Seahawks go up 12-0 with Lynch touchdown


We’ve seen a little bit of everything on Sunday Night Football, but it was nearly Monday before we saw a touchdown.

Marshawn Lynch just put a 14-yard touchdown run on the board, and staked the Seahawks to a 12-0 lead midway through the third quarter.

This one’s running late because of the hour-long lightning delay in the first quarter, but the defenses are running right on time.

Russell Wilson loosened things up with a 51-yard pass to Doug Baldwin, but the Seahawks have nearly twice as many rushing yards as passing (141-75).

The 49ers responded with a field goal, and this one appears far from over at 12-3.

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  1. Seriously. As a Niner’s fan, I realize most of the calls have been our way. But it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a game completely dominated by the refs like this.

  2. Whiner fans. Lets see how many of you show your faces around here after talking trash all off-season. 19-3 and Lynch just walked in for 2 TD’s like a boss. Said it so many times we just match up well. How is Boldin doing? Davis? Smith has 2 sacks because Okung is sitting on the sideline.

  3. It is now 19 to 3 with about 13:44 to go in the fourth quarter. The 49ers are getting hammered. Totally outplayed in the second half. Jim Harbaugh wishing he stayed at Stanford.

    Did I say that Wilson is outplaying Kaepernick?

  4. I love it – all the haters that were bashing the Seahawks last week on these blogs. Saying they could barely beat the Panthers (a legit defense), so how are they going to beat the almighty 49ers?

    The season is long – NFL is king when it comes to parity. You cannot judge a team based on one game, or even a string of games.

    But the bottom line is that the Seahawks have dominated their division rival 2 straight games, and barely lost the one before those 2. This is a legit rivalry, so give it a rest with the PEDhawks and saying that the Hawk’s are overrated. The hype was heavy, but they’re living up to it so far, and it’s not the team that is boasting, it’s the media.


  5. Great game plan 49ers. Would love to know what it was. Get embarrassed by Seattle yet again? As a die hard 49er fan, I will be the first to admit that we were out played and out coached! The road to the Super Bowl runs through Seattle! Great job harbaugh and company!

  6. 49er fan here, keeping it real. The Seahawks “Came with some knuckles!”. Sometimes you need to get punched in the nose. The Seahawks right now are the better team in the NFC west and we got ALOT of work to do. They completely owned us in every facet of the game tonight. Physically and mentally. Stupid penalties, Facemask sacks, and 41 yard PI calls. Our only highlight was a blocked punt that we got because we got an assist from the 12th man. Our 200 yard receiver last week was blanketed all game. Our O-Line was manhandled. We couldn’t shed blocks to stop Lynch. We deserved to lose. The one bright spot is that it is week 2 and there is still a ton of football left to be played. We meet again in week 14 and by then both teams will be different teams both for good and bad. Hopefully we can give Seattle the same choice in our house that they gave us in theirs, with or without Vaseline. Any other fan who says or thinks otherwise, tries to cry and complain about “none calls” and referee’s, and be closed minded or in denial is either related to Logicalvoice or Rush Limbaugh.

  7. So, will Kaep shave that eyebrow? 9er fans were squaking last week that Wilson needed to do it after this game.

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