Ryan likes the fight he sees in the Falcons

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The Falcons lost a close game to start the season.  They won a game in Week Two that ended up being closer than it originally seemed it would be.

After Atlanta’s 31-24 victory over the Rams, quarterback Matt Ryan spoke to PFT by phone.

“One thing I like about our team is we fight,” Ryan said regarding the 2013 edition of the franchise, which is now 1-1.

More fight was needed than expected after the Falcons 24-3 halftime lead began to evaporate.  A pair of touchdowns by St. Louis cut the margin to seven, and a Falcons seven-pointer stretched the lead back to 14.  The Rams made another run, with a late touchdown slicing the lead back to seven.  Atlanta then milked the rest of the clock with a six-play drive.

So did Ryan have flashbacks about the 2012 playoffs games when the 21-point lead began to disappear?

“Obviously, we understand how the postseason played out with not finishing games,” Ryan said.  “In the NFL, games go down to the wire all the time.  Do we need to do more to finish games?  Yes.”

A newcomer who will be expected to help finish games in the future helped the Falcons build their initial lead.  Defensive end Osi Umenyiora returned an interception 68 yards for a touchdown.

“There may be some more of that in his future,” Ryan joked.  “We’ll have to put some plays in for him on offense.”

The offense may need the assistance on offense soon, especially with running back Steven Jackson and fullback Bradie Ewing both injured.  The Falcons head to 2-0 Miami next week, before hosting the 2-0 Patriots on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

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  1. Great win especially considering we lost FIVE starters during the course of the game due to injury. So that would have something to do with the fall off in the 2nd half, but I admit it’s more of a pattern than I’d like to see. If I have one complaint against Smitty it’s that he gets too conservative in the 2nd half of games. If you have your foot on the neck of the opponent you don’t let off the gas, you FLOOR it.

    I will say despite the rough 3rd quarter, there were a lot of positives to take away.

    – Play of the young DBs Alford and Trufant continue to do yeoman’s work after they’ve been thrown into the fire after Asante’s injury the last two weeks. McClain has also been playing well.
    – Joplo Bartu deserves more starting time. He keeps showing up on film in a good way.
    – Snelling may be the best kept secret in any NFL backfield. Hardly ever gets negative yardage plays. Blocks, Runs, and catches well. He needs more touches imho. May get them too if SJax is down for a game or so.
    – Showed we can win despite injuries to starters and one-dimensionally. No running game to speak of Sunday, yet we still do it in the air.

    Time to get ready for Miami.

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