And there season will be determined by that answer.

  15. I’m a Redskins fan, but am really wondering what is the deal. When he needs to, he moves fine. The Shanny’s have ALWAYS had rollouts and waggles if you will. It’s like there is a rule now to keep him from moving or is it RGIII deciding this… I don’t know. But even Grossman rolled out alot! If he can’t roll out, he shouldn’t be on the field.

  16. Is it my imagination or does this guy sound more and more like Tim Tebow every day? I need, I am, I want, I think….

  17. It seems that RGIII has bought into the whole “Messiah” thing in Washington. You may find his taking responsibility for everything refreshing, but I see it as letting his press go to his head. There are 53 guys on a football team; he is only one, albeit an important one. If he can’t run, then Cousins should be out there. If they can’t be respectable without RGIII, they need a new attitude, new players, or new coaches; although except for the attitude it seems they have had plenty of the other two. The press has made RGII and to a lesser extent, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton, into one man football teams. Good copy, but bad analysis. Football is great because it is a team sport and right now, Washington is a bad team.

  18. RG3’s leadership isn’t going to help the Skins defense make stops. And the bigger leadership issue is above RG3. Shanahan let them get backed into a corner with the whole comeback hysteria and now the tail wags the dog. Should RG3 really have played through to the end of that unwinnable game? Was getting him back to start the season worth it if he wasn’t going to be able to run, meaning their offense was going to be severely limited from what it was before?

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