Trading Mikel Leshoure could make sense for Lions, Colts

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The Lions haven’t had a very good return on their investment of a 2011 second-round draft pick in running back Mikel Leshoure. His rookie year was wiped out by a training camp injury, and although he showed some promise in 2012, gaining 798 yards, the Lions seem ready to move on with Reggie Bush as their starting running back and Joique Bell as their backup.

So it might make sense for the Lions to get a little return on their investment by trading Leshoure. And in the Colts, they may have the right trade partner.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Leshoure would welcome a trade, and the Colts would make a lot of sense as the destination after owner Jim Irsay said his team will make a move to acquire a running back after Vick Ballard’s season-ending injury.

As long as Bush and Bell are healthy, the Lions aren’t going to get much out of Leshoure anyway. If the Colts are willing to give up anything of value for him, that would have to be viewed as a good move for the Lions.

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  1. Keep in mind that training camp injury was a blown Achilles that absolutely robbed him of his goal line burst. Some will call him a bust, which is reasonable, but he is more accurately a victim of unforeseeable events.

  2. A change in scenery, as well as a lack of need to ever drive through Berrien County, Michigan again, could be good for Mikel.

  3. The Saints should trade Mark Ingram for anything of value. As a Saints fan, I am ready to move on with Pierre Thomas, who gains more than 2.5 yards a carry and doesn’t try to fall on offensive linemens knees, when he isn’t running out of bounds before contact.

  4. After 1 game, Reggie Bush had multiple injuries. Fortunately, he’ll be alright, but unless you can get someone to overpay for Leshoure, I think it would be best to hold on to him as an insurance policy. If they traded him, all it would take is one injury and the Lions would be in the same position as the Colts, looking for a running back.

  5. Too bad teams rarely trade anymore and would rather hold onto players who have no roles until their value dries up to nothing. It would make a ton of sense for Detroit to trade their third RB who actually isn’t that bad to a RB needy team like Indy, Detroit, or even Pittsburgh?

  6. Detroit is under zero pressure to trade #25.

    He’s not in his contract year.

    He’s cheap.

    He’s insurance.

    Detroit won’t move him for a 4th. It’ll take a 3rd, maybe you get a 5th and #25, but if Isray is dangling 5th round picks, maybe call the Chargers about Ronnie Brown.

  7. Lions fan here hoping we don’t trade him. We need him incase of injuries and he hasn’t necessarily performed below expectations as suggested by this article. Last year he was coming back from a nasty Achilles injury and still manages 800 yards and 9 TdS splitting time with Bell. He was amazing at punching the ball in when inside the ten.

    This year he was averaging 4.5 YPC in preseason. He just had the unfortunate luck of being behind two studs. His potential and production makes him at least worthy of a 3rd pick or starter. If not why trade a great player on a rookie salary for peanuts (5 – 7 rd pick) when we can do it at end of season. Doesn’t make any sense.

  8. were no that desperate, doesnt he have alot of red flags of character issues? and with all his injuries, its risky, i would rather have ben tate if the texans wont start him or somebody else, i think we are looking for a starter potential back with alot of upside and leshour isnt that

  9. The Achilles injury took away his burst and the blunts took his motivation. As a result, the Second Round Curse continues for the Lions and the myopic Martin Mayhew. As of right now, Leshoure probably has more value as an insurance policy for the Lions than as trade bait. The contract is reasonable and the time in the deactivated list might spark a drive for better focus and effort. Unless the offer is for a player that can contribute immediately or a pick in the upper half of the draft, the Lions will probably wait to make a move.

  10. The reason MDS mentioned Leshoure, is because he is a possible sleeper RB that Indy may be able to acquire for the price of a 4th or less. If you think the Texans are going to part with Tate (with a gimpy Foster in the wings), you’re smoking the same the same stuff Leshoure was two years ago.

  11. Lets trade the coaching staff! With almost one minute left in half – 3 time outs…. you run and let the clock expire. Isn’t the goal to score points??? lol

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